All 19 Best Heirlooms in Apex Legends, Ranked

When it comes to style, nothing beats a good heirloom set!

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If you want to impress, you’re going to want to rock one of the best Apex Legends Heirlooms to do so. However, it isn’t easy to acquire one. What’s more, it isn’t cheap too, as you’ll probably have to open a lot of Apex Packs to do so.

Alas, that is the price we must pay for looking good. Certain heirlooms are better than others however, and it’d be a shame if you wasted your hard-earned Heirloom Shards on something you regret later on.


Suzaku – Valkyrie

best apex legends heirlooms Valkyrie

Valkyrie really bagged the golden ticket here, as her Heirloom Set is the best Heirloom in Apex Legends. Just look at this thing! It has everything that a heirloom should have. It’s cool, it’s intimidating, and it has mythological symbolism.


Death Hammer – Caustic

Death Hammer

Caustic’s Death Hammer comes in at second place. It’s quite simple in its design, however, there’s something about the skull on the back that’s so “off-putting”. A reminder that death is just around the corner.


Dead Man’s Curve – Revenant

Dead Man's Curve

Revenant is one of the best Assault Legends in the game, likewise, his Heirloom Set is one of the best Heirlooms in Apex Legends. The symbolism is apparent. This is Death’s fabled scythe, and Revenant is its wielder. Mortals beware!


Boxing Gloves – Pathfinder

best apex legends heirlooms Boxing Gloves

Pathfinder is a big fan of boxing, which isn’t immediately apparent because of his warm demeanor. However, he can definitely deliver a mean sucker punch if he wants to. All the better if he’s wearing his Boxing Gloves.


Too Much Witt – Mirage

Too Much Witt

This thing is … “unique”, to say the least. But, fitting if you consider Mirage’s personality. Yes! Mirage’s Heirloom Set is a golden statue of himself. Narcissism can be the deadliest weapon sometimes, I guess.


Gravity Maw – Horizon

Gravity Maw

Just look at the average mace. Surely, this design can’t be improved, can it? Oh yes it can, and Horizon has done just that. This is why her Heirloom Set is one of the best Heirlooms in Apex Legends. It’s a mace with a black hole holding everything together. How cool is that!?


Biwon Blade – Crypto

Biwon Blade

The best Recon Legend also deserves one of the best Heirloom sets, no? Crypto’s Biwon Blade is basically a high-tech katana. Katanas are one of the world’s most iconic weapons, although, their quality is questionable at best. Still, it’s definitely one of the best Apex Legends Heirlooms.


Garra de Alanza – Loba

Garra de Alanza

A fan isn’t that good of a weapon by itself, however, add a few blades to that baby and you’ve got a deadly tool in your hands. Leave it to the crafty Loba to come up with one of the best Apex Legends Heirlooms. Stylish, deadly, and, most importantly – inconspicuous! The perfect weapon.


Showstoppers – Seer

best apex legends heirlooms Showstoppers

Seer’s Showstoppers don’t look very practical as far as weapons are concerned. However, when it comes to looks, they’re absolutely killing it! Pardon the pun. You definitely won’t be disappointed if you get these bad boys. Pair them up with the right Wingman skin and you’re set!


War Club – Gibraltar

War Club

Gibraltar’s War Club is rather plain looking, however, it carries great significance in regard to his indigenous background. Every warrior must carry a weapon by his side. Some carry it to cause harm onto others. Gibraltar carries it to protect those who are weaker than him. A noble cause indeed.


Raven’s Bite – Bloodhound

Raven's Bite

A raven’s bite might not be that dangerous, but Bloodhounds Raven’s Bite sure is. Coincidentally, it’s one of the best Heirlooms in Apex Legends. The most prominent feature of this ax is the Raven’s head that’s engraved on the back of the axe head. One can only imagine what’s deadlier, it’s stare or the blade on the other end.


Strongest Link

If you watched Fists of Fury as a kind, you probably think that nunchucks are one of the coolest weapons ever. Ash, being Apex’s iconic robot ninja, has her very own pair. Her Strongest Link Set is a modified pair of nunchucks, befitting the futuristic setting Apex is in. Some things never go out of style.


Butterfly Knife – Octane

Butterfly Knife

There’s something about butterfly knives that makes them so appealing. Maybe it’s the fact that it takes some real skills to use, or maybe it’s just because they look cool. Anyways. The same can be said about Octane’s Butterfly Knife. It’s convenient, stylish, and gets the job done in a pinch.


Hope’s Dawn – Wraith

Hope's Dawn

Wraith mains should be considered quite privileged, as Wraith is the only Legend in the game that has 2 Heirloom Sets, while some Legends don’t even have a single set yet. that being said, compared to the previous entries on this list, her sets are rather unremarkable. But hey, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.


Shock Sticks – Lifeline

Stock Sticks

Being the best Support Legend in the game, you’d think that Lifeline would get something more remarkable than these simple Shock Sticks, but hey – you can’t win them all! At least the banner frame that comes along with this Heirloom Set is pretty nice.


Energy Reader – Wattson

Energy Reader

Wattson’s Energy Reader can barely be considered a weapon at all. A real shame considering she’s the best Controller Legend in the game. The contraption itself is a device that Wattson built herself to pick up energy signatures. Not quite handy in situations where you’re getting shot at.


Hope’s Dusk – Wraith

best apex legends heirlooms Hope's Dusk

Hope’s Dusk is Wraith’s 2nd Heirloom Set. Whereas Hope’s Dawn was primarily dominated by bright colors, Hope’s Dusk is mostly dark, gloomy colors. For some, it’s one of the best Heirlooms in Apex Legends. For others, it’s a boring old kunai.


Cold Steel – Bangalore

Cold Steel

Bangalore’s Cold Steel is rather unremarkable all things considered. Its design is inspired by a real-world kukri. The addition of a special material along the blade’s edge looks nice, but the set itself is unremarkable in every other regard.


Problem Solver – Rampart

Problem Solver

It’s just a wrench. Literally! There’s nothing remarkable about Rampart’s Heirloom Set I’m afraid. Considering the fact that you might need 500 attempts to get the Heirloom Shards for it is just mind-boggling. This is the only wrench in existence that’ll cost you 500$ if you’re really unlucky.

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