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Daniel Westrop
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In 2021 Arma 3, from Bohemia Interactive, continues to be a well-played game with more than 25K players active daily on Steam.

With many servers available, you may want to join one of the most popular servers or host your own; this last option allows you to have full control over who can join and install some of the most popular mods out there.

You are all excited about it, you have been playing long enough and have friends who are in for the ride, but it all comes crashing down when you realize what is about to happen.

Hosting your own server is always possible, but as it turns out, it can be quite demanding for your machine depending on the number of players; consider that mods will take a hit on these resources. Also, consider that you need a very stable and robust internet connection to allow these many players to join; some ISP will not allow this as it means consuming far too much bandwidth for a residential line.

To add to matters, another realization comes to mind, if you need all these resources, then you will not be able to run the game yourself, and that immediately takes all the fun out of this.

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What about getting your own server? This is another feasible option, but prices vary between each provider, and there may be limitations and hidden fees that may break your bank in the first month. Also, remember that you need to handle all the matters of the server and the game, including maintenance, mods, and any issues that may come along the way, which may also require you to learn more about Windows or Linux.

The obvious alternative is searching for the best Arma 3 server hosting on the market that fits your need and, in the long run, does not break the bank or your brain when the only thing that you want to think about is having fun.

Below we have built a list of the best Arma 3 server hosting providers in the market, their benefits, and some important observations you may want to consider.

1: Host Havoc

The first Arma 3 server hosting provider on our list is Host Havoc, initially established in 2014 and providing several options that are best fit for players who are taking their first steps into the administration of a server.

Currently, it offers billing monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually with discounts starting from the quarterly option.

The number of locations where they have servers is somewhat limited, and this could prove to be challenging for large communities with a player base that is not close to the locations provided by them.

These locations provide you with DDoS protection, particularly important in today’s world with attacks becoming more and more frequent, hurting your overall experience, and producing downtimes that could leave you disconnected for days at a time.

Currently, the minimum number of seats stands at 40 and will go up to 127 seats, the 40 seat option starts at 20 USD monthly, and 127 seats go at 60 USD.

From there, you have other options but select CPU Priority, which is an additional 4 USD per month, which does not indicate how much you will get from this, and the BattleMetrics RCON option, which is another 3 USD.

Once you are ready to go, they offer a very comprehensible admin panel, one-click mod install option, and 24/7 support through various channels.

Another important thing to investigate is location switching; if you ever need to move closer to your player base or as close as possible, this is not currently an option that Host Havoc is offering.

2: GTX Gaming

The next Arma 3 server hosting provider on our list is GTX Gaming, established in 2007; it is the oldest provider in the list and one with the most regions covered from all the companies mentioned in this list.

It offers billing through monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual options that give you an exact percentage of how much is being discounted with every option.

From then on, their cart options become considerable, with most of them going at a premium.

The cost for 10 seats starts at 9.99 pounds, far more expensive than other hosts on the list, and goes up to 120 seats for 56.99 pounds a month.

From this point on, we move onto the server’s specifications, with memory coming at a premium, starting at 5GB for free and up to 32GB for 23.99 pounds a month; SSD Enterprise drives for free or NVMe M2 Enterprise at an additional 4.99 pounds a month.

CPU speeds start at 3.8GHz for free and go up to 4.8GHz+ for an additional 5.99 pounds a month; extra CPU priority can go for as much as 6.99 pounds a month, and faster ticket support can be included for 1.99 pounds a month.

One key feature included is the possibility of switching game modes, meaning that you can change the type of mod you are using instantly without having to go through complicated methods to achieve this.

Note that while not mentioned, all the servers come with DDoS protection and include automatic backups and updates. Still, there is no offer for location switching if you ever want to move it closer to the community.

Two additional options are available, one for infiSTAR, which is 10 pounds monthly, but you need to buy your own license to get this option; this license has varied prices starting from free up to ultra for 12.99 euros a month.

The second option available is the migration of your saved data from your previous host, as long as this provider has FTP access for an additional 6.99 pounds, but this is a one-time payment and helps you save a lot of time when moving from one host to another.

Once you are inside, their admin panel provides you with a sizeable number of options to work with, including the current resource consumption of the server and options that allow you to roll back or restore from previous saves.

3: Nitrous Networks

The next Arma 3 server hosting provider is Nitrous Networks; having been initially established in 2010, it has a small coverage on locations and does not provide any mod support whatsoever.

Their purchase options are somewhat limited, providing you with a billing cycle that falls into monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually making it unclear what types of discounts you are getting with each option.

The minimum amount of seats starts at 30 for 15 pounds and goes as high as 100 seats for 100 pounds; at a pound a seat, this is one of the most expensive Arma 3 server hosting providers on this list.

There is an option to get a trial for a website through Enjin, for 45 days without any information as to what the full price would be, and a free Mumble voice server which is slightly pointless as there are providers like Discord that can be used for voice chat.

There are no other features offered at this point, no automatic backups, updates, or support for mods; their customer support is around the clock but only available through their ticketing system.

4: ServerBlend

The following Arma 3 server hosting provider is ServerBlend, founded in 2013; it stands as an average provider with somewhat limited coverage of locations; some of these locations have a pre-order period of 5 to 7 days, meaning there is no space currently available.

Currently, Server Blend only offers a monthly billing cycle with no visible discounts.

The minimum number of seats provided stands at 40, starting at 14.36 pounds with up to 127 seats (for the price of 120 as stated on their site) for 28.92 pounds.

Additional options from this Arma 3 server hosting provider include an SSD or an NVMe M.2 for an additional cost of 2.82 pounds a month; CPU priority goes from above normal, which is included as a default option, to Extreme (Real-Time) for a monthly 9.39 pounds.

Another feature included is the option to obtain a subdomain to connect to your game for an additional 1.45 pounds a month.

There is also the option to pay a one-time fee to get someone from the ServerBlend time to assist you in setting up and configuring your server and mods for 14.46 pounds.

Some features included are DDoS protection, not specified in the cart, automatic backups, and updates, as well as the possibility of switching the location of your server. However, it is not mentioned if this is immediate or if there is downtime required; also, no cost is mentioned.

Their admin panel is rather simplified and somewhat dated but should give you all the required options to tinker with your server as needed.

5: PingPerfect

The last Arma 3 server hosting provider on our list is PingPerfect, founded in 2012. With an incredible number of options available, it makes it a reasonable provider to try out with their 48-hour trial with no strings attached.

The options given to you include a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payment cycle with no specifications on the discounts provided to you.

The initial seat option starts at 30 for 18.60 USD with the option to go as high as 100 seats for 62 USD; this cost changes depending on some locations.

There is also an option to add Teamspeak3 for use in voice communication; the initial seat starts at 0 if you do not wish to include this but goes up to 250 for an additional 62.50 USD per month, something that is rather unnecessary when Discord exists nowadays.

Other options included are removing any branding at no extra cost, running the server on an SSD, which by default is not the case, potentially putting you back in the quality of your game experience, which adds 1.38 USD per month for the SSD option.

From here on, there are no other options offered; once you are into the admin panel, you will be provided with a simple panel with easy-to-use mod integrations that includes a rather extensive library of options.

Other features included, which are not mentioned, are DDoS protection, automatic backups, and location switching, although it is not noted if there is downtime or if there is a fee for this process.


There are viable options on the market, some with great pricing and good benefits, while others offer great coverage, although sometimes at a premium.

Depending on your budget and your community’s size, it is always good to look closely at the details and how much time you will have to invest in having your experience just the way you want it without contacting support at every step of the way.

For the price, HostHavoc stands as a great provider for those in a budget; for quality and options, GTX Gaming offers an excellent experience for a premium but overall makes it the best Arma 3 server hosting provider on the list.

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