5 Best Assault Legends in Apex Legends Ranked (2023)

the best Assault Legends in Apex Legends ranked

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Who you consider the best Assault Legends in Apex Legends may ultimately be a question of personal preference. However, it’s undeniable that some Assault Legends outright have a better design than their counterparts.

We previously took a look at the Best Support Legends in Apex Legends. Supports are great If you’re interested in a more chill experience. However, if you enjoy a more aggressive, and dare I say, reckless playstyle – then this article is for you.

The Assault class is great because it naturally promotes a more aggressive playstyle, you’re the one that should be initiating and dictating engagements, as such, Assaults usually tend to have more aggressive abilities. They can also carry more ammo than the other classes as well as having the ability to open the hidden compartment on red chests.



the Best Assault Legends in Apex Legends Fuse

The title of the best Assault Legend in Apex Legends goes to the madlad himself – Fuse!

The reason Fuse gets the number 1 spot is because he is as close to the ideal Assault as you can get. His tactical, Knuckle Cluster, is one of the best abilities for engaging groups of enemies and disrupting whatever it is they are doing.

And if that wasn’t enough, his ultimate, the Motherload, is the biggest nuisance to deal with if you’re on the receiving end. It does a load of damage and it locks you in a ring of fire, which practically puts you in the middle of a killing field.




Right after Fuse, we have Revenant. Revenant is probably my personal favorite Legend based solely on the fact of how mobile he is compared to the rest.

His tactical is excellent for disrupting enemies and for dealing some damage, but more importantly, it silences them.

However, it’s his ultimate that can quite literally decide the outcome of the game. Say it’s down to your team versus another team, in 9 times out of 10 cases, the team that has a Revenant will win. The ability to respawn instantly after dying is just too good.




Bangalore is… “decent”. She isn’t the best Assault Legend in Apex Legends, not by a long shot, but she isn’t half bad either. She’s one of sweetdreams’ signature Legends, and if one of the best Apex Legends players can vouch for her, then she can’t be all that bad.

Her tactical ability is just amazing, unironically it’s probably one of the most useful supporting abilities in the game. The ability to send out two smoke grenades wherever you choose is such a convenient ability to have. Sure, it doesn’t disrupt the enemy as much, but it can help your team get into a better position.

Plus, her ultimate is also solid as well. Not only does Rolling Thunder do a lot of damage to your enemies, but the subsequent slow will throw a wrench into their plans real quick!


Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie isn’t bad per se… it’s just that her counterparts are much better. We saw her introduced with the Defiance update to Apex Legends. She’s a fun character to play, just not the best at what she does.

Her drill is really useful for getting at enemies that are hiding behind obstacles, or for finishing off fleeing enemies. But other than giving your enemies slight heart palpitations, she really doesn’t do much to disrupt them.

The ultimate is nice I guess. It’s fun to release her Wrecking Ball to wreak havoc around the room, but the fact that it’s easily dodgeable is a big downside of the ability. At the best of times, this ability is situational, at the worst of times, it’s downright useless.




Finally, we have Ash. It’s sad to see her at the bottom, but it’s hard to rank her any higher. She probably has one of the coolest Heirloom Sets, but that fact hardly compensates for her poor design.

Her tactical is great for disrupting enemies that get hit by it… It’s just that they never get hit by it! The ability moves so slowly that the enemy can see it coming from a mile away.

You’d think that her ultimate would be better, but no, it’s similar to Wraith’s ultimate but worse. Ash has the potential to be a really good Legend, all she needs is a minor rework to her abilities.

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