Best Attacking Pals in Palworld, Ranked

I choose you, Foxparks!

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu - CS2 & Valorant Expert
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Battling using Pals is one of the most thrilling experiences that Palworld has to offer. It’s also one of the best ways to deal damage and take down stronger Pals, especially if you don’t have access to guns yet. Here’s a short list of the best attacking Pals in Palworld during the early to mid-game.



Foxparks, the best early attacking Pal in Palworld.

Type: Fire
Partner Skill: Huggy Fire

Starting off, we’ve got the fiery cute fox in Foxparks. It’s one of the earliest Pals you can encounter, yet makes for a solid offensive threat. Foxparks alone is decent, but once you get to Tier 6 and unlock Foxpark’s Harness, it’s game over for all the early Pals you can encounter. I mean, how can you compete with a breathing flamethrower, right?

Honestly, Foxparks is one of my favorite attacking Pals in Palworld, mostly because of its Partner Skill alone. It’s a (fire) blast to have it in your party, and can carry you for the majority of the early game. No early-game weapon stands a chance against the damage output of Foxparks’ flames.



Daedream in a party in Palworld.

Type: Dark
Partner Skill: Dream Chaser

Daedream is an excellent early Pal that can help you transition into the mid to late game. It’s only available during the nighttime or in caves but is definitely worth staying up all night for. Once again, the Pal’s Partner Skill is what makes it so OP. Crafting Daedream’s Necklace allows Daedream to fight alongside you anytime it is in your party.

Here’s the OP part – you can have a Daedream out and summon another Pal to back you up in battles. But guess what? You can take it up a notch and roam around with multiple Daedreams on your team, creating an army of Daedreams at your command. It’s an excellent strategy, and I even pulled it off breeze through Zoe and Grizzbolt.



Penking in a party in Palworld.

Type: Water and Ice
Partner Skill: Brave Sailor

If you’re looking for a Water or Ice type to add to your team, then Penking is your guy. It can learn powerful skills early on, namely Emperor Slide (exclusive) at level 15 and Cryst Breath at level 22. Both these skills are incredibly useful in battle and can freeze enemies in places, allowing you to freely hit them with your arrows or bullets.

A level 15 Alpha Penking can be encountered near the Plateau of Beginnings. This makes farming for decent Passive Skills incredibly easy. However, if taking on the Alpha boss feels like too much, don’t worry – you can also hatch a Penking from Large Damp Eggs.



Quivern one of the best attacking Pal in Palworld.

Type: Dragon
Partner Skill: Sky Dragon’s Affection

Consider picking Quivern as you transition into the mid-game. Its versatility shines with access to Water, Dragon, and Grass moves, serving as an excellent substitute for some of your early-game companions. Plus, it also functions as a flying mount, albeit a relatively slow one.

This cute and fluffy Dragon Pal may look like it won’t hurt a fly, but you’ll be surprised at how powerful its skills are. I suggest capturing the level 23 Alpha Quivern in the Bamboo Groves. This way, you’ll have instant access to Acid Rain and Draconic Breath, both great AOE attacks with fantastic damage. Riding Quivern and manually using these skills would be the most efficient way to take advantage of its power.



Mossanda in a party in Palworld.

Type: Grass
Partner Skill: Grenadier Panda

If being cute and adorable dealt damage, Mossanda would be the most powerful attacking Pal in the Palpagos Islands. Just take a look at how it scurries around with its hands up. But don’t underestimate it; once Mossanda gears up and equips its grenade launcher, enemies will surely be found on the ground.

Yep, you’ve read that right. Mossanda can use a grenade launcher that rapidly fires ‘nades, dealing AOE damage while knocking enemies. Seed Machine Gun, Crushing Punch, and Seed Mine are also excellent Grass moves that Mossanda can learn.



Vanwyrm in a party in Palworld.

Type: Fire and Dark
Partner Skill: Aerial Marauder

The limited flying mounts in Palworld – especially in the early to mid-game – can be quite frustrating. Luckily, low-level Vanwyrms fly around the Bamboo Groves in swarms. Vanwyrm can easily replace your flying mount and can stick with you right into the mid to late game, all thanks to their impressive attack skills.

Ignis Breath and Nightmare Ball are Vanwyrm’s bread and butter. They both deal insane damage with solid coverage, being Fire and Dark moves, respectively. His Partner Skill doubles as a damage booster when targeting enemy weak points, giving you all the more reason to ride Vanwyrm during fights.



Loupmoon one of the best attacking Pal in Palworld.

Type: Dark
Partner Skill: Claws Glistening in the Dark

If you’ve ever encountered a Loupmoon while roaming the pitch-black forests, you’ll already know how powerful this Pal can be. I have first-hand experience being completely obliterated by this devilish creature during the first time I saw it. I know right then and there that it’ll be a great addition to any Palworld party.

Jumping Claw (exclusive), Shadow Burst, and Spirit Flame are the go-to moves you’d want to run on Loupmoon. The Claws Glistening in the Dark Partner Skill is Loupmoon’s strongest ability, shredding those HP bars like there’s no tomorrow.



Warsect in a party in Palworld.

Type: Ground and Grass
Partner Skill: Hard Armor

Warsect is the final entry and is definitely one of the best. This Pal is your go-to for some serious mid-game offense and can stick around as a mainstay in your party well into the late game. Stone Blast and Giga Horn (exclusive) will bring decent damage early on. But buckle up because unlocking Rock Lance and Solar Blast takes Warsect to a whole new level of power.

Warsect brings the best of both worlds as it can also be a defensive Pal. The Hard Armor Partner Skill also improves your durability with a damage boost while applying Fire damage to your attacks. And let’s not forget its massive size – it makes for a perfect shield, letting Warsect tank hits while you go all-out on the offense.

Wrapping Things Up

Palworld is filled with numerous suitable Pals for combat. Those were simply our picks for the best attacking Pals in Palworld. They are mostly suited for early to mid-game combat since the late game will mostly be dominated by high-level Alphas and Legendaries. Hope you were able to find a Pal you enjoy using on our list.

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