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All types of Pokemon exist, each of them special in their unique ways. Bear Pokemon are like that too; some are extremely adorable, while others are inherently formidable in Pokemon battles.

With more than 1,000 Pokemon identified in the Pokedex, you can find a few notable bear Pokemon among them. Here are the twelve best bear Pokemon that could be your favorites.



Region: Kanto
Category: Generation I
Type: Normal

The iconic Snorlax makes the cut. They’re as friendly as any bear Pokemon can be, unless agitated, of course.

While they love to snuggle and eat every day, they can be very scary during Pokemon battles, using their brute strength to brush opponents away. However, they’re quite famous for events or competitions, especially those involving food!



Region: Johto
Category: Generation II
Type: Normal

The sweet Teddiursa is next, and they’re acutely keen on honey. In fact, their crescent-like mark glows whenever they find some on trees nearby.

They’re quite shy and avoid conflict whenever possible. Still, once domesticated, they make for great partners while traveling around the Pokemon world.



Region: Johto
Category: Generation II
Type: Normal

A Teddiursa evolves into an Ursaring when matured, but they’re the complete opposite of their more docile, smaller counterparts. They have a bad temperament and are quick to fight off any trespassers invading their territories, particularly during mating season.

That being said, this translates well in battles because of their fearless nature and intimidating build, using their razor-sharp claws for attacking.



Region: Sinnoh
Category: Generation IV
Type: Normal

The offsprings of Snorlaxes, Munchlaxes are just like their parents,  spending their days eating and sleeping. However, due to their smaller sizes, caught Munchlaxes often accompany their trainers during adventures, being very affectionate and huggable.

Keeping a Munchlax happy is delightfully easy, requiring trainers to feed it delicacies, such as crab Pokemon, every once in a while.



Region: Kalos
Category: Generation VI
Type: Fighting

Panchams are native to the Kalos region, resembling real-world pandas. They try to appear cool and composed, using the leaves on their mouths as their signature look despite sometimes falling prey to dangerous predators, like snake Pokemon.

Regardless, they enjoy receiving attention and praise from their trainers, doing their best to get them.



Region: Kalos
Category: Generation VI
Type: Fighting, Dark

Pangoros are the superior evolution of Panchams, complete with the leaves on their mouths. Just like their Ursaring cousins in Johto, they are hugely protective of their territories, willing to fight tooth and nail to protect them.

When befriended, though, Pangoros respect their allies and trainers immensely. The Pokemon coordinator, Serena, has one whom she raised from a Pancham.



Region: Unova
Category: Generation V
Type: Ice

The innocent, cuddly Cubchoo is a bear Pokemon that inhabits colder parts of the Unova region. They are easily recognized from afar due to the long mucus running from their noses.

The mucus is part of their Pokemon anatomy, with a healthy Cubchoo signified by their strong, thick mucus. Cubchoos use the mucus for attacking too, shooting them at enemies if necessary.



Region: Unova
Category: Generation V
Type: Ice

Evolving from Cubchoo, Beartics are large Pokemon that reside around the same cold areas as well. Their mucus is now solid and extends all around the mouth, creating a beard-like appearance.

Similar to polar bears, Beartics are predatory and unafraid to challenge anyone approaching them. As such, they are somewhat feared by trainers unless properly captured as a Cubchoo.



Region: Galar
Category: Generation VIII
Type: Fighting, Dark (Single Strike), Fighting, Water (Rapid Strike)

Magnificent legendary Pokemon, Urshifus are very different than others on this list; they have two different forms, each being the Single Strike Style and Rapid Strike Style. Unsurprisingly, an Urshifu is a popular Pokemon for battling, particularly as a jungler in Pokemon UNITE.

An Urshifu’s dual-typing between Fighting, Dark, and Water elements lets them master powerful offensive moves. Nevertheless, they prefer peace over conflict unless forced to act otherwise.



Region: Galar
Category: Generation VIII
Type: Fighting

Kubfu is the previous evolution of Urshifu, and they’re rarely seen by many due to their dedication to intense training. Legend has it that Kubfus used to accompany travelers across Galar, exploring the world around them.

Despite their tinier frame, Kubfus are relentless fighters, never backing down from a fight. Still, they are obedient and loyal to their trainers, above all else.



Region: Alola
Category: Generation VII
Type: Normal, Fighting

Bewear are sweet and lovely Pokemon at first glance, but their innocence masks a terrifying habit; they’ve been recorded crushing people by hugging them when approached. Evolving from Stufful, some might consider their reputation a misunderstanding, but only the bravest trainers would risk catching one in the wild.



Region: Alola
Category: Generation VII
Type: Normal

Komalas share a striking resemblance to koala bears. Unlike the real ones, Komalas spend their entire lives falling asleep, even when battling!

Their state is believed to be caused by their chosen appetite; specific poisonous leaves that create sedative effects once ingested. That being said, this makes Komalas a safe alternative for trainers to have as loving pets.


These are the twelve best bear Pokemon that you’re likely to see while adventuring across all the different regions in the Pokemon universe. While many of them might seem docile and harmless, it’s always best to respect each Pokemon accordingly, especially those that have already evolved.

Can’t find the bear Pokemon that you’re looking for on this list? Share your favorite bear Pokemon in the comments section below!

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