5 Best Beginners Classes In Baldur’s Gate 3

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Cody Ryan
Cody Ryan
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If you’re just jumping on the Baldur’s Gate bandwagon, you’ll need some help getting up to speed. While the Dungeons and Dragons spinoff is certainly something anyone can pick up, you must tread carefully to avoid getting lost in all its complex mechanisms. 

One way to go about it is to stick to an easy-to-use primary class. Now, If you’re just starting, you might not know which ones those are. That’s why we’re going to go through a list of the best beginner classes in Baldur’s Gate 3 that you can use.



Fighter Beginner Class

Player Style: Frontliner

Undoubtedly the best Baldur’s Gate 3 beginner class, the Fighter is a predominantly melee-based character that anyone can pick up. As the name suggests, the Fighter only has one role in the battlefield – to rush in and mow down whatever enemies they see. 

The Fighter class can seamlessly integrate itself into any team composition, but it thrives best in a team of supporting spellcasters, such as the Cleric or Wizard, or with a ranged character like the Ranger

This class also boasts remarkable proficiency in all physical attributes. This means you can lean towards a tank build with Heavy Armor and two-handed Martial Weapons or go the sleek route with Light Armor and one-handed Simple Weapons. It all depends on your particular playstyle and preference, although it’s always a good idea to consider the supporting classes in your team. 



Barbarian Beginner Class

Player Style: Mindless Aggression

On the surface, the Barbarian might just seem like a bloodthirstier version of the Fighter. Although that might be true in some cases, this character offers much more depth and unique features.

For one, the Barbarian class can utilize the Rage ability, which grants them enhanced strength and resilience in battle. If you’re ever in a tough spot, all you need to do is push a button, and you’ll be able to confront mobs far beyond your pay grade. 

Another factor that makes Barbarians a scarily effective beginner class is their relative lack of spells. While you might see that as a drawback at first, it also means you can focus entirely on the melee aspect. Just like Fighters, Barbarians are incredibly potent tanks and can withstand the harshest of attacks, making them ideal for the forefront of battles as your ranged troopers whittle down your opponents. 



Rogue Beginner Class

Player Style: Stealth 

Stealth classes have always been a popular one, but Rogue takes sneakiness to a whole new level. With Rogue, you don’t have to take the headfirst approach you depended on with Fighter and Barbarian. Instead, you can avoid conflict altogether as you sneak past any hostile troops you encounter.

While this strategy isn’t recommended if you’re trying to level up fast, you can still speedrun through a decent chunk of the game by simply focusing on your sneak attributes. Mind you, just because you’re avoiding conflict doesn’t mean you can turn off your senses altogether. Rogue can help you get out of sticky situations, but you still need to have ninja-like awareness and trickery to master him.



Cleric Beginner Class

Player Style: Support

Cleric is your friendly neighbourhood medic class. Just like Rogue, they’re not too fond of stepping into battle, but they can still hold their own when called upon due to their proficiency in Heavy Armor. 

The reason why Cleric is one of the best beginners classes in Baldur’s Gate 3 is because their work is cut out for them. All you need to do is support your tanks and your first point of contact with ranged spells and heals. Sometimes, you may be expected to join the battle and tank a few hits, but the array of spells in your arsenal should help you navigate those situations. 



Paladin Beginner Class

Player Style: Balanced

The Paladin is one of the most versatile classes in the game. As a half-caster, you get the best of both worlds – a robust defensive profile alongside a well-rounded spell pool. The Paladin class is best for someone who’s not sure which route they’d like to go for. Once you get a hang of its abilities, you can pick more niche classes or subclasses in subsequent runs.

Paladins are notably sturdy characters. You can easily set them into the heart of the battle to tank hits and buy the rest of your team much-needed time. Other than that, you also get an excellent opportunity to warm up to the game’s roleplaying side. Paladins will face situations where they’ll be tested on their Oaths, and breaking these oaths – either through dialogue or actions – will result in being branded as an Oathbreaker. 

In case you’re trying to max your achievements, breaking an Oath using Paladin or Ranger is the only way to unlock the Oathbreaker achievement, although you’d still have to bear the consequences for the rest of your BG3 run. 

We’ve barely scratched the surface regarding the game’s class system. While this list is great for someone looking for a good Baldur’s Gate 3 beginner class, there are a lot of branching mechanisms you’ll need to learn as you progress. Don’t worry, though. You can rely on us to dish out the best Baldur’s Gate 3 guides to help you progress and learn the game.

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