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The Biomutant release date is right around the corner. Get ready for it by checking out the different classes and breeds available in Biomutant.

Biomutant is a new post-apocalyptic open-world RPG where you play as a mutated animal. Its main story takes through the world in a quest to save the Tree of Life from the poisonous oil that’s slowly killing it.

Developing the game are some ex-Avalanche Studios which were also the team that worked on the Just Cause series. They decided to start their own development studio called Experiment 101.

Biomutant is a highly anticipated game with the potential to become one of the best games in 2021. It definitely took a long time to develop, but the wait is finally over.

Character Creation in Biomutant

There are a lot of customization options when creating your character. In Biomutant, you can choose from six different breeds and six different classes. Surely, you’ll be able to find a combination that fits your personal preferences.

The character creation process is quite similar to other RPG games, but this time you’re a mutated animal. You can customize your character’s breed, resistances, attributes, fur type, fur color, and class. These things determine your character’s starting stats and appearance as you enter the world of Biomutant.

Best Biomutant Breeds

There are a total of six different breed types in Biomutant. These breeds are the primary determining factor of your character’s base body type and appearance.

Each species is unique and offers various advantages and disadvantages over the other breeds. They also determine some of your base stats that you can add to later on. Although some breeds work better with a specific class, you are still free to choose others.

1. Best Melee Focused Breeds


Biomutant's Dumdon Breed

Dumdons have the highest melee damage stat out of all the breeds but offer lower intelligence and Energy regen. Similar to the Primals, Dumdons also lack health and intellect but are still quite agile.

Thanks to their high melee damage, Dumdons are the obvious choice when it comes to close-range combat. They are suitable for single-handed and double-handed weapons and come out on top thanks to their raw physical strength.

Dumdon is a good starting breed if you really plan on focusing on melee combat since you already have high base melee damage from the start.

You can also choose other breeds and increase their melee damage stat as you progress. However, the Dumdon breed is the best if you want to fully maximize your melee damage.


Biomutant's Hyla Breed

Hylas offer the highest health and armor stats among all of the breeds. They are the tanks of the group and are suitable for a more in-your-face playstyle.

Since you have high health and armor, you can pretty much absorb your enemy’s attacks while attacking back. To compensate for the high vitality, Hylas have a lower overall intellect stat. Due to this, they are more suited to deal physical damage rather than magic or ability-based damage.

Hyla is another good breed for melee-focused combat, especially if you prefer a more bruiser-like playstyle. With the Dumdon breed, you’ll have to dodge and time your attacks properly. With Hylas, you simply just run it down and kill your enemies before they kill you.

2. Best Ranged Focused Breed


Biomutant's Primal Breed
Primal Breed Character Creation Screen

The Primal breed offers the highest base critical chance stat over the other breeds. However, they also have relatively low melee damage, intellect, and health. Primal breeds, in general, are more agile and dexterous, making them great for players who like to move a lot.

They rely on speed and agility to take down foes and are great for quick melee attacks or a more range-focused playstyle. Primal breeds are also great at dodging attacks thanks to their agile nature.

The Primal breed is great if you plan on focusing on ranged combat. The extra agility and critical chance are good for maximizing damage while on the move. You can also combo your ranged attacks with a few melee ones when foes get too close.


Biomutant's Fip Breed

The Fip breeds are the intellectuals in the Biomutant world. They have an overall higher intellect thanks to higher stats in power, Ki energy, and energy regen.

If you don’t want to use guns and use magic instead, the Fip breed is the best choice. They are by far the best breed if you will be using magic attacks to keep your distance.

Fips are the best breeds to use if you prefer a mage-like character. They are definitely the best psionic users and can benefit the most from using psionic attacks. Thanks to their high base Ki energy and energy regen, you can easily use and spam psionic attacks.

3. Best Balanced Breed


Biomutant's Rex Breed

Rex breeds are the most versatile out of all breeds. They offer reasonably decent stats across the board and can pretty much fit any playstyle.

The great thing about the Rex breed is that you can pretty much change up your playstyle in the middle of the game. It doesn’t force you towards a specific build or playstyle and is just generally good overall.

Rex is probably the best race for players who can’t decide on a playstyle or for new players who would like to test everything out first. This isn’t the best breed for min-maxing, but they are definitely the most flexible.


Biomutant's Murgel Breed

The Murgels are also an excellent overall breed choice in Biomutant. They have the highest charisma stats in the game, as well as a higher loot chance stat.

Thanks to their high barter stat, Murgels are great traders. You also have a higher chance of getting some loot which can help a lot when grinding for items. Although Murgels excel at trading and looting, they can still deal some damage and dodge an attack or two.

They balance combat and looting well. The different weapons and armor in Biomutant offer some big advantages when it comes to combat. The extra looting stat from the Murgel breed is definitely a big help in the long run.

Best Biomutant Classes

Biomutant has six different classes that you can match with the different breeds. Five out of the six are available to all players who purchase the game. However, the sixth class is only available to players who pre-order Biomutant.

Each class offers a unique ability or perk that affects your character. It is vital to pick a class that synergizes well with your playstyle to get the most out of your class and breed.


The Dead-Eye class offers the Perfect Reload ability. The Perfect Reload ability instantly reloads all ranged weapons with a matching 20% damage boost for that magazine. Choosing this class also increases your critical chance stat.

The Dead-Eye class is an excellent choice if you want to mix ranged and melee attacks. It could be a good match for Murgel, Primal, and Hyla breeds.


The Commando class is another great choice for ranged weapon users. It has the Fury ability, which allows you to inflict 10% more damage using ranged weapons.

If you are planning a heavily ranged focused playstyle, Commando is the best class for you. It’s great if you wanna go full berserk mode while keeping a safe distance. Primal, Murgel, and Hyla breeds are great combinations for this class.


Similar to the Dead-Eye class, Psi-Freaks also get an increased critical chance. They also obtain Spark Ball and Megamind as their abilities. Spark Ball allows you to generate and shoot a lightning ball in any direction that damages any enemies it hits. On the other hand, Megamind increases your Ki Energy regen by 20%.

This class is the “mage” class of the game. If you prefer a more psionic and ability-based playstyle, Psi-Freak is definitely the way to go. One of Biomutant’s best synergies comes from picking the Fin breed and matching it with a Psi-Freak class.


Saboteurs can dual wield thanks to its Twin Silver Grip ability. You can equip two different single-handed melee weapons. Additionally, they also have the Hypergenetic ability, which reduces the Dodge Energy cost.

This class focuses on close-range combat and dodging incoming attacks. It’s a great class if you have a more evasive and tactical playstyle. You can pair Saboteur with Primal for a more balanced character, Dumdon for a heavy damage playstyle, or Hyla for a bruiser-like build.


The Sentinel class offers the highest critical chance out of all the classes. You also gain an additional 10 armor thanks to its Toughness ability. It’s an overall very versatile class and can help you become open to any playstyle.

There’s no one specific playstyle that the Sentinel class excels in. It’s an excellent class for beginners. It allows players to try out different playstyles in the early game before committing long-term. Sentinel can work with any breed, but for maximum versatility, you can pair it with Rex.


Reportedly, the Mercenary class allows you to dual-wield right from the start. It allows you to use either the Wazikashi blades or a classic katana, similar to a samurai.

Aside from that, we currently don’t have too much information about the Mercenary class yet.  However, we do know that it is a special class for people who pre-order the game. It is also said that THQ Nordic will release it as a purchasable DLC in the future.

A screenshot from the Biomutant Combat Trailer featuring the Special Mercenary class

Biomutant offers a ton of flexibility and customization when it comes to choosing a playstyle. The best way to create an excellent character is to think about what type of playstyle you’d like to play. Once you’ve chosen a playstyle, base your Biomutant character’s breed and class on that playstyle.

Of course, you can also go the YOLO way and create an overall flexible character to try out every playstyle applicable to the game.

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