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Pokemon can be found everywhere, from the ocean’s deepest depths to the limitless clouds above. When traveling between different regions, bird Pokemon makes it possible for trainers to cross long distances using flight, minimizing the means of conventional transportation.

While some have already foregone their flying capabilities (a few aren’t able to fly at all), they’re still incredibly useful for Pokemon battles, with a select few undyingly loyal to their trainers. Among all of them, these are the twelve best bird Pokemon you need to keep an eye out for.



Region: Kanto
Category: Generation I
Type: Normal, Flying

The iconic Pidgeotto hits it off at number one. Powerful flyers who aren’t afraid of going up against bigger foes when threatened, it was Ash Ketchum’s very own Pidgeotto that exemplifies all the great qualities that bird Pokemon should have.

After evolving into a Pidgeot, their combat prowess and aerial skills improve drastically. When it comes to nostalgia, though, Pidgeottos identify with Poke-fans more.



Region: Hoen
Category: Generation III
Type: Fire, Fighting

Exceptional fighters, Blazikens are rare land-based bird Pokemon popular for the big leagues and elite tournaments. Practicing a special form of martial arts, they’re respected for their fiery kicks, quickly ending many opponents in the first few rounds of Pokemon battles.

When paired with the Mega Stone, Blazikenite, he can briefly evolve into Mega Blaziken, making him even deadlier. With such a fearsome reputation, no wonder he’s been around in many Pokemon movies till today.



Region: Kalos
Category: Generation VI
Type: Fire. Flying

Talonflame is next, and he’s a beloved Pokemon UNITE jungler by many. Able to fly at unbelievable speeds, Talonflames can carry prey far heavier than themselves, all while being kitted with incredible Fire-type moves.

In the anime, Ash’s own Fletchling evolved into a Talonflame, which happened when they encountered the legendary bird Pokemon, Moltres, who’s also on this list, below.



Region: Kalos
Category: Generation VI
Type: Dark, Flying

Said to drain the life energies of those around him, Yveltal is one of the legendary Aura-trio Pokemon native to Kalos. With finger-like appendages on his wings and tail, his appearance alone intimidates enemies into submission, notwithstanding his immense fighting abilities and aggressive behavior.

So far, only his other Aura counterparts, the peaceful stag Pokemon, Xerneas, and snake Pokemon, Zygarde (50% Forme), can easily match Yveltal in both standing and might. In fact, both Xerneas and Yveltal’s presence symbolizes the balance between life and death, each stabilizing the other’s influence in the region.



Region: Johto
Category: Generation II
Type: Fire, Flying

Long-time Pokemon fans certainly know the legendary bird Pokemon, Ho-Oh, whose ancient powers are believed capable of resurrecting the dead. He’s also believed to appear to individuals with pure hearts, and the series protagonist, Ash Ketchum, is one of the few who have seen him in the wild.

He’s probably among the oldest Pokemon to exist, and there’s a dedicated shrine built for him at Mount Silver in Johto.



Region: Kanto
Category: Generation I
Type: Fire, Flying

Moltres is the first of the three legendary bird Pokemon in Kanto. His feathers are always on fire, making him impossible to be touched, let alone petted. This might also make him fearful of water, feasting on deep-sea crab Pokemon stranded on beaches instead.

A Moltres is the reason behind Ash’s Fletchling evolving into a Talonflame, but it was all due to a misunderstanding stemming from Team Rocket’s misdemeanors. Moltres has a variant in the Galar region too, which is far more menacing.



Region: Kanto
Category: Generation I
Type: Electric, Flying

Zapdos is Kanto’s second legendary bird Pokemon on this list. His body is immersed in dangerous volts of electricity, and this could explain why he was found consuming power from Kanto’s power plant during one of Ash’s adventures.

In one of the series’ adaptations, Pokemon Adventures, Kanto’s Electric-type gym leader, Lt. Surge, managed to capture a Zapdos to empower his battling Pokemon. Zapdos’ Galarian variant has shorter wings restricting flight, but they make up for it by having stronger legs, able to run at tremendous speeds, and kicking with ferocity.



Region: Kanto
Category: Generation I
Type: Ice, Flying

The Ice-elemental legendary bird, Articuno, is more benevolent than his fire and electric Kanto ‘brothers’, Moltres and Zapdos. He’s known to guide lost travelers stranded atop icy mountains toward safety from oncoming blizzards.

The Battle Frontier’s Factory Head, Noland, has one under his care. Additionally, Articuno has a Galarian variant, which is more attuned to Psychic-based abilities instead.



Region: Hoen
Category: Generation III
Type: Dragon, Flying

Despite her Dragon-typing, Altaria’s overall appearance resembles avian Pokemon more. Altarias are often seen gliding through the clouds, using their fluffy wings and feathers to camouflage themselves among them.

They’re friendly and gentle, particularly when around their young. Despite this, they are formidable in Pokemon battles, especially when paired with a Mega Stone, Altarianite, to temporarily evolve into Mega Altaria.



Region: Johto
Category: Generation II
Type: Steel, Flying

Due to their Steel-typing, Skarmories are quite favored for gym runs and tournaments. Their impenetrable bodies can absorb most hits, and they’re capable flyers as well, skillfully avoiding more dangerous attacks.

Hoen’s Flying-type gym leader, Winona, has a strong Skarmory that is ever-present on her team. If you’re struggling with Ground-based Pokemon trainers, a Skarmory can help you overcome them easily.



Region: Galar
Category: Generation VIII
Type: Flying, Steel

Often seen fighting Skarmories for territories in Galar, Corviknights are considered the mightiest bird Pokemon in the region. Their metallic exterior protects them from the most damaging harm, using their acute eyes to observe weaknesses in their enemies’ defenses to exploit.

Highly intelligent, Corviknights are used as flying transports for the public transportation service, Galar Taxi. However, in Paldea, they’re often targeted by the Fairy-type Pokemon, Tinkatons, who use their gigantic hammers to attack them by hitting large rocks toward them while they’re in flight.



Region: Paldea
Category: Generation IX
Type: Water, Fighting

Quaquaval is the final evolution of Quaxly, one of the starter Pokemon in Paldea. Adopting a salsa-like stance, Quaquavals love to dance and enjoy themselves, even while battling.

Despite this, they’re extremely competent in combat,  notably their tough, powerful legs. Although they can’t fly, they can still jump very high, surprising enemies. Many see Quaquaval as the direct elemental opposite of Hoen’s Fire-based Blaziken.


And that concludes the twelve best bird Pokemon on this list. Didn’t find your preferred bird Pokemon here? Make sure to share them in the comments section below!

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