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20 Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022

Bloxburg is a Roblox game that allows players to build their own houses according to their preferences. If you are a fan of The Sims, you will certainly have a great time in this game as well. It features a similar design system but with its own twist.

Since you have to find various jobs and earn money in the game, not everyone can make a massive house. So, that is why we have listed down the best Bloxburg house ideas so that you can find a wonderful home for yourself. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.


Lakeside Cherry Blossom Mansion

20 Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022
Source: Eishova

Starting off with my favorite design, which has everything a person can want, the lakeside cherry blossom mansion. There is something about cherry blossoms that enhances the ambiance of everything. The mansion features a wonderful gazebo where you can lounge and simply marvel at your abode.

Plus, it also features a waterfall with various plants around it. You will feel like you are living your dream in your favorite anime thanks to the wonderful sakura trees around. You can’t go wrong with a Lakeside Cherry Blossom Mansion like this.


3.5 Mil Acadamic Mansion

20 Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022
Source: Zaryee

Being a mix of modern and traditional architectural elements, this mansion is one of my favorite designs in Bloxburg. This massive mansion costs an absolute fortune, but once you build it, you won’t regret it. It has a beautiful fountain in front of the entrance and features various trees around the property.

If you are done being impressed by the outside, the inside is just as good, if not better. There are multiple rooms so that everyone has privacy and can roam around without disturbing other people living in the house.


Modern Family Mansion

20 Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022
Source: alequia

This house is a perfect blend of being fancy and minimalist. If you do not want an overly luxurious mansion, this design will be ideal for you! Follow this tutorial to make the mansion of your dreams. However, it will take a lot of time and effort to make this since there are a lot of small details here and there.

Once you finalize the design, everyone will love it! So, get started on this mansion right now and show off your hard-earned money.


Small Family House

20 Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022
Source: Look_io_kas

This small family house design is one of my favorites, thanks to how cozy it looks. It gives a homey feel that will make anyone fall in love with it. While it looks beautiful from the outside, it looks even better on the inside! The overall aesthetic and color scheme of this place is off the charts.

Plus, thanks to the beautiful wooden furniture inside, you will have fun living here. So, make sure that you follow this tutorial to build this wonderful house. However, keep in mind that it will take a hefty toll on your wallet.


Modern 2-Story Family House

20 Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022
Source: Justmano

This modern 2-story family house is a great place to settle your family. It comes with a dining room, kitchen, living room, garage, laundry room, and a bathroom with a tub on the first floor. The upstairs contains four different bedrooms upstairs so that everyone can have privacy.

Plus, you will also find an interior balcony which allows you to see the beautiful view outside. So, make sure that you spend some time relaxing and sitting back.


Cheap Modern Family House

20 Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022
Source: Arixlla

If the previous house was too expensive for your liking, worry not because we have a great alternative just for you. This cheap modern house will deliver everything you need without wasting any money. This beautiful property comes with a foyer, living room, kitchen, dining room, office, laundry room, 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms (including nursery), walk-in closet, and a garage.

What more can a family need in their house? The best part is that you only need to spend 55K to build this gorgeous family modern house.


Super Mega Modern Mansion

Super Mega Modern Mansion
Source: willXR

Have you ever wanted an absolutely massive mansion that is extremely spacious and has everything a person could want? Well, this design will suit you a lot. If you don’t mind spending every last bit of your hard-earned money, you can build this mansion and show it off in front of everyone.

It is one of the most intricate and difficult-to-make designs that I have ever seen. However, the tutorial makes it easy to make it without any issues. It also has a tennis court to further amplify the beauty of this mansion. Oh, and who could forget the multiple pools all around the house?


10K Cheap Modern House

20 Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022
Source: iSkY

If you prefer a minimalistic design that is not only cheap but has a modern outlook, then look no further. This 10K modern house is designed by iSkY, and it looks amazing. It has everything you would want. Plus, the aesthetics in this place are just… chef’s kiss!

From fancy bathrooms, bedrooms, a living area, and large windows, you will be impressed by this design. The best part is that you can easily design this house without any issues. Even if you are new to the game, you will not have a tough time.


2-Story Modern Mansion

20 Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022
Source: Celestirah

This wonderful 2-story mansion has a luxurious interior that looks phenomenal. The best part about this mansion is that it is neither excessively large nor too small. It is a perfect size and will make you look like a million bucks. Plus, it is quite easy to design as well if you follow the tutorial.

Anyone that sees your mansion from the outside will know that you have good style choices and know how to build a home. So, give it a try and see how you like it.


Zen Mansion

20 Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022
Source: Look_io_kas

Before we talk about how awesome this mansion is, I would like to explain why it isn’t higher on this list. Since it is extremely expensive, not everyone can build it. However, if money isn’t something you mind spending, then you will have a great time building this massive mansion.

It is one of the best mansions I have ever seen in Bloxburg without a doubt. It is a mix of modern Western and traditional Eastern architecture. Show off your grandeur with this absolutely amazing zen mansion.


Cheap Mini Mansion

Cheap Mini Mansion
Source: Anix

If you want to live a luxurious life without having to spend a lot of money or have needless accessories, this build is perfect. It features a separate garage or storage unit where you can either keep your car or store various things. The outside of this beautiful place looks stunning with its color scheme and architecture.

The garden is also a nice addition since it enhances the look of your mansion. Plus, every room in this house serves a purpose, so you don’t have to worry about wasting space.


Simple Townhouse

20 Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022
Source: Jetsicar

This small and humble house is perfect for a small family that doesn’t like to flaunt a lot. Have you ever wondered about what it feels like to live in the suburbs? Well, look no further because this house will give you the feeling of living the suburban lifestyle.

Plus, it is a perfect family home where you can watch people grow and spend their entire life. You can even divide a part of the house into a specific room if you feel like your needs aren’t being met.


Blush Pink

Blush Pink
Source: Cylito

As the name suggests, this wonderful home has a great color scheme that accentuates the beauty of the place. Combine that with the furniture, and you have got yourself a great home that will give off cozy vibes. If you really want a homey feeling, just sit back and relax in front of the fireplace while watching your TV.

The size of the house isn’t too large either. So, you don’t have to worry about spending tons of money or wasting space for no reason. Each room has a purpose which it fulfills really well.


A-Frame Cottage

20 Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022
Source: Ethrielle

I absolutely love this cottage design. It has a wonderful exterior that looks straight out of a movie or something. The best part is that the in-depth tutorial allows you to create this house without any worries. The stone walls on the inside make the place light up even more.

The only downside I can think of is that the living room is a bit tight, but with an overall design like this, it shouldn’t matter a lot. If you go to the upstairs area, you will notice a massive and attractive balcony. It gives you a gorgeous view of the entire surrounding.


Aesthetic Loft

20 Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022
Source: Cxmilla

I know I used the word “aesthetic” a lot in this guide. However, this house is the definition of aesthetic. It has a wonderful black-and-white color scheme that looks amazing and will make your house pop out even more. I love the main living area due to the large TV and the cozy fireplace.

On top of that, the wonderful staircase also gives a nice touch and elevates the beauty of this house. Everything from the furniture to the walls looks absolutely stunning! Give this design a try and see if you like it or not.


Hillside Mansion

Hillside Mansion
Source: Cylito

Are you tired of looking at extraordinarily luxurious mansions that look lifeless? Well, worry not because this hillside mansion has a lot of love and care in it, which makes it look fantastic. You have a beautiful path that goes over the water to enter your mansion. If that wasn’t enough, the wooden frame and flooring enhance the look of this place as well.

On top of that, you will also have your very own waterfall. However, all of this will cost you around 188K, which is a lot of money. So, if you aren’t worried about spending tons of cash, this mansion is perfect for you!


Luxurious Modern Mansion

20 Bloxburg House Ideas in 2022
Source: frenchrxses

Before we talk about this mansion, I want to be honest. I didn’t expect to like this design, but after looking at it, this is a wonderful mansion that has everything. The exterior features a fantastic cherry blossom theme that further enhances the outlook of this house.

Plus, the windows feel like they are tinted pink, but that’s actually the paint inside. While some might find the entire mansion to be too much “pink”, it doesn’t look odd at all. Due to the light pink color, everything looks great, and it doesn’t hurt your eyes at all.


Modern Lake House

Who doesn’t like a good lake house, right? This modern lake house not only looks amazing but also has a lot of practical uses as well. Before we talk about anything else, just look at that cute little birdhouse in front of the lake. Now that that’s out of the way, the large windows allow you to see outside and admire the wonderful view.

Plus, the stairs to the side give your place a nice touch as well. This place is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.


Colonial New England Lake House

Have you ever wanted to live in the colonial era of New England? No? Well, that might only be a desire of mine. However, this beautiful colonial lake house has everything you can want. A fancy dining room where you can feast without any worries while watching Netflix, or at least, act like it, on your television.

Plus, the exterior of this mansion looks phenomenal. It will impress anyone that walks by this house. One of the best things about this house is the wooden flooring. It not only looks amazing but feels pretty great as well.


Cheap Modern House

Cheap Modern House
Source: Ethrielle

Finally, let’s talk about an option that has a modern design but doesn’t put a dent in your wallet. This cheap modern house is perfect for you and your friends to hang out. It only costs 10K and doesn’t feel like you didn’t spend a lot of money. The exterior has a beautiful color and a stone wall.

When you walk inside, every room has a specific purpose, and nothing feels out of place. Plus, the garage is a nice touch if you want to park your car there. If you are low on cash and want to build a good house, try this design out.


And there you have it; those are the 20 Bloxburg house ideas in 2022. If you are new to the game or are just looking to build a wonderful house, these designs will certainly help you out. Try them out and see which one suits you best.

Which design did you like most? Is there a design that you think should have made the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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