Best Challenger Build in Remnant 2 (Playstyle and Stats)

It Hardly Bleeds & You Can't Kill It.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Being one of the four archetypes you can choose from at the start of Remnant 2, the Challenger archetype is quite popular among players who prefer a tanky character. It is a very flexible archetype that can be adjusted with several other archetypes to create unique builds. This guide will talk about one of the best challenger builds we could come up with in Remnant 2.

We’ll discuss which archetypes, weapons, Relic, amulets, and rings were handpicked for this build and why. You’ll also learn about this build’s intended playstyle and determine whether it’s a good fit for your style.

This build is targeted toward players who like to utilize Lifesteal and remain at the front of the battlefield. It can work well in solo and co-op scenarios, making it even more valuable. Let’s check the details to determine what is happening with this build.

Lifesteal Sentinel Challenger Build in Remnant 2

Lifesteal Sentinel Builds Stats

The Lifesteal Sentinel build is perfect for players who tank damage and steal HP from opponents. Your weapons and skills will be more than able to dish out decent DPS while your rings and amulet take care of your lifesteal capabilities.

Let’s talk about each part of the build individually now and see how everything synergizes to create the mother of all tanks that feasts on the opponent’s health pool.


  • Challenger: The star of the show, the challenger archetype, will act as your primary class. You’ll use the Die Hard prime perk to get revived upon death.
  • Engineer: Our secondary class for this build will be Engineer. You’ll mainly be using the Vulcan Turret prime perk and use the turret to mow down opponents to keep them away from you and generate scrap, and then that scrap will provide you with shields (explanation ahead)

You must also max out the Siphoner Trait to maximize your character’s Lifestealing potential by an additional 3.0%.


The weapons you’ll be using for the Lifesteal Sentinel Challenger build in Remnant 2 are:

  • Enigma: We’ll be using Enigma as our primary weapon for this build. Enigma lets us shoot enemies with an auto-tracking (within 7.5m) electric beam that does OVERLOAD and SHOCK damage to enemies even when you stop shooting them. That continuous damage will help us regenerate health since this is a lifesteal build.
  • Plasma Cutter: Your second weapon is going to be the Plasma Cutter. This weapon will help you deal with elite enemies on the field when Enigma is not chipping enough HP off of them.

    You can use the Transpose Mutator with the Plasma Cutter to gain 10% increased damage every time you pick up ammo.
  • Atom Smasher: With this build, you can use whatever melee weapon you want. We have opted for the Atom Smasher since it looks cool and fits the tanky aspect of your build. With charged melee attack, your melee attack speed increases by 10%.


For the Lifesteal Sentinel build, we’ll be using the Difference Engine Amulet. This amulet allows players to gain a 20% damage boost, and 1.5% of your total damage will be converted to lifesteal damage whenever a shield is active.

Our entire build revolves around shield generation, lifesteal, and then maintaining these two states. This amulet works perfectly with the rings and Relic we have chosen for this challenger build in Remnant 2.


  • Rerouting Cable: This ring allows you to gain 5% of your max health as a shield bonus once you’ve spent 25 stamina. This shield can be stacked to a maximum of 50%.
  • Generating Band: The previous ring gave you a shield, and this one will regenerate 3% of your max health per second if a shield is active.
  • Tightly Wound Coil: Since you’ll be fighting on the front lines, you’ll be running out of ammo quite often, and that’s where this ring shines. Once you’ve depleted 75% or more of your current magazine, you will gain a 10% shield for 5 seconds.
  • Vacuum Seal: Your character’s auto-pickup range is increased by 100%. You will gain a shield that is equivalent to 10% of your max health when you pick up Ammo, Scrap, and Iron.


We’ll use the Shielded Heart relic for the Lifesteal Sentinel Challenger build in Remnant 2. You’ll gain a 100% shield upon use that either lasts for 20 seconds or until it is broken by enemy damage. You are free to use damage-boosting fragments with it to increase its potency.


As is the case with almost all Remnant 2 builds, your armor choice is completely subjective and should only be affected by the total weight you are encumbering.

Try to stay in the mid or lightweight figures to ensure that your character dodge rolls properly and doesn’t run out of stamina mid-fight. We used the Technician armor set with this build, but you can use whatever suits your fancy.

Lifesteal Sentinel Challenger Build Playstyle

Lifesteal Sentinel 1

After looking at the components being used in this build, it should be evident that most of the work here is being done by the Rings and Amulet. They are generating shields and lifesteal opportunities.

You can use the Vulcan Turret to mow down enemies and make them drop ammo/scrap, which will get picked up automatically and generate shields for you. Shields will generate lifesteal percentages and heal you as well.

The Die Hard prime perk will act as your fallback plan and revive you with 100% HP (if your Challenger Class is maxed out) and allow you to use your Relic. The Relic will give you a shield, and the cycle of generating life steal and heals from shields will continue.

The build variety in Remnant 2 is astonishing. All the builds just work so well with the correct rings and amulets equipped. You can be an Unkillable Tank or a Space Ninja that can use invisible cloaking to sneak up on enemies and deal Crit Hits.

This covers one of the best Challenger archetype builds we found in Remnant 2. Try using this build in higher-difficulty runs and see how well it performs. Visit WIG for more builds, tier lists, and informative Remnant 2 coverage!

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