10 Best Cheap M4A4 Skins in CS:GO

Make it Rain!! (Bullets, not Money)

Cody Ryan
Cody Ryan
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The M4A4 is easily one of the most popular rifles in the game. It’s an easy option for players seeking a deadly combination of accuracy, versatility, and firepower. But splurging on expensive skins isn’t something most of us can do, no matter how much we want to upgrade our trusty rifle to match our aesthetic.

That’s precisely why, after combing through the marketplace, we’re bringing you the 10 best cheap/budget M4A4 skins in the game. The perfect balance between affordability and aesthetic appeal, every skin on here is a great option for anyone looking to bring a touch of personality to your M4A4 without putting a dent in your wallet.


Desolate Space

M4A4 Desolate Space

Release Date: June 15th, 2016
Price Range: $3.70 – $ 73.01
Case: Gamma Case
View on Community Market

Starting off our list of the best budget M4A4 skins, we’ve got the haunting Desolate Space skin. With the captivating visual of a skeleton clad in an astronaut suit, adrift in the vastness of space, this skin definitely catches the eye.

Then there is ofcourse the blue death ray which emerges from the stock of the gun and seemingly disintegrates the astronaut skeleton. And completing the otherworldly aesthetic, a missile poised at the tip of the gun, being caught by a monster in deep space. With an affordable price tag, Desolate Space delivers exceptional visual impact and storytelling and is a steal!


Spider Lily

M4A4 Spider Lily

Release Date: September 21st, 2021
Price Range: $1.11 – $38.91
Case: Operation Riptide Case
View on Community Market

Next up is the M4A4 Spider Lily. This skin is a visually captivating masterpiece that combines elegance and mystique. The central part of the rifle boasts a mesmerizing display of vibrant red flowers against a deep, dark blue backdrop. The contrast is striking, symbolizing the delicate beauty of the spider lily.

Despite its remarkable craftsmanship, the M4A4 Spider Lily skin also remains affordable, with a price tag under $12. That price point means players can acquire this truly exceptional skin without stretching their budget and is why it’s one of the best cheap M4A4 skins out now!


Cyber Security

M4A4 Cyber Security

Release Date: December 3rd, 2020
Price Range: $12.28 – $38.29
Case: Operation Broken Fang Case
View on Community Market

Cyber Security is a good option for anyone looking to add some color to their arsenals in our list of the best cheap M4A4 skins in CS:GO. This technologically inspired skin features a black body rifle, which serves as the perfect backdrop for the mesmerizing geometric pattern in vibrant yellow, blue, and red colors.

The large white Chinese hieroglyphs on the receiver further enhance its allure, adding a touch of culture. The combination of modern aesthetics contrasted with the white hieroglyphs and its low price point make Cyber Security skin a solid option, offering both aesthetics and affordability.



M4A4 Neo-Noir

Release Date: February 14th, 2018
Price Range: $3.06 – $38.22
Case: Clutch Case
View on Community Market

The M4A4 Neo-Noir, like all other Neo-Noir skins, takes inspiration from the neo-noir comic style. At the heart of the design is a striking image of a determined girl, her fists clenched, a katana on her back, and a billowing cloud of white smoke escaping from her mouth. Behind her, an urban landscape fragment adds depth to the artwork.

The color palette features a combination of black, pink, purple, and blue, creating a visually stunning and atmospheric effect. Even the stock features wavy lines painted in a captivating violet-blue gradient. And while Factory New may be a little out of budget, this skin in Minimal Wear condition looks great and is an excellent choice for any anime fans wanting to add some artistic flair to their weapon for cheap!


In Living Color (MW)

M4A4 In Living Color

Release Date: May 3rd, 2021
Price Range: $3.43 – $36.20
Case: Snakebite Case
View on Community Market

In Living Color skin is easily the most vibrant and eye-catching skin you’ll find at its price. Designed around street art, this skin is a celebration of creativity and self-expression, showcasing a kaleidoscope of bright neon colors.

With its array of captivating drawings and inscriptions and the image of a purple-haired girl with a face mask at the center of it all, and an affordable price (especially at Minimal Wear conditions), this skin is perfect for people wanting to showcase their unique style without breaking the bank.


Buzz Kill

M4A4 Buzz Kill

Release Date: November 28th, 2016
Price Range: $6.54 – $74.59
Case: Glove Case
View on Community Market

Buzz Kill is a great choice for anyone looking for an industrial look. With a dominant yellow color scheme, a sleek black handguard and stock, and white inscriptions adding contrast and depth, this skin is sure to turn some heads.

And with Minimal Wear options available for below $40 (up to as low as $12), you can boast this eye-catching skin for cheap. Its vibrant yellow color, intricate patterns, and affordable price are why it’s one of the best budget M4A4 skins out and why it is a must-have!


Tornado (MW)

M4A4 Tornado

Release Date: August 14th, 2013
Price Range: $1.82 – $11.44
Collection: The Inferno Collection
View on Community Market

The Tornado skin is for anyone looking for a sleek and minimalistic skin for their M4A4. The central part of the rifle and the barrel are meticulously painted in a calming beige tone, creating a perfect backdrop for the central area, which has a coat of blue-gray paint, reminiscent of a stormy sky.

Now while Factory New condition skins may exceed your budget, we recommend the Minimal Wear condition options for the Tornado, which offer exceptional affordability priced at under $12. With this option, you can still enjoy the striking aesthetic and clean lines of the skin without making too big of a dent in your wallet.


Tooth Fairy

M4A4 Tooth Fairy

Release Date: August 6th, 2020
Price Range: $2.47 – $18.10
Case: Fracture Case
View on Community Market

Horror fans, you’re gonna love the Tooth Fairy skin. The entire body of the weapon is coated in dull shades of red, green, and beige, creating an eerie appearance. The center of the rifle features a sinister image of the Tooth Fairy, and scattered around it you’ll find various handwritten inscriptions warning players of the terrifying creature.

Finally, just on the barrel, you’ll find a row of human teeth (incredibly creepy). Priced at under $20, Tooth Fairy offers a captivating and chilling design to your M4A4 that will strike fear into your opponents without stretching your budget.


Evil Daimyo

M4A4 Evil Daimyo

Release Date: May 26th, 2015
Price Range: $1.25 – $12.54
Case: Falchion Case
View on Community Market

Evil Daimyo skin is a clean skin, with its captivating blend of darkness and striking symbols. The body of the rifle is a sleek black, complemented by geometric patterns of red and gray, adding depth and intensity to the overall aesthetic. Towards the center, you’ll find a gray icon representing a samurai helmet.

You’ll discover small icons like crossed swords and robot samurai insignia placed all across the skin, accentuating the theme of martial power and futuristic warfare. Priced at under $15, this skin is easily one of the best cheap M4A4 skins, providing exceptional value without compromising on style.



M4A4 Magnesium

Release Date: December 6th, 2018
Price Range: $0.04 – $ 5.29
Case: Danger Zone Case
View on Community Market

To end off our list of the best cheap M4A4 skins, we’ve got Magnesium, a skin of fiery elegance. The body is coated in a sleek dark gray, and across the surface at the center of the skin are intricate flames, expertly crafted with shimmering silver metallic paint, that dance towards the stock of the gun.

The stock and the handguard feature carbon fiber inserts, adding a touch of modern sophistication. Priced at under $10, this skin offers exceptional value and a clean and striking design. It’s an absolute steal for players who seek a winning combination of aesthetics and value.

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