4 Best Controller Legends in Apex Legends Ranked (2023)

These are the best Controller Legends in Apex Legends!

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Have you ever been curious about who are the best Controller Legends in Apex Legends? This class of Legends is often overlooked, as it promotes a more static and defensive playstyle that usually goes against Apex’s fast-paced and high-octane action.

What usually ends up happening in matches is players preferring another class like the Support over the Controller. There are certain merits in that, as we discussed in our article on the best Support Legends in Apex Legends. However, a good Controller Legend cannot be substituted by anything.

Apex has a lot of confined spaces, and having a Controller present for those kinds of situations is indispensable. Plus, as a class feature, Controllers are able to discern where the next ring closure will be by simply interacting with a ring console.



The Best Controller Legend in Apex Legends Wattson
Image via Apex Legends Official Website

Wattson most definitely holds the undisputed title of the best Controller Legend in Apex Legends. So, it’s no surprise then that HisWattson mains her. After all, he’s one of the best Apex Legends Players on the planet right now.

Her tactical ability allows her to set up nodes that project electricity between each other, effectively creating an electric fence. This is the best control ability in the game, not only does it damage enemies that pass through it, but it slows them as well. The only downside this ability has is that the nodes can be destroyed by shooting at them.

Even her ultimate ability is amazing, as it allows her to recharge friendly shields and destroy incoming hostile projectiles. Paired with her passive, which makes Ultimate Acellerants recharge your ultimate fully and you got yourself a deadly combo indeed.



Image via Apex Legends Official Website

While Wattson focuses on disrupting her enemies, Caustic focuses on making their lives a living hell.

His tactical ability lets him place down multiple noxious gas canisters in an area. These canisters are great as they damage enemies that pass by them, on top of that, they also cover an area in a thick cloud that is difficult to see through.

A cheeky thing that you can do with the canisters is block doors from the inside, any enemy trying to get through would be unable to unless they destroy the door first.

Nox Gas Grenades is basically a spicy version of Bangalore’s tactical ability… Just kidding. Caustic’s ultimate is great for blanketing an area in a heavy cloud of gas, this can be used both offensively and defensively as needed.



Image via Apex Legends Official Website

In third place we have Catalyst. Catalyst was introduced to Apex Legends in Season 15, she’s definitely an interesting Legend for sure, just not the best.

Her tactical ability is alright, it allows her to throw down multiple rows of piercing spikes which are a nuisance to deal with. Though her real strength comes in the form of her passive, which lets her reinforce doors or outright create new ones with her ferrofluids.

Dark Veil is also kind of useful, as it slows and blinds any enemies that walk through it. A cool ability in theory, but in practice it’s rarely as useful as it sounds, as most players just avoid it.



Image via Apex Legends Official Website

Sadly, Rampart comes in at last place. Her shortcoming is best explained with an analogy. The other Controller Legends are a bit like clay, easily mouldable for the task at hand, while Rampart is like a brick – rigid and unwieldy.

Her tactical ability is decent, as it allows her to place down a short wall that your team can use to shoot through, however, it’s easily defeated by simply walking around it.

The minigun is really fun to play with, however, it really isn’t that special, or even superior to a fully kitted-out gun. So, in the end, she’s a fun Legend to play with, just not a very good one.

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