5 Best Crush Weapons in OSRS, Ranked

Crush em with your weight!

Scott Livingston
Scott Livingston
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OSRS has different attack styles when it comes to combat. Crush is an attacking style that is used primarily by mauls, maces, warhammers, and by weapons like two-handed sword. The best Crush weapons in OSRS vary on your activity.

For example, you will have to use different styles depending on the monster you’re slaying. To efficiently train your combat skills or to level up your slayer, you should use the proper weapon in accordance with the monster’s weakness.

Pkers tend to use the crush weapons to K0 their opponents. For example, Hill Giant Club, Granite Maul, or Elder Maul, each of which will easily increase your chances to K0 your opponent. But which of these weapons in OSRS are the best Crush weapons?


Dragon Warhammer

Dragon Warhammer - Crush Weapon OSRS

Requirements: 60 Strength

Dragon Warhammer is, without a doubt, the best crush weapon in OSRS which any player can use either for PvM or PvP purposes. While obtaining, it requires quite a grind, as it is a very rare drop from Lizardman shamans. If you haven’t restricted yourself to Ironman mode, buying it is well worth it.

The amazing thing about Dragon Warhammer is that it can be equipped with 1 attack level. Meaning it’s not only used for PvM, but there are accounts created for the sole purpose of abusing the Dragon Warhammer on their low-level pures. Making their accounts a money-making machine.

Besides the crush bonus of +95, the Dragon Warhammer is popular for its special attack. It will drastically reduce the opponent’s defense. One of the main reasons why it’s used on both PvM and PvP activities. The special attack deals 50% more damage while lowering the target’s defense level by 30%.


Elder Maul

OSRS Elder Maul - Crush Weapon

Requirements: 75 Attack and 75 Strength

Elder Maul overtakes the Godswords when it comes to strength bonuses and is the best tier crush weapon in Old School Runescape. The difference between Elder Maul and Godswords is that it lacks special attack. However, it’s preferably used in PvP and rarely in PvM.

The crush bonus of +135 makes the maul a fantastic weapon to use as a knockdown weapon when you’re Pking. The Elder Maul is mostly used when doing high-risk Pking in combination with Granite Maul; when perfectly timed, you might hit up to 160 damage in a single tick.

The downside is that the weapon’s speed is 3.6 secs making it a bad choice to be used as a primary weapon in any game activity unless you’re using it doing Chamber’s of Xeric and killing Tekton.


Inquisitor’s Mace

Inquisitor's mace - Crush Weapon

Requirements: 80 Attack

Inquisitor’s mace is the only weapon in OSRS that is a one-handed crush weapon and is highly efficient when used. Besides the crush bonus of +95 that it offers to the player, it also has a +2 Prayer bonus. The difference between Inquisitor’s mace and Abyssal Bludgeon is that you can use an Avernic defender while using the mace as the weapon of your choice.

The Inquisitor’s Mace is also used mainly for killing bosses. If you prefer PvM and chasing collection logs, you must use Inquisitor’s mace and armor to solo some important bosses in OSRS. The mace can be obtained by killing The Nightmare or Phosani’s Nightmare. It’s treated as the best weapon to use while soloing it.

Understand that your combat style will have an invisible boost to your character. For example, if you’re using ‘pound’ as your combat style, you will have an invisible boost of +3 Attack; with ‘pummel,’ you will have +3 Strength; with ‘spike,’ you will have +1 Attack, Strength, and Defense, whereas, with ‘block’ you will have +3 Defense.


The Abyssal Bludgeon

Abyssal Bludgeon Crush Weapon osrs

Requirements: 70 Attack and 70 Strength

This is an amazing crush weapon with limited uses. You can obtain this weapon after combining three untradeable pieces: the bludgeon spine, bludgeon claw, and the bludgeon axon. All three pieces can be obtained after killing Abyssal Sire for an unsired, which is an untradeable drop. Placing the unsired at the font of consumption will reward you with one of three pieces.

The Abyssal Bludgeon has a strength bonus of +85, a crush bonus of +102, and a speed of attack of 2.4 s. Basically, this is the only 2 handed weapon that will perform at the same speed as rune scimitar, making it one of the best crush weapons to use for specific slayer tasks. While using the bludgeon the player can only gain strength experience.


Hill Giant Club

Hill Giant Club Crush Weapon

Requirements: 40 Attack

The requirement level to equip the club shows that this is either a weapon mostly used in free-to-play worlds or a low-level weapon. In this case, hill giant club is the best free-to-play crush weapon in OSRS for player killers.

The weapon is comparable to a rune 2handed sword. Even though the rune 2h has a better slash bonus, the hill giant club has an outstanding crush bonus of 65+ in comparison to any other free-to-play weapon.

Players love to use this weapon in free-to-play PvP activities, especially during risk fights. It has higher accuracy against opponents in full armor when compared to rune 2h. The hill giant club can be obtained as a drop by killing Obor.


We shared with you the most commonly used Crush weapons by the majority of the Old School Runescape community. Is the Abyssal Bludgeon underrated? Adding an additional update to its special attack would highly impact its price and use.

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