The Best CS2 Weapon Loadouts

Who needs loadouts anyway? The AWP is all I need.

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu
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CS2 is looking to completely revitalize CS:GO and is finally upgrading the game’s engine. CS2 is bringing a ton of changes to a decade-old game, including volumetric and reactive smokes, upgraded visuals, and updated maps. It also features a new buy menu along with a new CS2 weapon loadout system.

Gone are the days when you had to navigate your way through all the CS:GO weapons using the buy wheel. CS2 presents a much cleaner, easier-to-use UI with fewer weapons and distractions. You’re in charge of what you get to bring into battle using the CS2 weapon loadouts system.

Don’t worry if you can’t pick which weapons you’ll bring. Here are the best CS2 weapon loadouts you can use.

The Basics of CS2 Weapon Loadouts

A photo of the new CS2 buy menu.

The main goal of CS2 weapon loadouts is to help make it easier for players to find the guns that they use the most. It does this by limiting the number of weapons available to you within the game.

There are three main categories of weapons that you can choose from.

  • Pistols – you can choose five different sidearms in the game, but one will be limited to your default pistol.
  • Mid-Tier – This is where you can find weapons like SMGs, Heavy weapons, and Shotguns. You can choose five different mid-tier weapons.
  • Rifles – Consists of all the standard rifles along with sniper rifles. You can bring five rifles into your game.

The standard things like Kevlar, Kevlar+Helmet, Zeus x27, and Defuse Kits (for CTs) won’t be part of the loadouts. All grenades will also be available to all players.

Best CS2 Counter-Terrorist Weapon Loadouts

Here are a couple of the best CS2 weapon loadouts you can choose for CTs. Feel free to exchange any weapons if you have any personal preferences.

Up Close and Personal

A photo of the weapons in the Up close and personal CS2 loadout.

Our first CS2 weapon loadout for CTs focuses on more close to medium-range battles. It’s a solid loadout for rifle players and players who like to sneak up for cheeky plays. It provides everything you’d need to defend a site head-on.

Weapon CategoriesWeapon Choice
PistolsUSP-S, P250, Five-SeveN, CZ75- Auto, Desert Eagle
Mid-TierMP9, UMP-45, XM1014, MAG-7, P90
RiflesM4A4, M4A1-S, FAMAS, SSG 08, AWP

The pistol choices are pretty straightforward. However, the new CS2 weapon loadout system does allow you to finally bring both the CZ75 and Five-SeveN into battle. Giving you versatility in your sidearm choices.

As for the Mid-Tier weapons, we prioritized SMGS and shotguns. The MP9, UMP-45, and P90 will ensure you’ll have a reliable SMG, regardless of your playstyle. While the XM1014 and MAG-7 will allow you to deal an insane amount of spread damage when guarding those entrances.

Finally, the rifle choices. It’s a no-brainer to take both the M4A4 and M4A1-S into battle. The FAMAS for those rounds where you’re a little low on eco, and the two sniper rifles for drop requests and some range fire-power.

Long Range Damage

A photo of the weapons in the long range damage CS2 loadout

If you prefer to do most of your shooting from a safe distance, then this weapon loadout is perfect for you. It prioritizes weapons that will help you out regardless of your opponent’s distance.

Weapon CategoriesWeapon Choice
PistolsUSP-S, P250, Five-SeveN, Dual Berettas, Desert Eagle
Mid-TierMP9, UMP-45, MP5-SD, XM1014, Negev
RiflesM4A4, M4A1-S, AUG, SSG 08, AWP

The USP-S is simply the better default CT pistol, especially since it can deal solid damage at range. We’ve opted to choose the Dual Berettas over the CZ-75 because of its larger magazine size and ability to work for both close and medium-range fights. The Deagle pretty much explains itself since it’s the best-ranged pistol you can ask for.

We’ve decided to keep the MP9, UMP-45, and XM1014 in case you need some flexible options for half-buys. However, we’ve added the MP5-SD since it’s more suited for a bit of range. The Negev is also a great choice since it’s a force to deal with on the CT side while being able to stay at a safe distance.

The rifle picks don’t change much as well. However, we’ve opted for the AUG since its scope can help a lot during those rounds where you can’t afford an AWP but need a solid-range weapon. The rest are pretty standard rifle picks for Counter-Terrorists.

Best CS2 Terrorist Weapon Loadouts

Now, let’s move over to the Terrorist side. These CS2 weapon loadouts will help you enter into sites, play for trades, and take control of areas. Don’t forget those smoke lineups, though. You’ll still need them in CS2.

Aggressive Entry Fragger

A photo of the weapons in our Aggressive Entry Fragger.

This T-side weapon loadout is a solid choice for all entry fraggers. It provides you with everything you’ll need to engage opponents and should fit pretty much any play style you prefer. It also features both close and long-range weapons, allowing you to take your pick.

Weapon CategoriesWeapon Choice
PistolsGlock, P250, TEC-9, Dual Berretas, Desert Eagle
Mid-TierMAC-10, UMP-45, XM1014, MP7, Nova
RiflesGalil, AK-47, SG 553, SSG 08, AWP

There aren’t too many pistols to choose from when you’re playing as a Terrorist. However, I do recommend picking up the TEC-9 because of its solid damage output. The rest are pretty much all you can equip on the T-side. I do suggest upgrading your Glock whenever you can.

When it comes to mid-tier options, we’ve decided to go with a solid mix of SMGs and shotguns. The SMGs can provide you with decent close to medium-range damage. At the same time, the shotguns are perfect for holding sites and clearing cheeky corners.

You only have 6 rifles to choose from on the T-side. As an entry fragger, you’re mainly going to use the Galil AR on low eco rounds and the AK-47 or SG 553 on full buy rounds. The last two open slots aren’t that important as a fragger since you’ll rarely use snipers anyway.

Defensive Back-Up

A photo of the weapons in our Defensive back-up.

The final CS2 weapon loadout we have for you today is for those players who like to play for trades and watch flanks. It features a solid mix of weapons that will help you out in almost every scenario you can find yourself in.

Weapon CategoriesWeapon Choice
PistolsGlock, P250, TEC-9/CZ75-Auto, Dual Berretas, Desert Eagle
Mid-TierMAC-10, MP7, MP5-SD, XM1014, Nova
RiflesGalil, AK-47, SG 553, AWP, SSG 08/ G3SG1

There aren’t that many pistols to choose from, which is why most loadouts will be similar. However, you can exchange the CZ75-Auto for the Dual Berretas or even the P250. It will mostly depend if you prefer a faster fire rate or more damage.

The MP5-SD offers good damage at medium range, making it great for trading allies when you’re in the back. The Nova also offers a decent range for a shotgun, making it useful for most battles. The rest are pretty standard picks for Terrorists.

Finally, the rifles should mostly be the same across different loadouts. Although, you can swap in the G3SG1 if you prefer automatic snipers. The Galil AR and AK-47 are pretty much untouchable on T-side.

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