The Best CS2 Crosshair Codes Used by Pros

Fire away and get those one-taps using the best CS2 crosshair settings.

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The crosshair is one of the most iconic and valuable things in CS2. Finding the perfect crosshair can be a tedious process. It took me a couple hundred games of shifting and adjusting settings before I could finally settle on one.

The best crosshair in CS2 has a small and non-distracting form paired with a color that allows it to stick out. But above all else, it should be something you’re entirely comfortable using.

I’ve gathered 12 codes from pro players with outstanding crosshairs – use them as a starting point or as your main crosshair.


Team Vitality – ZywOo

zywoo crosshair in CS2
  • ZywOo Crosshair Code: CSGO-ErUez-uLxht-aAcZJ-tTy5G-4MchQ

ZywOo is a CS2 player that you can’t go wrong with. He’s currently one of the best in the game and is constantly challenging s1mple for that number 1 ranking on HLTV.

VIT ZywoOo makes use of a thin and short crosshair. It has no center dot, no outlines, and a slight gap in the middle. It has a light blue color, which helps for clarity even during the chaos that happens within a game of CS2.


Natus Vincere – s1mple

  • s1mple Crosshair Code: CSGO-mbV5Q-RLJqb-WstFn-JooyC-5BZ2Q

s1mple is one of the best professional CS players ever. Most people consider him the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of CS:GO because of his greatness and domination in the pro scene. Who would be a better basis for your crosshair than s1mple himself, right?

Na’Vi s1mple likes to change his crosshair a lot. His most recently used one is a long and thin yellow crosshair. It has no outlines, a very small center gap, and no center dot. The relatively large nature makes it great across all of the brighter CS2 maps.


G2 Esports – m0NESY

  • m0NESY Crosshair Code: CSGO-qXfjM-ccncq-O9O9G-9cXQV-G847M

Next up, we have a rising star who is the main AWPer for G2 Esports. m0NESY is only 17 years old but is already proving that he can battle it out with the best CS2 players in the world. The kid has unbelievable skills and mechanics and definitely has a bright future ahead of him. So, it might be a great idea to copy his crosshair.

m0NESY sports one of the more unique-looking crosshairs on our list. It’s very small and compact, perfect for those precise one-taps. The green color helps it stand out, and the center dot helps give it a bit of weight.


Cloud9 – sh1ro

sh1ro crosshair in CS2
  • sh1ro Crosshair Code: CSGO-QX4O5-r6BUv-MhYbX-sSUU8-JrhrM

Next up, we’re featuring sh1ro’s crosshair. sh1ro is a Russian AWPer for Cloud9 and has helped them win multiple events, including the Intel Extreme Masters XVII – Dallas in 2022.

C9 sh1ro uses a very small and short crosshair. It has a bright yellow color, with no outlines, no center dot, and a small gap in the middle. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t like using a dot but still wants a precise crosshair for long or mid-range battles.


Team Vitality – Spinx

  • Spinx Crosshair Code: CSGO-dkRnc-wUHnF-2uH6d-GiaAN-SEnfO

Spinx is a rifler and lurker. He’s only 22 years old but already has insane experience in the CS pro scene. He recently joined Team Vitality and is slowly becoming a household name in Counter-Strike. His addition to the team has helped them overcome their major hurdles, which led to wins in Masters Rio 2023 and the Paris Major 2023.

He uses a compact light blue crosshair, perfect for tapping away heads, regardless of distance. The color helps keep visibility, eliminating the need for outlines. I highly recommend trying Spinx’s crosshair if you enjoy using smaller form factors.


G2 Esports – NiKo

  • NiKo Crosshair Code: CSGO-6rNny-OEoxD-BM8DG-u5Dpk-qKwLA

NiKo is hands down one of the most mechanically skilled players in the game and was considered the best player in the world during multiple points of his pro career. Now, he’s a core part of G2 and has helped them become one of the top teams in 2023.

We’re going back-to-back with the same compact crosshair, just in a different shade. NiKo uses a green crosshair with no outlines and no center dot but features a slight gap. This type of crosshair has been growing in popularity lately, to the point where even some of the best Valorant players have started using a similar crosshair.


FaZe Clan – ropz

Ropz crosshair in CS2
  • ropz Crosshair Code: CSGO-UcXBk-p9Jpo-tJiAr-J6qNc-mRFuA

ropz made history as the first Estonian player to attend and win a Major in 2017. He is now playing for FaZe Clan and still exhibits his amazing lurking skills in the CS scene, especially when they won the PGL Major Antwerp in 2022.

He uses a long, thin crosshair with a small middle gap. It doesn’t have any outlines, but the green color does help it stand out. It also doesn’t have a center dot since there’s little to no room because of how close the lines are. Overall, it’s an excellent crosshair that can help you bop those heads, regardless of skill level.



  • KSCERATO Crosshair Code: CSGO-VraXK-7zmqf-LQjcY-7VSZz-PDNfN

Next up, we have one of the most clutch players in CS history, KSCERATO. KSCERATO is from a family line of Counter-Strike players. He’s related to KNCERATO and WOOD7, who are both professional players as well. Let’s hope that using his crosshair gives us the same aim that runs in their family without the need for aim trainers.

KSCERATO uses a very compact crosshair, making it perfect for those long-range headshots or close one taps. It makes use of a light blue color, which gives it great visibility on any map. It also features a small dot that rounds out the crosshair.


MOUZ – Frozen

  • Frozen Crosshair Code: CSGO-siOcH-p8FiK-wuy2M-OZHae-eNXoN

This next CS2 crosshair comes from a young Slovakian player who goes by the name Frozen. His skills are as cold as his name, with those smooth one-taps and humble personality. Frozen may be one of the youngest professional players right now, but don’t count him out since he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Frozen’s crosshair is something I can easily recommend to newbies trying to rank up fast in CS. It’s larger than typical crosshairs yet thin enough not to be distracting. It features a slight center gap, no outlines, and no center dot. The green color definitely helps make it visible on even the brightest maps in the game.


Cloud9 – Ax1Le

Ax1le Crosshair in CS2
  • Ax1Le Crosshair Code: CSGO-k3yQ7-F5aqK-sVKQd-ZUi4K-z26KQ

There’s no denying that Ax1Le had insane skills and potential during his days on Gambit Youngsters. At only 20 years old, he’s already considered one of the best players in the scene and will undoubtedly continue to dominate in years to come.

Ax1Le uses a slightly longer crosshair than his colleagues, resulting in a large crosshair perfect for CS beginners. It appears a bit cyan in color, doesn’t have any outlines or a center dot, but has a gap for those deadly headshots.


Heroic – stavn

  • stavn Crosshair Code: CSGO-mw7Mq-5QZfQ-Bj8m7-LHMTr-cVGOP

stavn comes from a family of CS players. He is the younger brother of dragonfly and Lifedance, which allowed him to get exposed to the scene earlier than others. I wonder what kind of water they drink in the Lund household. Maybe it can improve my CS stats.

He uses a very small and compact cyan crosshair that’s barely noticeable on screen. The crosshair basically looks like five dots in the middle of your screen.


Astralis – dev1ce

  • dev1ce Crosshair Code: CSGO-fiDdT-53wiS-sU9jK-dnYTv-YPD3J

dev1ce is another legendary name in the CS scene. He is one of the best AWPers that have ever played the game and holds the record for the highest MVP medals for an individual player. Copying dev1ce’s crosshair might help you put that expensive skin you bought to good use.

Astralis dev1ce is one of those players who use multiple crosshairs. His most recent one is a medium-sized green crosshair featuring thick lines and a slight gap. There are no visible outlines, but the chunky form definitely helps with its great clarity across different backgrounds.

How to Import CS2 Crosshair Codes?

Showing how to import crosshair codes in CS2
  • Go into your game settings.
  • Click on the “Game” tab and find the “Crosshair” section.
  • Click “Share or Import,” paste the code you selected, and press “Import.”
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