30 Best Cyberpunk 2077 Wallpapers

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V from Cyberpunk 2077

Wallpapers are a great way of improving the overall aesthetic of your PC or mobile. You can choose to add an image of your liking as your background. Therefore, if you are a fan of Cyberpunk 2077, then we have a complete selection of Cyberpunk 2077-themed wallpapers for your desktops. 

A Cyberpunk 2077 wallpaper can help you commemorate your favorite characters and memories within the story. You can choose to download these wallpapers on mobile phones as well. Therefore, the choices are unlimited!

This guide will be listing the best Cyberpunk 2077 wallpapers that can be downloaded to improve the overall appeal of your desktop. Furthermore, their custom aspect ratios make them compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

With that said, finding good wallpapers from the millions of images available online is a jarring task. Therefore, we have listed the best Cyberpunk 2077 wallpapers below: 

30 – Night City

night city

Nothing beats a good O’l nighttime drive in the Night City and the land surrounding it. While the city looks beautiful in the morning, it looks absolutely phenomenal during the nighttime. Set this wallpaper to give an aesthetic look to your PC right now! 

29 – Neon Aesthetic

Neon Aesthetic

Neon colors do a great job of complimenting your PC colors. Therefore, try having a go at it! This wallpaper features a great neon background of Night City and V standing in front of her car.

28 – Street View of Night City

Street View of Night City

Hosting shady deals at the Motel is always a unique experience in Cyberpunk 2077. This beautiful street view of the massive city gives us a good look at what goes on here. Commemorate the memories on your PC by using this wallpaper.

27 – Gazing at the City

Gazing at the City

Being a nobody in such a hustling and bustling night city can also be a unique experience. This beautiful wallpaper shows a person gazing over the city during the nighttime. If you are looking for a wallpaper that isn’t bright and fancy, this is the one for you.

26 – View From Above

View From Above

While the top view is nothing compared to the nighttime, it still looks oddly inviting for the journey that’s about to commence. If you like a view of the city from above, then this wallpaper is just for you.

25 – Landscape of the City

 Landscape of the City

One day, the world shall know about you and your story. Whether it’s a decade away in the future, it’s still going to happen. Therefore, make sure to leave an interesting story.

24 – Katana


Swords and katanas are extremely appealing to the Cyberpunk fantasy. Moreover, you can always feel good about having a purple neon wallpaper to match your gaming PC.

23 – Beautiful View During Night

Beautiful View During Night

Are you ready to burn the city samurai? Are you sure you’ve done your math though? It’s a pretty big city from what we can tell by the looks of it.

22 – Prepare For Trouble

Prepare For Trouble

A fight in the middle of the city, how original! Add some neon Cyberpunk backgrounds and it’s the perfect way of showcasing your calm and coolness.

21- Mix and Match

Mix and Match

Different versions of Cyberpunk 2077 wallpapers come with different themes and aesthetics. Why not mix and match them into one complete look for your desktop?

20 – For the Fans of Dr. Disrespect

For the Fans of Dr. Disrespect``

If you are a fan of the doc, you’ll notice his logo on the board and his iconic 1990 Lamborghini. The red theme looks amazing and does not put a strain on your eyes at all. Show your support for the two time by using this classic background.

19 – Taking a Walk

Taking a Walk

There is something special about the appeal of neon shades. These colors improve the overall look of an area by surprisingly marginal amounts. Nonetheless, this wallpaper would still look great even without this added awesomeness. 

18 – Soaking in the Rain

Soaking in the Rain

What’s more Cyberpunk than this image? While you make an educated guess, we’ll just go ahead and present you the download button for this image. There is something about rain and neon lights that just work.

17 – Taking a Break

Taking a Break

The Night City is beautiful no doubt. However, that doesn’t mean it’s safe as well. Are you brave enough to challenge the dangers that lurk underneath these lights? This wallpaper looks beautiful and shows how amazing the city truly looks during the night.

16 – Judy Alvarez

Judy Alvarez

For our mobile fans, the braindance technician is a great romance option to go for. Add the icing to the cake by adding her wallpaper to your barren background. 

15 – Wake Up Samurai

Wake Up Samurai

The samurai symbol is a great way of commemorating your fighting spirit with your trusty war machine. Needless to say, the hue is perfect for a red-themed PC.

14 – Vibing With Johnny

Vibing With Johnny

There is a difference between trying to be cool and being cool. The choice is yours cowboy, we are just here to offer you the button.

13 – Giant Holograph

Giant Holograph

Ah yes, the almighty Goldfish! The reflection is pretty sick though and we’re sure it will remain that way no matter who downloads it. We’ve all taken tons of screenshots of this goldfish during our playthrough of the game. This wallpaper does all those screenshots justice.

12 – Rita Wheeler

Rita Wheeler

The entire notion of mutual self-defense sounds attractive. Luckily, Mox does just that as long as you get used to their heavily modded bodies.

11 – Johnny Silverhand

Johnny Silverhand

Who is more breathtaking? The car or Keanu Reeves? Getting the benefit of both in a single image is the way to go samurai!

10 – Going Fast

Going Fast

Have you tried riding one of these in Cyberpunk 2077? If your answer was no then at least you can keep looking at it every time you boot your PC.

9 – Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger

You definitely don’t want to be in the same car as them. Don’t believe us? Have a go at it then and see where the path leads you. That is if you live long enough to see it.

8 – Welcome to Night City

Welcome to Night City

This Cyberpunk 2077 wallpaper is the epitome of greatness. Not only does it welcome you to the crazy yet fun world of Cyberpunk, but it also makes sure to breathe new life into your desktop.

7 – Cool Helmet

Cool Helmet

Ever been in this mood? If so then why hesitate? Make it an inescapable part of your memory by downloading it from the link below:

6 – Skulls

30 Best Cyberpunk 2077 Wallpapers

Skulls are often depicted as an anagram for death in video games. However, it can also add a certain amount of style to an image. Don’t believe us? The image above will change your mind!

5 – Minimalistic Wallpaper

Minimalistic Wallpaper

Simplistic yet stylish, this minimalist Cyberpunk wallpaper has it all. Now, you can rock style without going completely overboard. Therefore what’s stopping you?

4 – Chilling in the Apartment

Chilling in the Apartment

The theme of Cyberpunk is not limited to adults. Children can be cool too! The braindance VR tech implemented here is the basis of the entire game. 

3 – Where’s Johnny?

Where's Johnny?

Where is he indeed? If you cannot seem to find Johnny Silverhand, then you should just give up and follow the voices in your head. They might actually lead to something interesting. 

2 – Cyberpunk Reveal

Cyberpunk Reveal

Welcome to the scene that started it all. What better way to flaunt your love for Cyberpunk than letting this wallpaper sit as your desktop background?

1 – Johnny Wick

Johnny Wick

He’s always breathtaking, but he can be cool as well. Using his traits to your advantage as your permanent wallpaper of choice is never a bad idea. Besides, there is no going wrong with Keanu Reeves. This wallpaper is a mix and match of John Wick and the cyberpunk theme.

All in all, you can choose to custom crop these wallpapers to fit your relevant screen size. Consequently, it is also possible to add your unique flavors to these Cyberpunk 2077 wallpapers with the help of image processing software. 

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