Best Destiny 2 Stat Trackers (2023)

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Eoin Black
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There are a lot of Destiny 2 stat trackers out there. Far too many to list them all off. Instead, I’m going to be focusing on the top 5 best Destiny 2 stat tracker options out there for you to use right now. I’ve been playing Destiny since the first day of the first game, so I’ve got extensive experience with Destiny stat trackers. When I say something is good at what it does, it’s because it is.

I’m going to leverage my years of experience to try and help you get better at Destiny 2. By utilizing these five trackers, you’re enabling yourself to fix mistakes in your gameplay, ultimately making you a better player.


Destinytracker – Best Overall Destiny 2 Tracker
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If you’re looking for convenience, ease of use, and general accessibility, is going to be what you’re looking for – especially as it’s one of the only major Destiny 2 trackers to offer both a web-based application, as well as a downloadable mobile alternative.

Destinytracker is a part of the wider family. These guys make trackers for everything from VALORANT to Fortnite, to Rainbow Six Siege. They know what they’re doing, and that shines through with the Destiny 2 tracker.

Destinytracker will track your stats in both PvP and PvE, so you don’t have to worry about that. It’s also web-based so there are no pesky downloads to deal with. All you do is punch in your ID and you’re good to go.

There’s an overwhelming amount of data on the site – more than you’ll likely ever need. You’re able to check your PvP performance based on map, season, and more. You can even check what your actual PvP rank is categorized as.

While there’s a lot of PvP information to unpack with Destinytracker, it is a fair bit lighter on the PvE side. There’s a little bit of information there for you to digest, but its main purpose is clearly as a Destiny 2 PvP stat tracker.


Raid Report – Best Destiny Tracker for Raids

Destiny 2 stat trackers - Raid Report.
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First up on my best Destiny 2 stat trackers list is Raid Report. If you’ve ever joined a Discord for an LFG raid, then chances are you’ve either used Raid Report, or someone has used it on you.

The tracker is web-based and exclusively tracks your progress in Destiny 2’s raids. Its UI is beyond intuitive and incredibly easy to use. All you do is type in a player’s Bungie ID, and it’ll give you a bunch of information about that person’s raid history.

It’ll tell you how fast they complete raids on average, how many raids they’ve completed compared to most people, how many times they’ve finished a specific raid, how fast they’ve finished a raid, as well as information about their last few runs.

Raid Report is essentially Destiny 2’s background check. When you’re putting a Fireteam of randoms together for a raid, you should be using this Destiny 2 tracker.


Warmind IO – Best Destiny Tracker for Discord

Best Destiny 2 stat trackers - Warmind IO.
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The next Destiny 2 stat tracker I want to talk about isn’t a tracker in the traditional sense. Instead, it’s more of an overall tool.

Warmind IO, or Charlemagne, is a Discord bot for Destiny. More than that, though, it’s an entire ecosystem of stat trackers and functionality that genuinely make it one of the best Discord bots I’ve ever seen, full stop. If you’re in a Destiny 2 Discord channel, chances are Warmind is powering it.

Not only will Charlemagne track your stats, but it’ll create a channel leaderboard and role system so that players can get the proper recognition for their achievements.

Charlemagne can tell you pretty much everything you could ever want to know about your Destiny 2 game. It’ll tell you your most used weapons, your in-game stats, and even things like where Xur is on the weekends.

On top of all that, it also has a built-in scheduling program that lets you organize things like raid runs in advance.

Warmind is limited by only being a Discord bot, but it’s an incredibly powerful bot that you should be taking advantage of.


Redrix for Destiny 2 – Best App-based Destiny 2 Tracker

Redrix Crucible stat tracker for Destiny 2.
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If you’ve got your heart set on using app-based Destiny 2 stat trackers, then Redrix is probably your best bet. It’s available for both Android and Apple, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility.

Redrix is entirely Crucible-focused, so PvE players have nothing to gain from using it. PvP players, however, will have access to a lot of information regarding their PvP play.

The app lets you track your performance on both a macro and micro level. If you want to see how you’ve improved on average over a six-month period, there are graphs and infographics for that. If you want to track yourself on a match-to-match basis, though, you can do that too.

Redrix is simply a lot of good information presented very well. You have a massive level of control over the specific bits of information you want to see, making it easy to focus on strong or weak points in your game.

If you’re looking for app-based Destiny 2 trackers and you’re a PvP player, try out Redrix. Use it well and it will help you improve at the game.


Destiny KD – Best Destiny Tracker for PvP

Destiny KD stat tracker for Destiny 2.
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I’m not much of a PvP player, and yet even I can see the value in DestinyKD. This tracker is the be-all and end-all of Crucible Trackers, to the point where I even use it despite being a PvE main.

DestinyKD has two distinct areas of interest. The first, and most obvious, relates to your own performance. By signing into the app with your Bungie account, you’ll be able to get a comprehensive overview of your PvP performance. This includes snapshots of recent games, your best weapons, your career stats, and more.

The second area of interest DestinyKD offers is its global Crucible stats. The application has access to Destiny 2‘s global PvP data thanks to Charlemagne, or the Warmind.IO tracker we discussed earlier in this list. This lets you see what’s META right now at a glance, which can help newer PvP players find their footing in the game mode.


The best Destiny 2 stat tracker is Destinytracker. Its list of features is exhaustive, and it’s got the support of the team behind it. Destinytracker may not be the best tracker for any one specific thing, but its Jack of all trades approach makes it the best overall.

Check-in with these Destiny 2 stat trackers regularly, and you’ll find yourself becoming a stronger player. They’re as convenient as they are helpful, so make a point of adding one or two of them to your tool belt.


What is the best Destiny 2 stat tracker?

The best Destiny 2 stat tracker is Destinytracker. It offers more data than any other tracker out there, making it a one-stop shop for any potential stats you would ever want to see.

How do I check my KD in Destiny 2?

To check your account KD in Destiny 2, you’ll need to use a third-party tracker application. Destinytracker is a great option for this, as is Redrix for Destiny 2.

Is Destinytracker Accurate?

Yes, Destinytracker pulls data related to your account directly from Bungie’s API. This means that it’s consistent with your in-game stats and activity history.

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