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Alec Padua
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Discord is the most popular communication app used by the majority of gamers as well as traders. We’ve also seen a lot of community managers create their own servers to cater to both the gaming and NFT communities.

In this article, we’ll help you think of the best Discord names that you can use. We’ll also share some tips and sites where you can brainstorm some more cool name ideas.

If you don’t feel like spending a lot of time figuring out your Discord name, feel free to explore these list categories and you might find what you’re looking for.

Cool Discord Names

  1. Lucio West
  2. Frag Herald
  3. Sax Master
  4. Blade Runner
  5. Pilgrim Reaper
  6. NiceRobo69
  7. Inu Shiba
  8. Headshot Maestro
  9. Evil Pumper
  10. Sturdy Domino
  11. Starlight Robber
  12. Katto King
  13. Guerilla Eagle
  14. Latino Pouncer
  15. Tribal Warrior
  16. Agent47
  17. Undying Intimidator
  18. Kaye East
  19. Jack Sparrow
  20. Deus Ex Machima
  21. Shin Tenshi
  22. Silent Samurai
  23. Ramen Shippuden
  24. Typing Ninja
  25. Phantom Tsushima

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Good Discord Names

  1. Doctor Hacker
  2. Image Hasher
  3. Dr Locke
  4. Misty Illusion
  5. Trendy Bull
  6. Harley Quin
  7. Jack Five
  8. Friggin Bones
  9. Golden Sun King
  10. Hunting Seer
  11. Cooper Fields
  12. Lars Jenkins
  13. X.Data.X
  14. Card Shark
  15. Heroic Magicka
  16. Jack Chaser
  17. Maid Sama
  18. Ballin’ Gangster
  19. Riot Royale
  20. Phantom Fencer

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Funny Discord Names

  1. Cordless Disc
  2. Lonely Fan
  3. Bread Panda
  4. Brunoppa
  5. Dua Lupa
  6. Poo Tah
  7. Sushi Moo
  8. Rambo Rat
  9. Boring Alchemist
  10. Jack Stroke
  11. Ara Ara Waka
  12. Paimon Slayer
  13. Mia Parade
  14. Pixel XL
  15. NickelBone
  16. Toothless Dragon Slayer
  17. John Not Doe
  18. Khal Bow
  19. Heidi Sink
  20. Harry Po Tae
  21. Poring Infinity
  22. Blad Cat
  23. Pizza Raider
  24. Fishing Dog
  25. Vlad Clot
  26. Queen Snyder

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Best Discord Names

  1. Bronx Bomber
  2. Degen Art Miner
  3. Hit Maker
  4. Rocky Dan
  5. Bansky Arsonist
  6. Groovy Hypebeast
  7. PewThePie
  8. Necro Flasher
  9. Lurking Bandit
  10. Mr. Beets
  11. iFade Shuffler
  12. Splash Fragger
  13. Contra Cobra
  14. Master Sleek
  15. Shang Shib
  16. Jack Trader
  17. AlienXPredator
  18. SolEth Hoarder
  19. Kitchen Inferno
  20. PumpDaDump
  21. Sharpshooting Raven
  22. Smooth Crit Operator
  23. Moonduster
  24. Shadow Brow

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Girl Discord Names

  1. Nina Lina
  2. Sara Hara
  3. Kayle Minogue
  4. Anna Banana
  5. Poison Ivy
  6. Katarina Rinn
  7. Lili Allen
  8. Ahri Gato
  9. Lana Craft
  10. Chloe Faris
  11. Pika Park
  12. Alisa Shiori
  13. Kaori Mao
  14. Seina Serena
  15. Claire Morgan
  16. Lara Craft
  17. Kimi Dora
  18. Klepto Cleopatra
  19. Pink Kanga
  20. Sammy Jane
  21. Mei Dusa
  22. Farah Xena
  23. Selena Ashe

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Anime-Inspired Discord Names

  1. Oniichan
  2. Jojo Aini
  3. Sakura Kurochan
  4. Naruto
  5. Eren Joestar
  6. Natsu Piccolo
  7. Saitama Asuna
  8. Death Notetaker
  9. One Punch Monk
  10. Fluffy Luffy
  11. Son Goku
  12. Keiko Mana
  13. Kirito Sao
  14. Rikimaru
  15. Akane Katsu
  16. Lupin
  17. Vegeta Ble
  18. Kakashi
  19. Hideki Kasai
  20. Kenta
  21. Ichiro Ryuu
  22. Kouta Yakuza
  23. Aki Chie

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Cute Discord Names

  1. Kawaii Doctor
  2. Sneaky Koala
  3. Jackie Fox
  4. Mikki Uzi
  5. La Lisa
  6. Hana Bishi
  7. Coco Blossom
  8. Kimi Chi
  9. Maki California
  10. Kumi Chinita
  11. Lia Sings
  12. Pichi Pie
  13. Pan De Flan
  14. Peggy Boo
  15. Puppy Reina
  16. Sparky Aura
  17. Honey Butterfly
  18. Aya Petite
  19. Ruby Peaches
  20. Oreo Kelly
  21. Keira Riley
  22. Cheery Reese

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Cool Discord Server Names (Bonus)

  1. The Secret Basement
  2. Crypto Merchants Society
  3. Hyping Trader’s Lounge
  4. The Boiler Room
  5. Suspicious Dominion
  6. House of Tryhards
  7. Buskers World
  8. Knights of Chivalry
  9. Joker’s Guild
  10. Anti-Bot Sanctuary
  11. The Streaming Tavern
  12. Potato Inn
  13. Humans of Discord
  14. Shiny White Castle
  15. The Doggo Battalion
  16. DnD Empire
  17. Spambot Hunters
  18. Arcane Valley
  19. 45 Calibers
  20. Netcode Fight Club
  21. 2D Retro Land
  22. Elder’s Haven
  23. Tired Tyrants
  24. Bubble Streamers
  25. Lucky Tribe
  26. University of Memeposting
  27. World of Tabletops
  28. Eagle Eye Company
  29. Champions of the Opera

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Tips On Starting And Naming A Discord Server

If you have a large following on any social media platform may it be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, or TikTok – the best way to build a community is by creating a Discord server.

Aside from thinking of a badass name, you must also take note of the following responsibilities as a server owner:

  1. Figure out the purpose of your Discord server. Is it for creating an exclusive community? Are you teaching skills to certain groups of people? These are just some of the many possible uses for creating a Discord server.
  2. Try to familiarize yourself with the basics like setting up text and voice channels.
  3. Add Discord bots to spice up your server and improve interaction in the long run. You can start with adding music bots to make your server lively.
  4. Later on, your following will grow, so it’s good if you assign active members of your community to become moderators so they can ban toxic people in your server.
  5. Play around with common community names like “club”, “society, “world”, “land”, “guild”, etc.
  6. Not everyone can run and maintain a server so if all else fails, you can always delete your server and try again another time.

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Where To Get Discord Names

Naming your own gamer tag or even a Discord server is probably one of the most challenging endeavors that you will face. But with proper tools to help you in coming up with a perfect name, you’ll soon be able to find an identity that will fit your personality.

So far, we’ve found that SpinXO can provide us with inspirations just by entering your name, nickname, or even keywords that you can associate with your name and the random spinning is endless.


If you want to stylize your gamer tag further, you can also try out LingoJam and see what font faces your name stands out in.


Another great generator that we found is where it’s a much simpler UI compared to SpinXO and it gives you the most optimized suggestions for the best Discord names. Putting a couple of keywords will give us some of the best results.

If these name lists and generators aren’t enough, you can also get some inspiration from our sweaty Fortnite names list on where to find some more random name generators.

Take note that Discord usernames don’t allow spaces but if you go to settings of any server, you can change your nickname by right-clicking on your username on the list then go to Edit Server Profile to change your nickname.

Edit Server Profile

It’s also good practice to capitalize every first letter of each word if you have a long username so that other people can read it clearly.

Now you’re equipped with enough knowledge to brainstorm from this list of names or from our suggested word generators. You can also take a look at our best Discord PFPs for your desired profile or server avatars.

We hope you enjoyed browsing through this list of the best Discord names. Feel free to leave a comment on what names you found on this guide that sparked an idea or share the most unique names that you’ve ever come across while lurking the servers.

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