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Coming up with unique Discord roles can be a tough task. To help you pick the right ones, here are 10 of the Best Discord role ideas.

Different Discord roles are an essential part of managing any Discord server. These different roles are given to people within the server to help set the permissions and power they have over the settings and controls of the server.

Generally, the Discord roles are divided into three main categories. These are administrators, moderators, and members. Administrator roles generally have the most power over a Discord server. They can create and delete channels, manage members, manage messages, and have permission to change all settings within the server, aside from deleting the Discord server itself.

Moderators have the ability to mute, deafen, disconnect, and kick other members. They help make chat and voice communications safe for all members and manage those who don’t follow the rules.

Finally, members are simply everyone else who has joined the Discord server. They have access to all public channels and can generally chat and interact with anyone within the server as long as they follow the proper server rules.

Now, these aren’t the only Discord roles that you can add. You’re pretty much free to add any type of additional roles with their respective permissions. Sometimes, these traditional roles can get pretty boring, so we’ve come up with 10 of the best Discord role ideas to help spice things up on your Discord server.


Ranked-Based Discord Roles

Ranked-Based Discord Roles

If your server is based on a game with different ranks, you can use those ranks to represent each member’s actual in-game rank. Let’s say you have a Valorant-themed server; you can have ranks from “Radiant” down to “Iron.” You can do this for many different competitive games since most of them will likely have some sort of ranking system.

For an Apex Legends server, it could be “Apex Predator” down to “Bronze,” For League of Legends, it could be “Challenger” to “Iron,”  and so on and so forth. This makes it easier for members to find other members that they can play with and interact with.


Use Superhero Teams

Use Superhero Teams

Another great Discord role idea is to use superhero teams. Larger Discord servers generally have a lot of different admins and mods, which makes sense to use a superhero team as a role.

If you like Marvel, you can use something like The Avengers,” X-Men,” “The Inhumans,” “The Guardians of The Galaxy,” or “The Eternals” as names. For DC, you can use “The Justice League,” “JSA,” “Teen Titans,” or “Young Justice.” These are all just examples, and there are many more superhero teams to choose from. The great thing about this is that it opens up a discussion within the server, regardless of the specific server theme.


Use Bot Roles

Use Bot Roles

Using bot roles allows you to easily manage and control the different Discord bots within a server. You can give them specific permissions with ease. This makes sure that all the bots stay within one group, especially since some of them automatically create their own role.

Using specific bot roles is also very helpful to all the members since they can easily see which bot is online and available to use. Sometimes, trolls copy the photo and names of bots and cause trouble within the server. This helps segregate the members from the bots and eliminates any possible confusion.


Add DJ Discord Roles

Add DJ Discord Roles

There are tons of different things you can do within a Discord server. One of the popular things includes listening to music. Discord music bots have grown in popularity because of their ability to easily and instantly play music on a Discord channel. This allows members to relax and listen to their favorite songs while gaming.

Adding a DJ role allows you to select the specific members who can control the music. These music bots can almost play anything. Having everyone be able to control it can cause chaos within the server. The DJ role ensures that the party keeps going 24/7.


Use Different Text fonts

Use Different Text Fonts

Did you know that you can use different text fonts for your Discord name? These can help your name become more unique and stand out. You can also use different text fonts for your roles within a Discord server.

To change your Discord roles’ fonts, you simply have to use a Discord font generator. Next, type in your desired role and copy-paste it into the server settings. It’s very simple to do, takes very little time, yet can greatly improve the look of your server’s roles. It’s definitely a creative and unique Discord role idea.


Reaction Discord Roles

Reaction Discord Roles

Reaction roles are an easy way to let members choose their preferred role within a Discord server. Through the use of different bots and management systems, users simply have to react to a specific message to get a role that they want.

Using reaction roles instantly gives users their desired roles. This means that admins and moderators don’t have to manually give users different roles. Adding reaction roles is very helpful, especially when managing a huge server.


Professional Discord Roles

Professional Discord Servers

If you have a more professional server like an office or classroom server, your roles should also reflect professionalism. You can keep it simple and use the traditional “admins, moderators, and members” roles. This is pretty standard and can be understood by everyone.

However, if you want to spice things up, you can also use specific positions as roles. You can use “teachers, officers, and students”  as your roles for classes. For offices, you can use “managers/management and staff.” It really depends on the positions available within your group.


Use Specific Topic

Use Specific Topics

You can also use specific topics as roles within a Discord server. This can help you manage large servers with a general topic. If you have a gaming server, you assign different types of games as roles. This can help influence topics and allow people with the same interests to find each other easily.

Additionally, you can also create specific channels for these topics. This can help make things more organized and ensures that someone who isn’t interested in that topic gets bombarded with messages.


Add Emojis

Add Emojis

Another good Discord role idea is to include emojis within your roles. It can be as simple as adding a crown to enhance mods or adding a star. You can also add your Discord server’s logo or upload new server-specific emojis for each role.

Adding emojis can make a huge difference. It can help introduce a lot of personality to each role. It’s also a great way to keep each role unique and creative in a fun way.


Make Pop Culture References

Make Pop Culture References

Finally, our last Discord role idea suggestion is to use pop culture references. Pop culture references are often enjoyed by everyone and can easily be changed from time to time. There are many pop culture references out there, making it very easy to find ones that fit your Discord server.

A few good examples would be to use something like “The Beatles, The Ghostbusters, The Dark Side, Jedi, Decepticons, Autobots, and Pokémon,” among many others. These could also be great conversation starters and allows members of the server to know more about each other.

How to Add Discord Roles

Now that we’ve given you 10 Discord role ideas for your server, here’s how you can add new roles in Discord.

  1. Go to your desired Discord server.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow and select “Server Settings.”
  3. Go to the “Roles” section and click on the “Create Role” button. You can customize the name of the role, the color, the icon, add permissions, and select the members.

Those were 10 of our picks for the best Discord role ideas that you can use in 2022. These are unique ideas that can help you create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere within your Discord server. These are all great ways to take your Discord roles to the next level.

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