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Here Are A Few Dope Server Templates!

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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We’ve already given you ideas for your bio on Discord to look cool while joining new servers, but what if you want to create your own servers? That’s a whole other thing. There are hundreds of server templates out there you can choose for your Discord server.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Discord server templates you can choose based on the type of server you want to create and the number of members you want to cater to. Follow along, and you’ll definitely see a design/style that piques your interest.


Simple Server Template

Simple Discord Server Template

Use This Template

Starting things with a very simple template for those looking for a basic server template they can use for a small-medium-sized community. You’ll get text channels, dedicated voice channels that are role-based, and an information channel as well.

I have used this template on a friend’s server to get him started, but he has kept it as it is. It gets the job done in one click. You can use this server for all kinds of things, whether chilling, studying in groups, gaming, or making a support server.


Gaming Server Template

Use This Template

This next one is for people looking to make a server that is focused on hosting gaming parties. You’ll get a plethora of voice channels so that everyone can play their own games separately. You get announcement channels aswell where you can integrate bots as well.

There’s a meme channel in this one too, where you can add your favorite meme/minigame bots to give users something fun to do when they are not playing games. It’s a decent blueprint that should help you get started on how you want your server to look.


Support Server Template

Use This Template

If you want to create an advanced support-focused Discord server for a community, this will be the best template for you. This will be a moderator-heavy server where there wont be as many roles as you’d find on a gaming server.

The intent here is to relay information, change logs, patch notes, and announcements to people who are interested. Well, there are a few channels for people to chill, talk, and even listen to music but that’s not the main focus here.


Chill Server Template

Use This Template

Another clean, simple, and multi-purpose Discord template that you can use to create a server that shares memes, has dedicated voice and text channels, has role-based channel access, and supports separate channels for bots as well.

You can choose between this template and the other gaming one we discussed above and see which one suits you better.


Anime Server Template

Anime Server Template

Use This Template

This is for those streamers or people who have a huge community. This anime-themed Discord server template offers dozens upon dozens of roles, channels, bots, and minigame channels to keep your members entertained.

You can set up bots that will automatically promote/demote members based on their level and how much they interact with other members on the server. There’s also a section for people to discuss anime and manga spoilers….soo, yeah…perfect for weebs!


Study Server Template

Use This Template

With only two main roles and a role for bots, this is as simple as a study-focused Discord server can get. You have separate text channels for all kinds of curricular activities you’ll be doing to keep things organized.

This is perfect for students looking to create a server to compare, share, edit, and discuss notes and lectures. You can even host revision parties in the voice channels. * how exciting *

I’d suggest keeping this server as free from useless bots as possible to keep it clutter-free and focused.


Developer Server Template

Developer Server Template

Use This Server

And finally, a server template that is suited for developers, and programmers for work-based communication. This server is heavy on the text channel side and only has a few voice channels for general staff meetings.

You have ample roles to ping only those who are related to the query/problem or announcement you are sharing. It’s a simple and helpful template that will improve your company or team’s workflow.

These Discord server templates should give you a good enough idea of how to create a decent, simple and functional server based on your needs. You can just keep using one of these templates and never make changes to it, and it’ll still get the job done.

If you liked this article and want to read up on more fun/informative Discord content, head on over to WIG, where we cover everything about tech and games!

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