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The most paw-some partners ever!

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Dog Pokemon aren’t just charming and endearing; they’re also highly intelligent and unwaveringly loyal to their trainers. Some of them can help you win gym battles in a pinch, while others offer the best companionship when traveling alone around the Pokemon world.

Regardless of where you stand, you can’t deny that having a dog Pokemon on your team can be beneficial to you too. As such, here are the fifteen best dog Pokemon you might want to consider adopting (capturing) today:



Region: Kanto
Category: Generation I
Type: Fire

True Pokemon fans since Generation I have a very special place in their hearts for the Fire-type Pokemon, Arcanine. Not only are they very obedient and dependable, but they’re also exceptionally quick and strong for Pokemon battles.

It’s almost impossible for you to encounter one in the wild because they can only evolve from Growlithes after being in contact with a Fire Stone. That being said, a few of the best trainers have them on their teams, such as Ash’s rival, Gary, and the Battle Frontier’s Battle Dome head, Tucker.

Sinnoh researchers found that a different form of Arcanine existed in the distant past, being of the Fire and Rock types. They’re commonly referred to as the Hisuian Arcanine, as they were native to Hisui (the previous name of the Sinnoh region).



Region: Johto
Category: Generation II
Type: Dark, Fire

Vicious and relentless, Houndooms are fearsome dog Pokemon that many opposing trainers dread facing off against. If you’re their master, though, then you’re guaranteed a trusted companion for life, evidenced by the Houndoom owned by Hoen local, Harrison.

Due to their ferocity, Houndooms make for excellent fighters in Pokemon battles. Plus, they can also mega-evolve into Mega Houndoom once paired with a Houndoominite, which was seen showcased by the Kalos Elite Four member, Malva, in the anime.



Region: Sinnoh
Category: Generation IV
Type: Fighting, Steel

Silent yet observant, Lucarios are smart Fighting-type Pokemon favored by many trainers throughout the world. They’re sensitive to their masters’ emotions, allowing them to understand their predicaments and sorrows, making them one of the best Pokemon ever.

Due to their solitary nature, it’s very difficult for you to find – let alone capture – a Lucario in the wild. Trainers usually start with a Riolu and then develop a bond with them while adventuring together, inevitably evolving them when the right time comes.

Lucarios are among the few Pokemon capable of mega-evolving as well, becoming the merciless Mega Lucario when paired with the Mega Stone, Lucarionite.



Region: Galar
Category: Generation VIII
Type: Fairy (Hero of Many Battles)/ Fairy, Steel (Crowned Sword)

The Fairy-type Pokemon, Zacian, is revered by many trainers, particularly those from Galar. She’s one of the region’s most respected hero Pokemon, the other being the prideful Zamazenta.

Zacian is benevolent, preferring to distance herself from unnecessary conflicts, especially those involving humans. That being said, that didn’t stop her from standing up to the nightmarish Dragon-type Pokemon, Eternatus, who threatened the Galar region’s peace years prior.



Region: Galar
Category: Generation VIII
Type: Fighting (Hero of Many Battles)/ Fighting, Steel (Crowned Shield)

Zamazenta is the other Galarian hero Pokemon alongside Zacian, both playing important roles in nullifying the Darkest Day catastrophe created by Eternatus. Resolute and unyielding, he’s tough to bring down and proves to be an amazing ally for you in battle.

Zamazenta is still highly regarded by many Galarian citizens to this very day, so having him accompany you can bring good favors while exploring the region.



Region: Johto
Category: Generation II
Type: Fairy

Granbulls are intimidating dog Pokemon, but their true nature is evidently quite the opposite. They are actually apprehensive and shy, preferring to stay out of trouble if they can.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean Granbulls are quick to run away from a fight. With their trainers by their side, they’ll happily give their all, which is an appealing trait for some Pokemon trainers and dog lovers.



Region: Hoen
Category: Generation III
Type: Dark

Commonly entrusted by their trainers to safeguard premises or protect other Pokemon, Mightyenas are dangerous biters, attacking any that try to encroach into their areas. Pack hunters in the wild, their instincts do kick in from time to time, but this is seen less by those successfully domesticated by people.

Due to their innate savageness, Mightyenas often attack foes physically and up close. Still, once properly trained, they can learn many devastating elemental attacks, such as Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Dark Pulse, and even Iron Tail.



Region: Unova
Category: Generation V
Type: Normal

Stoutlands are the ideal canine Pokemon you’d expect as man’s best friend. Their appearance is utterly similar to common dogs albeit their long, macho ‘moustache’.

Immensely powerful and overflowing with raw strength, Stoutlands can help you carry a lot of items if you’re encumbered during your travels. Plus, they’re notably tanky and sturdy in battles, able to take on damaging hits head-on.

With their exquisite fur and dignified behavior, you can reliably trust a Stoutland to be there for you when the going gets tough.



Region: Hoen
Category: Generation III
Type: Electric

The first Electric-type Pokemon on this list, Manectrics are splendid companions that are always eager to jump into action when you need them. Storing abundant volts of electricity inside their majestic coats, they can dish out destructive currents toward enemies and are lightning-fast when empowered by them.

They’re extremely likened for competitive battling, particularly because they can also mega-evolve into the formidable Mega Manectric using the Mega Stone, Manectite. A key individual who has a couple of Manectrics under his care is the Hoen gym leader, Wattson.



Region: Galar
Category: Generation VIII
Type: Electric

Adorable and energetic, Yampers are such innocent corgi-like Pokemon, it’s hard not to like them! They melt your heart with their endless running, chasing anyone and anything that piques their interest.

Due to the jolts of electricity constantly released by their running, owners need to ensure their Yampers don’t play with fish Pokemon to avoid accidental electrocutions. If one is disinterested in following your command, you can try using treats to encourage them to listen to you.



Region: Alola
Category: Generation VII
Type: Rock

Primarily found in Alola, Rockruffs are lively dog Pokemon that enjoy the open views and limitless spaces of the outdoors. They’re outgoing and free, independently roaming the region by themselves once mature enough to leave their packs.

Uniquely, Rockruffs can become one of three different evolutions depending on the time of day they evolve. These are the Midday Form, Midnight Form, and Dusk Form, all commonly seen around the same habitats as bear Pokemon too.



Region: Paldea
Category: Generation IX
Type: Dark

For those seeking a wonderful and gentle companion, Mabostiffs are genuinely peaceful and loving Pokemon. They’re affectionate with children as well, making them the perfect household partners.

That being said, Mabistiffs aren’t to be trifled with, especially when their beloved ones are being threatened. They’re physically bulky and strong, with the son of the enigmatic Professor Sada and Professor Tudo, Arven, being one of the most notable trainers who have one under their care.



Region: Paldea
Category: Generation IX
Type: Ghost

In Paldea, Houndstones are Pokemon that take the literal phrase, “undyingly loyal”, to a whole new level. Burying themselves underneath the ground, they’re commonly found resting soundly while the tombstones atop their heads protrude above the earth.

Many see them as ugly Pokemon, but despite their spooky and nightmarish appearance, they can be the most reliable Pokemon for gym and tournament battles due to their Ghost typing (invulnerable to Normal and Fighting moves).



Region: Paldea
Category: Generation IX
Type: Fairy

Cute Dachsbuns make it onto this list, especially when they remind you of deliciously baked buns every time you look at them! Furthermore, they produce a soothing aroma that calms their masters while being scientifically proven to promote the growth of planted wheat.

This surprising attribute makes Dachsbuns exceptionally important for local agricultural farmers in Paldea, besides their uncompromising devotion to their trainers. If you’re into them, they’re a bit difficult to find in the wild, so getting a Fidough before evolving them would be the best way to do it.



Region: Kalos
Category: Generation VI
Type: Normal

Finally, Furfrous are the last, underappreciated dog Pokemon you might not have heard of before. Their fur is magnificent, particularly appealing to esteemed individuals and high-ranking officials.

Furfrou trainers compete with each other when it comes to their Pokemon’s trim style too, with nine distinct styles being commonly picked, such as the Star, Heart, Pharaoh, and Dandy designs. Still, many seem to forget that they are unquestionably fast and agile underneath their long, full hair.


These are the fifteen best dog Pokemon you might want to recruit into your Pokemon party right now. Think the legendary beast trio, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, deserve to be recognized as dog Pokemon as well? Tell us in the comments section below!

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