5 Best Drift Car Mods In BeamNG.drive, Ranked

Master the Slide: Ranking BeamNG.drive's Drift Car Mods

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BeamNG.drive has been loved by car testers and drifters for its crash physics and funny outcomes after you crash a car. We all love realism, but the moment you hit a car in this game, you are out of your league. So, for drifters, it is important to pick the best drift car mods in BeamNG.drive, which they can trust to turn those corners like a professional to showcase their skills or practice to ace their skills.

Drifting with the best drift cars ensures an authentic experience. You get the feel of the road, and hear your engine to transform your gaming experience from mundane to exhilarating. After all, drifting is not about winning, but enjoying the ride.

Ready to drift like a pro in BeamNG.drive? Buckle up! We’ve lined up the five best drift car mods, ranked just for you!


Hoonigan Ford Focus RS RX (The Hoonigan Gymkhana)

Hoonigan Ford Focus RS RX (The Hoonigan Gymkhana)

After thorough testing, I’ve concluded that The Hoonigan Gymkhana has the best blend of performance and handling for drifting. It includes tons of in-game vehicle customization options, which makes it the best on the list. That said, you can customize its driveshaft for stability at high speed while turning, or you can also adjust the rev limiter to your liking in order to get those top speeds on straight roads ahead of a massive drift. These features are only available in Gymkhana as of now.

The best part? You can set up AWD for the Gymkhana to achieve maximum balance while steering at top speed, and its big spoiler increases downforce, which benefits the car in sharp turns. All in all, you can lower the initial tire pressure, which is set to 25 psi to 22 psi for rear wheels and 21.5 psi for the front wheels, which provides more grip on the road for drifting.


Hirochi Prasu (Pro Drift M)

Hirochi Prasu (Pro Drift M)

Looks familiar? Yes, its a Supra MK4, but with a different name. With its impressive engine and well-balanced chassis, the Supra offers a driving experience that’s nothing short of exciting for beginners and experts. But, you will have to tune-in the right handling, shifting, and suspension. You can set up the car to 4wd with a 78/22 rear/front split and racing tires for drifting.

Make sure you select the Drift M version of the mod because it already has everything included for drifting, like lower tire pressure, top-speed, and acceleration, other than the settings we have mentioned above. Also, its sleek design (thanks to the developer) isn’t just eye candy; it’s a symbol of performance and racing heritage.


Mitsubishi Lancer VIII (Evolution VIII MAR (M))

Mitsubishi Lancer VIII (Evolution VIII MAR (M))

Let’s talk about a rally car with drift mods installed, the Lancer Evo VIII. 

It offers engine upgrades for increased horsepower and torque alongside LSD (Limited Slip Differential) which offers both front wheels to spin at the same rate for smoother drifts. The moment you pick the Evo VIII, you will feel the perfect handling and responsiveness in your hands while making those sharp turns.

Of course, the Evo VIII offers a thrilling, realistic drifting experience in BeamNG.drive, and it also allows you to tweak each and every setting to control the car’s light tire pressure modification or weight reduction to limit over-steering in curves. Down the road, it lacks an ECU – Rev Limiter configuration that can increase its top speed and acceleration for professional drifters.


Bruckel Bastion (Drift M)

Bruckel Bastion (Drift M)

The Bruckel Bastion offers a sporty and lightweight design tuned for drifting. It comes with a V10 Twin-turbo and Turbocharged I4 Engine, which offers power while drifting in long curves like on a race track. More so, its responsive steering offers perfect turns on terrains in BeamNG.drive.

Also, its weight distribution and balance are spot-on, making it a joy to transition from one drift to the next. Although it lacks steering sensitivity control that can help in those 10-20 degree road curves, still it’s acceleration and drift mod configs are top-notch for drifting.


Gavril Barstow (Drift M)

Gavril Barstow (Drift M)

Available in Game Repository

Lastly, Gavril Barstow ends the list of the best BeamNG.drive drift mods. 

It offers raw power and an aggressive stance for drifters with a sleek muscular body and rear-wheel-drive setup, making it a unique car on our list. Also, the Drift M version includes a grille to provide fresh air to the engine while revving up. It has perfect-sized tire and suspension presets, which makes it a unique muscle car on our list.

However, the Barstow Drift M lacks initial acceleration, which offers more smoothness while drifting in short and long curves.

Final Thoughts

These were our drifters pack for the best car mods in BeamNG.drive. Of course, we didn’t mention and Lamborghini or Bugatti because those are speed machines, mainly not built for drifting. From engine enhancements to suspension tweaks, every car is unique in its own way.

Well, you can choose whichever car you are comfortable rolling through the corners with fine tuning, but the above 5 are the best cars in the business. At last, if you think we missed your favorite pick, drop a comment below; we’d love to hear from you and engage in the conversation!

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