Best Early Game Breeding Combinations in Palworld

Why walk 5,000 steps when you can just use an Incubator?

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Most players don’t notice that you can gain access to powerful Pals early on in Palworld. Eggs are your gateway to getting insanely strong Pals even before you see them out in the Palpagos Islands. How, you ask? Well, through early breeding in Palworld.

You can already start hatching eggs at level 7. However, you’ll need to grind up to level 19 to get everything you need to start a breeding farm. From there, all you need to do is follow our suggestions for the best early game breeding combinations in Palworld, and you’ll be set to create the ultimate Pal team.

Eikthyrdeer and Nox – Vaelet

Vaelet is a rare Pal that is usually only encountered at the No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary or as a Level 38 Alpha Boss at Verdant Brook. It packs quite the punch as an attacking Pal and an equally great worker Pal, making it extremely useful for almost anyone. Who would imagine that two very early game Pals can breed to create an egg that hatches Vaelet?

Both Eikthyrdeer and Nox can be found within the game’s early areas. Of the two, Nox is a bit more elusive, mainly because it only comes out to play once the darkness blankets the island. But they are still a breeze to capture, especially with upgraded Pal Spheres.

Surfent and Sweepa – Wumpo Botan

Wumpo Botan is another reliable Pal that’s typically found in the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary. A Level 38 Alpha Boss variant can also be found in the Eastern Wild Island, but who has time to battle a Pal that strong? This is where breeding a Surfent and a Sweepa comes in handy.

Its large size and tanky nature make it a reliable defensive Pal whenever you need some extra cover. However, a Wumpo Botan’s Partner Skill is also incredibly useful, lending you a hand with an additional 120-carrying capacity.

Tombat and Sweepa – Anubis

Moving on to another Sweepa offspring, we have one of the strongest Pals in Anubis. Anubis is by far one of the best attacking Pals in Palworld and can typically only be caught in the late game – or if you specifically breed for it.

There are plenty of Pal combinations that can result in an Anubis, but I suggest getting your hands on a Tombat and a Sweepa. Both Pals are relatively easy to capture and can be found within the common areas. Getting Anubis this fast allows you to build around it and continue using him until the late game.

Relaxaurus and Quivern – Jormuntide

Imagine getting your hands on the best Water Element Pal in the mid-game. Well, you no longer have to imagine – just get your hands on Relaxaurus and Quivern. You can score a Quivern by farming the Level 23 Alpha Boss in the Bamboo Groves. It’s a relatively easy battle, but prepare your best range weapon along with a freezing set of Ice-type moves.

Luckily, you won’t need to go far to snag the other half that makes Jormuntide. The Relaxaurus are scattered around the Asctetic Falls and Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon area. I even found my first Lucky Pal within the region.

Sweepa and Helzephyr – Mammorest

Remember that gigantic high-level Mammorest? Well, you can get one relatively early by breeding a couple of Pals. Mammorest is a defensive powerhouse. It can tank hits like crazy but can also dish out some decent AOE damage.

Helzephyr can be located flying all over the Moonless Shore and Verdant Brook areas. It’s typically around the 20s, so it shouldn’t cause much of a hassle. The other Pal you’ll need is Sweepa. At this point, I’m honestly wondering how Sweepa can produce so many great Pals – Is Sweepa secretly OP?

Helzephyr and Cinnamoth – Warsect

The final early game breeding combination we’ll talk about today is for Warsect. Warsect is a defensive behemoth, absorbing hits left and right like they’re nothing. Generally, you’d find a Level 30 Alpha Boss Warsect at the brink of Verdant Brook or some regular ones at No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary.

Both of these are either challenging to battle or hard to reach. I’d go for the simpler route and just snag a Helzephyr and a Cinnamoth to breed Warsect. It’ll also make it effortless to get great defensive Passives, turning your Warsect into a force of nature.


Breeding is a huge game-changer if you know the right combinations to use. I’ve gone through numerous tests just to perfect these six Pals. So, don’t put them to waste. Utilize these early game breeding combinations in Palworld to create your own killer Pal squad.

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