Best Elden Ring Farming Spots: Ranked (2023)

Get tons of Runes quickly and level up your character!

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Gathering Runes is extremely important in Elden Ring as it allows you to level up your character and become stronger. Since the game is open-world, it can be quite overwhelming for newer players to know where to go. That is why we will show you the best Elden Ring Rune farming spots that you can find.

There are a few areas where you can cheese certain game mechanics and earn a lot of Runes. However, if you do not want to do that, we’ll show you the areas where you can kill tons of enemies easily and gather a lot of Runes. Plus, we’ll give you additional tips as well, which will help boost the entire process. With that said, let’s jump straight in and get started.

Elden Ring: Best Rune Farming Spots

The areas mentioned here will be useful for the early/mid-game. However, we have also mentioned a few areas that are great for the later stages of the game as well. Since gathering Runes become a hassle the more you level up (because you need so many of them), we will show you how you can easily get them at that point.

Before we begin, there are tons of other areas as well, but the ones mentioned gave me the best results in all my playthroughs.


Limgrave Troll Carriage

The troll carriage can be found early in the game in Limgrave. You can find this area near the Waypoint Ruins Cellar. The good news is that you can spot these trolls from a distance since they are quite large and there are no nearby structures that block the view.

You’ll notice that there are two large trolls moving a carriage in a straight line. Make sure that you are mounted on Torrent before going near them. Since the trolls are held back by chains, they won’t be able to move around freely while you attack them.

An ideal strategy is to stay near one troll and completely avoid the second one. This way, you’ll defeat one without being hit by the second. However, once one troll is dead, the other one will often break free from his chain and attack you.

If you are quick enough, you can take care of the second troll before he gets the chance to break free. The only problem is that there is a group of enemies right behind the carriage. I suggest that you take them out before going for the trolls since they can pose a lot of trouble.

On the other hand, if you are quick enough, you can kill both the trolls before the group of mobs ever reach you. Plus, you also get a free treasure from the back of the carriage the first time you eliminate the trolls.

This farming spot isn’t ideal for mid or late-game. However, during the early game, getting 1000 Runes per troll is worth it and you’ll be set to take on Margit in no time.


Outside Castle Redmane

Castle Redmane is the area where you have to fight General Radahn. However, for that, you need to enter the castle and start the festival. This spot is located just outside the castle entrance. All you need to do is stand in range while you watch the knights and giant dogs fight each other.

You will get Runes for each enemy that dies here. The best part is that you do not have to do anything. As soon as the fight is over, you can rest at the nearby Site of Grace and reset the fight again. Depending on who dies, you can get around 3000 Runes easily.

Since the Site of Grace is nearby, you don’t have to travel either. So, this is one of the easiest farming spots in Elden Ring that you can try even if you just started the game.


Dominula Village

The Dominula Village is an interesting place in Elden Ring that is quite creepy yet fun at the same time. Located in the Altus Plateau, you can find tons of enemies that are just dancing around. They won’t attack you unless you get too close. Plus, if you reach the top of the village near the windmills, you’ll encounter the Godskin Apostle boss.

While the boss fight is a one-time thing, you can clear the entire village over and over again to get about 7000 Runes each time. The best part is that the enemies are extremely easy to defeat and they do not pose any threat. However, be careful since they can easily overwhelm you with their numbers.

Keep your distance and try to lure a few enemies toward you instead of the entire village. Plus, the Site of Grace is right next to the area so you don’t have to travel any long distances to farm Runes in this area. Depending on your level, you can clear the village in just a couple of minutes.

If you have the time – and patience – you can gather an insane amount of Runes if you spent an hour here.

Additional Tips For More Runes

If you want to enhance the overall Rune farming, you can follow some of our tips to get more Runes per run or at once. This will allow you to level up your character a lot before going for a tough boss fight. The good news is that you can follow most of these tips right from the early game and become stronger before even fighting Margit – the first boss.


Get the Gold Scarab

The Gold Scarab is a talisman that grants players the ability to earn more Runes. The best part is that it isn’t an active item or something that will go away. As long as you have the talisman equipped, you will get more Runes by doing all sorts of things.

If you do not have any other talisman that you need to equip, make sure that you keep the Gold Scarab equipped in your talisman pouch. Now, simply defeat a lot of enemies, bosses, and follow our other tips to gain even more Runes.

While you might think that this doesn’t help a lot, if you compare the total number of Runes you get without it, you will see a clear difference. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have this in your inventory since it doesn’t take up space for anything else or even affect your weight.

When you are fighting a strong boss and want to equip another talisman that will help you in the fight, you can always swap it on the go without any issues.


Ride Over the Glowing Skulls

When you are roaming around the map, you will find various skulls on the ground. Some of them will have glowing white eyes which can be easily recognized even from a distance. Make sure that you crush these skulls as they will give you additional Runes.

While I admit that the Runes dropped by them aren’t anything special, it’s still better than nothing. Plus, you don’t have to do anything special or go out of your way to find these skulls. While riding Torrent, simply walk/run across the skulls and they will break; giving you extra Runes.

As long as you don’t waste time looking for these skulls and only crush them while going from point A to B, you’ll be all set and will have a few extra Runes for your troubles.


Use the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot

Unlike the Golden Scarab, the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot is a consumable that will disappear after using it. When consumed, you will earn more Runes each time for a brief period. To be more precise, you will get a 30% Rune boost for 3 minutes which is a big deal.

However, this is a rare item that isn’t found all over the place. So, make sure that you only use this when you are about to enter a fight that you know you can win. Whether you use it against a boss or while farming at one of the various spots.

Even if you rest at a Site of Grace, this effect won’t vanish and will last the entire 3 minutes. However, if you fast-travel during this time, the effect will no longer be active. So, be careful about that.

The easiest way to get this in the early game is to clear the Murkwater Cave dungeon and talk to Patches. He will sell you the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot, and you can use it to farm more Runes without any worries.

The good news is that you can also craft this item after you get the Crafting Kit. To craft this consumable, you will need to have the following in your inventory:

  • 3x Rowa Fruit
  • 1x Four-Toed Fowl Foot
  • 1x Gold Firefly


Clear Older Dungeons

Dungeons are marked by orange caves on the map.

Since the map of Elden Ring is massive, there are bound to be areas that you might have accidentally skipped. Usually, these areas might include dungeons where you can find tons of enemies and a mini-boss. If you have collected the map fragments, make sure that you look out for small orange caves on the map.

They indicate a dungeon and will usually reward you with something nice. If nothing else, you’ll get a lot of Runes which is a great thing. At the end of the dungeon, you’ll face a boss as well, so make sure that you are prepared for that. Luckily, most of these bosses are quite easy, but there are certain dungeons where the boss – or bosses – is somewhat tricky to deal with.

Apart from dungeons, you can also enter various castles or areas where you will find tons of enemies. Here, you will often find useful items and gather a lot of Runes at the same time.

If you have missed any of these areas, make sure that you backtrack to the previous area and clear out all the extra dungeons and castles. This will help you level up a lot before fighting the next main boss.


Take Out Enemies With Glowing Red Eyes

While exploring the Lands Between, you will often come across enemies that have glowing red eyes. These enemies look extremely intimidating. You would think that they are stronger than normal. However, the good news is that they are not stronger or different from the regular enemy of that type.

If you defeat enemies with glowing eyes, you will gain additional Runes, which is the main purpose of this guide. So, whenever you get the chance, make sure that you take out these types of enemies since it’s free Runes.

Also, the glowing eyes are easy to spot even from a distance. So, don’t worry about missing them if you aren’t looking too closely. While this might not help you gather a lot of Runes in the later stages of the game, you’ll get a good amount of Runes during the early/mid-game.


Look For Gold Leaves

This is a secret that most players do not realize, and the game doesn’t tell you clearly either. During the night, you will sometimes encounter a weather effect where gold leaves from the Haligtree will fall everywhere. When that happens, you will get more Runes than usual by defeating enemies.

So, whenever this happens, make sure that you defeat as many enemies as you can. This effect doesn’t last for a long time so make sure that you make the most out of it while you can. If you are worried that you’ll miss this, worry not because the indication is quite clear, and it happens more than you think.

Alternatively, you can pass the time at any Site of Grace and make it night over and over again until the leaves start falling again. As far as I can tell, this effect only happens at night since it hasn’t taken place at any other time of day during my playthroughs.

In case you’re wondering, the Rune boost you get thanks to this is about 5% which can really add up the more you gather Runes. Plus, you’ll be farming Runes anyways so might as well gain a bonus while doing it.


Kill Greyoll

I already killed Greyoll, so, here is the location where you can find this mighty dragon.

Finally, let’s talk about Greyoll, the Elder Dragon. She is a massive dragon that can be found in Caelid in a place aptly called Greyoll’s Dragonburrow. While she is surrounded by a few strong dragons, Greyoll herself is unable to move or attack.

All she will do is screech at the player and call the other dragons to help her. However, if you stand at a particular spot, you will be safe from all other enemies. Make sure that you approach her from the left and stand near her left leg.

Here, you can whack away at her without any worries and eventually kill her. Keep in mind that Greyoll has a lot of HP and will take quite some time to go down. To make the process a bit quicker, you should equip a solid weapon that deals a good amount of bleed damage.

An early-game bleed weapon that you can find is the Bloodhound Fang which hits like a truck. However, if you selected the Samurai class, you’ll already have a bleed weapon which is great. Once Greyoll is finally defeated, she and all other dragons in the area will vanish.

The best part is that Greyoll will reward you with 80,000 Runes and 5 Dragon Hearts. Plus, all nearby dragons that die around you will also give you a certain number of Runes as well. So, you can easily get more than 100,000 Runes. This method can easily be done if you head straight to this area immediately after starting the game.


That’s everything you need to know about the best farming spots in Elden Ring. The world of Elden Ring is absolutely massive, so there are tons of other areas as well where you can easily farm Runes. However, if you are just getting started or are in the mid-game, make sure to go to the areas mentioned above.

Which Rune farming spot is your favorite? Do you think getting Runes is too difficult in the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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