12 Best Elden Ring Mods, Ranked

Enhance your next journey across the Lands Between with these mods!

Abbas Ahmad
Abbas Ahmad
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Despite the sheer size of Elden Ring‘s sprawling world, even the Lands Between get a bit tiresome after sinking for hours on end. To make every New Game Plus as fresh as possible, modders have been tirelessly providing us with new brilliant mods. Kudos to that! While there are plenty of options now, we’ve handpicked 12 of the best Elden Ring Mods for you on this list.

To name a few, the best mods feature everything from staggering visual overhauls to the most basic yet long-requested pause mechanic. However, check out our guide on installing mods in Elden Ring beforehand, so you won’t get banned from online play. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started!


The Convergence Elden Ring

Elden Ring Convergence Mod New Weapon

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It’s real! The Convergence mod, one of the beloved mods from Dark Souls 3, has finally come to Elden Ring, and it’s nothing short of amazing. It comes to us from the dedicated hard work of the Convergence Team, which adds in a slew of new spells, dozens of weapons, and tons of fresh content to keep you nose-deep in a new playthrough.

Most of all, it’s an entertaining mod that might tickle the fancy of every spell slingers who love using some of the best sorceries. It’s also astounding when you realize that this entire mod, an extensive overhaul of the game, is squeezed into a measly few GBs.


Skip the Intro

Elden RIng Mods Skip the Intro Remove Bandai Namco Intro Logo

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Next up is Skip the Intro, and it’s just what the name says, as it entirely skips the initial intro logos. This is among the most downloaded mod in Elden Ring’s dedicated section at NexusMods for some rightful reasons.

To begin with, the intro sequence is a bright all-white screen that lasts about 15 seconds. That is quite jarring and hard on the eyes of players that are sensitive to bright lights. Plus, these precious seconds lost could’ve been utilized farming an extra thousand Runes.

What’s more, some players love to button-mash their way through the intro screen to blast through the pop-ups and hastily select Continue. That’s not always the case when you want to load up another save, and doing so can waste a lot of time as you’ll have to quit your current world and go through the intro screen once more to safely load your preferred save game.

If either of these sounds like you, Skip the Intro is simply the best Elden Ring mod to install.


Pause the Game

Elden Ring Pause the Game Menu

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Fromsoftware doesn’t take kindly to their players pausing their game, at least those that allow online play like Dark Souls and Elden Ring. However, it didn’t stop players from sleuthing out every little trick in Elden Ring’s book. One such trick is the nifty method to pause the game by jumping across several menu options to reach the Menu Explanations.

While it does the job, it’s still not practical since you must go the extra mile to achieve it. And before you know it, you’re ambushed by an enemy. That’s where the Pause the Game comes in. Created by TechieW and iArtorias, this mod lets you pause Elden Ring with a single button, allowing you to tend to your other everyday needs.

The best part is that the mod allows you to rebind the hotkey to your liking by simply tweaking the ‘pause_keybind.ini’ file. If you don’t know your way around such files, the mod page explains it well!


Elden Ring Reforged

Elden Ring Mods Reforged

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One of the overhauls that is as ambitious as Convergence is the Elden Ring Reforged. Coming up with such mods is no simple feat, but Kirnifr and Co managed to create a large-scale revision of Elden Ring’s balances and mechanics.

This one rather focuses on the combat aspect of the game. It introduces improved hitboxes, Sekiro-inspired parries, and a new ducking system that lets players scooch their heads down to avoid attacks. Another significant feature of this mod is the Fortune mechanic, allowing players to specialize in certain classes.

All this makes up for the best Elden Ring mod that will keep you interested after exhausting all of Elden Ring’s content.


Seamless Co-op

Elden Ring Seamless Coop Tarnished Players Resting at Grace

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Seamless Co-op is a clever run around on Elden Ring’s own Co-op system. While Elden Ring allows jolly cooperation between Tarnished players, it does so to a limited degree. That said, you can only summon other players for boss fights, and once slain, they’ll go back to their world like nothing ever happened.

Seamless Co-op removes these restrictions, letting you connect with five of your homies to blast through the Lands Between in a single session without disbanding. With Elden Ring’s ruthless elements put against you, it’s better to have a friend tag alongside you on your journey.


Grand Merchant

Elden Ring Merchant Kale Grand Merchant

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You’ll often find yourself pressed to find the best Weapons, Talismans, and Ashes of Wars to have a fighting chance against Elden Ring’s toughest enemies. Luckily, you have the merchants and vendors ready to supply you with some of the items to help you win the day and become Elden Lord.

But wouldn’t it be more convenient to have a single merchant that sells every item imaginable in Elden Ring? Well, that’s where the Grant Merchant mod comes in. Your one-stop shop for everything is Merchant Kale found in early Limgrave with this mod.

From all weapons to every consumable, you’ll find he’s short of nothing. That’s the perfect mod for veterans looking to kick off a challenge run.


Carian Combo Warriors

Elden Ring Carian Combo Warriors

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If you find the weapon movesets to be a bit on the bland side, which some might do, then spice things up with the Carian Combo Warriors mod. Created by PipeSkr, this mod has been making rounds among players as it’s the closest thing they’ll get to Devil May Cry in Elden Ring.

While there are some silly moveset overhauls on NexusMods, this one’s pretty bonkers with the flashy and deadly new combos. With this mod installed, you can easily pick up any Katana to pull off Virgil’s most complex combos. However, ensure looking at the instruction file that comes with the mod to better understand its nuances.


Enemy and Item Randomizer

Elden Ring Enemy and Item Randomizer Cursemark of Death Replace Golden Seed

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After a dozen or so playthroughs, you’ll know what bosses, enemies, and items to expect in certain areas. This really takes the fun away as one of Elden Ring’s charms is the rewards it gives players for their curiosities and patience. To make your next venture across the Lands Between a bit unpredictable, the Enemy and Item Randomizer is the perfect mod for you.

The mod is exactly what the name suggests. It will mashup and generate random encounters for you in Elden Ring. For instance, if you were expecting a Golden Seed, you’ll now find a random piece of gear. Or even Malenia replacing the Tree Sentinel in Limgrave, you may never know.


Boss and NPC Custom Summon

Elden Ring Boss and NPC Custom Summon Mod Berserker Guts

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One of the best Elden Ring mods is the Boss and NPC Custom Summon. While Elden Ring has an already staggering display of Spirit Summons, this mod cranks up the number to a mighty 187 summons. If this isn’t enough, the mod also sneaks in extra gear sets for you as a bonus, including Artorias’s iconic armor from the Dark Souls DLC.

You’ll also find Guts from Berserk among the plethora of Bosses and NPCs you can summon thanks to the mod. Of course, a lowly tarnished and an ill-fated struggler duo should get on like a house on fire, right? Needless to say, it’ll take you hours to thoroughly test everything this has to offer.


Detailed Item Descriptions

Detailed Item Description Mod

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An essential Elden Ring mod every player need is the Detailed Item Descriptions. If you wish to know what type of damage your weapon’s dealing, the various effects they impart, and the damage numbers, this mod is for you.

It gives near-accurate details for every weapon, spell, gear, and item. The text is also color coated for the various status effects to make things easy to digest. It speaks of the modder’s dedication since organizing such large chunks of information is painstakingly hard. Luckily, the mod’s also updates whenever a new balancing patch is applied.


Berserker Armor and Dragon Slayer

Elden Ring Berserker Armor and Dragon Slayer Mod

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The amount of influence Berserk had on Elden Ring is immense, even so, that it’s greater than previous Souls games this time around. It’s tough to miss the countless sword graveyards, enemies, and NPCs that are obviously a tribute to the epic manga. As such, you’d only expect a Berserk mod featuring Guts’s iconic armor and weapon.

This mod replaces the Greatsword, another tribute to the massive heap of iron, with the Berserker armor and the Dragonslayer. All in all, it’s only a faithful cosplay without adding anything extra flashy.


Item and Param Randomizer

Item and Param Randomizer Watchdog's Sacred Greatsword

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Concluding this list with the Item and Param Randomizer mod. It’s no secret that randomizer mods make up for some of the funniest and most chaotic moments in Elden Ring. Unlike the one mentioned above, this mod adds a twist to the enemy damage and the weapons you carry.

For all you know, you might be carrying a Colossal Sword that strikes with the speed of a dagger. Or maybe a Katana that’s imbued with all of the seven status effects. Installing this mod is well worth the effort if you want to experience the endless possibilities a randomizer is capable of doing.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it; those are the 12 best mods you can get running right away. While 2022’s best game is perfect in nearly every aspect, mods can keep subsequent New Game Plus all the more enjoyable!

What are your thoughts on these mods? Is there any mod for Elden Ring that we’ve missed on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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