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After five Pokemon generations, Fairy-type Pokemon were just recently accepted as their own elemental type starting from generation VI onwards. Undeniably cute and charming, they’re fiercely loyal and compassionate towards their trainers.

Nevertheless, their combat prowess isn’t to be underestimated, as proven by tough gym leaders, Valerie (Pokemon X and Y), and Opal (Pokemon Sword and Shield). With a wide variety of them now cataloged in the Pokedex, here are twelve of the best Fairy-type Pokemon that you might want to consider capturing today.



Region: Johto
Category: Generation II
Type: Fairy

Togepi is arguably the most popular Fairy-type Pokemon known throughout the entire fan base. She’s been around for more than two decades now, first appearing in a Pokemon episode in 1999.

The most noteworthy Togepi is the one cared for by the Water-type gym leader, Misty. Regardless, there have been many other trainers who’ve since caught and evolved their own Togepis too.



Region: Kanto
Category: Generation I
Type: Normal, Fairy

If a Jigglypuff’s round shape and googly eyes don’t bring your defenses down, her singing definitely will! Just like Togepis, Jigglypuffs have been present in the Pokemon universe for a very long time.

Known for their sleep-inducing voice, Jigglypuffs weren’t originally classified as a Fairy type. However, discoveries made by researchers in the Kalos region have since proven that Jigglypuffs merit characteristics depicting those of Fairy-type Pokemon, updating their details in the Pokedex.



Region: Kanto
Category: Generation I
Type: Fairy

Clefairys are another important Fairy-type Pokemon introduced into the franchise in generation I. Hiding inside mountains while sharing their homes with bat Pokemon, Clefairys are rarely seen by many outside special events or trainer battles.

Due to their mysterious abilities, they are among the first Pokemon to learn the move, Metronome. Plus, they can only evolve into a Clefable by touching a Moon Stone in both the anime and games.



Region: Kalos
Category: Generation VI
Type: Fairy

Sylveons are elegant Pokemon valued for their seemingly divine appearance and extraordinary powers. Evolving from an Eevee – an already-rare Pokemon – Sylveons are hardly ever seen in the wild.

For the lucky trainers that have them, mainly by evolving their Eevees, Sylveons are great Pokemon to be registered for beauty contests and gym battles.



Region: Hoen
Category: Generation III
Type: Psychic, Fairy

Gardevoirs are fan-favorite Fairy-type Pokemon possessing immense psychic powers, usually showcased when fighting others. They have been mistaken for normal people due to their uncanny resemblance to humans, primarily around rural towns or settlements.

Many respectable Pokemon trainers have their own Gardevoirs to call upon when needed, with Kalos-region champion, Diantha, and Hoen local, Wally, among them.


Mr. Mime

Region: Kanto
Category: Generation I
Type: Psychic, Fairy

Mr. Mime is probably one of the goofiest Pokemon ever created, making him amongst the most well-known Fairy-type Pokemon as well. Still, they’re adept at creating walls and barriers using their psychic talents, being incredibly useful for multi-Pokemon battles.

A person donning a Mr. Mime costume can easily pass for one, usually hired for birthday parties or children’s events.



Region: Kalos
Category: Generation VI
Type: Fairy

Floettes are tiny Fairy-type Pokemon that easily camouflage themselves among flower patches. Their petals differ in color depending on the specific area and season they’re currently living in.

A one-of-a-kind Eternal Flower Floette is owned by the former king of the Kalos region, AZ. Among the different colored Floettes, those with white petals are much harder to find and capture.



Region: Kalos
Category: Generation VI
Type: Fairy

Spritzee’s are Fairy-type Pokemon exclusive to the Kalos and Galar regions. They’re commonly seen accompanying important or royal individuals due to the pleasant scent that they release, mimicking perfumes.

They’re seldomly called upon for battling but can still hold their own when cornered, especially against Dragon-type Pokemon.



Region: Kalos
Category: Generation VI
Type: Fairy

Swirlixs are another unique Fairy-type Pokemon, their design perfectly resembling a giant cotton candy. This plays into their diet, consisting of only sweets or sugary food.

When properly taken care of, Swirlixs are loveable and friendly. If insufficient sugar is provided, though, their mood changes drastically.



Region: Kalos
Category: Generation VI
Type: Fairy

Xerneas is one of Kalos’ legendary Pokemon trio, alongside the snake Pokemon, Zygarde (50% Forme). She’s both captivating and scary, capable of restoring life to chopped trees and destroyed forests.

When she’s calm and safe, her antlers appear slightly blue. If enraged or threatened, they shine bright gold, with smaller parts of them glowing in different colors.



Region: Paldea
Category: Generation IX
Type: Fairy, Steel

A Tinkaton might look heartwarmingly cute, but they’re far from being harmless. In fact, they’ve been observed using their ginormous hammers to hit large rocks toward the sky, hoping to land some onto bird Pokemon, notably Corviknights.

Still, their dual Fairy and Steel typing works remarkably well in Pokemon battles, making them impervious to many attacks except Fire-based ones.



Region: Galar
Category: Generation VIII
Type: Fairy (Normal), Fairy, Steel (Crowned Sword)

A gorgeous legendary Pokemon, Zacian has only ever been seen in the Galar region. She’s a formidable combatant regardless of which form she’s in; her normal state, and her Crowned Sword form.

Together with her counterpart, Zamazenta, their combined powers can help repel the most dangerous Pokemon in the universe, including the fearsome legendary Pokemon, Eternatus.


These are the twelve best Fairy-type Pokemon that you might come across in your own Pokemon journeys. Can’t seem to find your beloved Fairy Pokemon on this list? Make sure to share them in the comments section below!

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