15 Best Faith Weapons in Elden Ring, Ranked

Have some God da*n Faith, Arthur - Dutch Van Der Linde.

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One of Elden Ring’s best-selling features is that it allows players to assimilate countless weapons into their build. Everyone has their playstyles, and if you’ve gotten tired of swinging bland swords, axes and whatnot, knowing a few flashy Faith weapons might be the way to go in Elden Ring.

There are countless Faith based weapons to choose from in Elden Ring. These include anything from Daggers blessed with divine powers to a lava-spewing Curved Sword. While every weapon is viable in the right hands, the following Faith Weapons stand as some of the best in the game. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Blasphemous Blade

Blasphemous Blade
  • Requirements: Str 22, Dex 15, Fai 21
  • Base Scaling: Str D, Dex D, Fai D
  • Weapon Type: Greatsword
  • Weapon Skill: Taker’s Flames
  • Location: Trade Rykard’s Remembrance with Enia

After slaying Rykard in the Volcano Manor and trading his Soul, players can acquire the Blasphemous Blade, arguably the best Faith weapon in Elden Ring.

Why is Blasphemous Blade the Best Faith Weapon?

Before I go on explaining the weapon’s fantastic features, bonus points for the Blasphemous Blade’s sinister design. The souls writhing on the weapon’s blade are enough to send terror into the hearts of enemies and fellow Tarnished players.

Rykard’s signature Greatsword has incredible scaling for hybrid Strength and Faith builds, but the weapon’s claim to fame lies in its Weapon Skill: Taker’s Flame. Upon slaying any enemy, you restore some health, but Taker’s Flame can heal you to a great extent so long as it harms enemies. The ability also deals tremendous fire damage and can quickly chunk through bosses.


Coded Sword

Elden Ring Coded Sword
  • Requirements: Fai 20
  • Base Scaling: Fai B
  • Weapon Type: Straight Sword
  • Weapon Skill: Unblockable Blade
  • Location: Roundtable Hold in Lyndell, Royal Capital and must be acquired before the landscape changes to the Ashen Capital

Scaling solely from players’ Faith stat and ending with an A, the Coded Sword is a lightweight Straight Sword that deals 100% Holy damage with each swing. While the damage type might not be the best of all, given most late-game bosses resist it, the fact that you only need to crank one stat to smack some Faith into enemies more than make up for the hiccup.

Thanks to The Coded Sword’s blade of glowing glyphs, it can cut past through shields without sacrificing any damage. While the weapon is already one of the longest in its class, its unique skill, Unblockable Blade, extends it for a sweep attack that can easily stance-break enemies for deadly critical strikes.


Godslayer’s Greatsword

Godslayer's Greatsword in Elden Ring
  • Requirements: Str 20, Dex 22, Fai 20
  • Base Scaling: Str D, Dex D, Fai D
  • Weapon Type: Colossal Sword
  • Weapon Skill: The Queen’s Black Flame
  • Location: Divine Tower of Caelid

Dex fans wanting to dabble in some Faith should look no further than the Godslayer’s Greatsword. Thanks to the high base stats and its ability – Queen’s Black Flame – you can quickly dispose of any boss standing in your way. The skill boosts your fire damage and leaves a lasting effect in the form of the burn effect.

If you master the timing of this skill, you can keep the enemy burning, and they will take a lot of damage throughout the fight. Players clearing the Divine Tower of Caelid will find the weapon inside a chest behind a Godskin Apostle boss fight.


Winged Scythe 

Winged Scythe in Elden Ring
  • Requirements: Str 16, Dex 16, Fai 24
  • Base Scaling: Str E, Dex D, Fai D
  • Weapon Type: Reaper
  • Weapon Skill: Angel’s Wing
  • Location: Tombsward Ruins, Weeping Peninsula

The Winged Scythe is among the best Faith Weapons in Elden Ring players can snag early on. The more players invest in their Faith and feed it Sombre Smithing Stones, the stronger the weapon gets. As part of the Reaper family, the Winged Scythe has a built-in bleed passive and has also made it to our list of the best bleed weapons in the game.

Along with that, it ignores 40% damage negation from blocks – a trait shared with the weapon type. The weapon comes with a unique skill in Angel’s Wings that deals excellent damage in a sweeping area. But adding the fact that it prevents healing if players get hit, the weapon also gets a comfortable spot in our best PVP weapons in Elden Ring guide.


Maliketh’s Black Blade

Maliketh's Black Blade in Elden Ring
  • Requirements: Str 34, Dex 12, Fai 20
  • Base Scaling: Str C, Dex E, Fai D
  • Weapon Type: Colossal Sword
  • Weapon Skill: Destined Death
  • Location: Trade Maliketh’s Remembrance with Enia

As the name suggests, you can get this weapon after defeating Maliketh. While Maliketh’s Black Blade asks for some hefty requirements for proper usage, the base stats are a bit underwhelming. However, after upgrading it a few times, you’ll end up with a mighty Faith weapon in the game.

Due to the DoT effect that drains max HP, the weapon is best suited to cheese bosses with massive healthpools, like Placidusax or the Elden Beast. With Destined Death, you will swing the blade around your character, dealing heaps of Holy damage. Generally, I suggest duplicating Maliketh’s Remembrance as all his damaging tools are incredible for builds designed around Faith.


Envoy’s Long Horn

Envoy's Long Horn
  • Requirements: Str 23, Dex 11, Fai 18
  • Base Scaling: Str D, Dex D, Fai C
  • Weapon Type: Great Hammer
  • Weapon Skill: Bubble Shower
  • Location: Dropped from Large Oracle Envoys

Players shouldn’t frown upon the Envoy’s Long Horn’s comical design – a faith-scaling Great Hammer that can melt giant bosses if used properly. While hacking away with the weapon is a worthwhile venture, Players will find more use in the Bubble Shower skill. This is Placidusax’s natural enemy. Simply relax beneath the dragon and blast him with the ability.

You’ll need to farm for the Envoy’s Long Horn to get one, meaning you can practically end up with several of them. The Large Oracle Envoys in Lyndell drops it, but the chances are meager, and you probably won’t have a fun time repeating the process. Keep trying your luck, and you should eventually get it.


Sword of Night and Flame

Sword of Night and Flame in Elden Ring
  • Requirements: Str 12, Dex 12, Int 24, Fai 24
  • Base Scaling: Str E, Dex E, Int D, Fai D
  • Weapon Type: Straight Sword
  • Weapon Skill: Night-and-Flame Stance
  • Location: Caria Manor

One of the Legendary Armaments in Elden Ring, the Sword of Night and Flame, needs little introduction because of its popularity. This beautiful blade can deal magic and fire damage, scaling with Int and Faith, depending on the stance you use. After traversing the ramparts of Caria Manor and jumping into an open roof, you’ll find a chest containing the alluring weapon.

As a Faith weapon, the Sword of Night and Flame makes the cut, as you only need to keep the bare minimum in Int and commit heavily to Faith. Doing so will bolster its burst of sweeping flame attack that deals massive damage and can quickly dispatch hordes of enemies. If there are fire-resistant foes, you’ll still have enough points to cast its Comet Azure skill, dealing magic damage.


Magma Wyrm Scale Sword

Magma Wyrm Scale Sword in Elden Ring
  • Requirements: Str 24, Dex 15, Fai 18
  • Base Scaling: Str C, Dex D, Fai D
  • Weapon Type: Great Curved Sword
  • Weapon Skill: Magma Guillotine
  • Location: Ruin-Strewn Precipice, Liurnia

For those fed up with Holy damage and in search of a unique Faith weapon, the Magma Wyrm Scale Sword is another powerful option. This Great Curved Sword deals split damage between Physical and Fire and scales exceptionally well with Strength and Faith.

The Weapon Skill: Magma Guillotine is essentially a jump-heavy attack, cleaving enemies apart while leaving puddles of magma that continuously deals fire damage. As powerful as the weapon is, acquiring it is quite the challenge itself. If you want the weapon, you must face the Magma Wyrm Makar in the Ruin-Strewn Precipice.


Black Knife

Black Knife in Elden RIng
  • Requirements: Str 8, Dex 12, Fai 18
  • Base Scaling: Str E, Dex D, Fai D
  • Weapon Type: Dagger
  • Weapon Skill: Blade of Death
  • Location: Altus Plateau

If you follow Elden Ring’s Lore, you’ll know the Black Knife’s relation with the namesake assassins. This tiny dagger imbued with a stolen fragment of the Rune of Death was the sole reason behind the Shattering. Players can get one for themselves if they manage to defeat the agile Black Knife Assassin in the Sainted Hero’s Grave.

Players will exclusively use it to exploit the Blade of Death Weapon Skill, which is similar to Destined Death. However, instead of an AOE vortex, the skill launches a wave of death, making up for the dagger’s short reach. Surprisingly, the Black Knife Dagger is pretty versatile as quite a few hybrid Faith builds can use it thanks to the low stat requirements.


Sacred Relic Sword

Sacred Relic Sword
  • Requirements: Str 14, Dex 24, Fai 22
  • Base Scaling: Str E, Dex D, Fai D
  • Weapon Type: Greatsword
  • Weapon Skill: Wave of Gold
  • Location: Trade Elden Remembrance with Enia

Moving on to the Sacred Relic Sword. Thanks to its superb damage and impressive stats, it is easily one of the best greatswords in Elden Ring. Players going for a hybrid of Faith and Dex will love this weapon. Apart from its stats, the weapon looks fantastic and instantly intimidates foes.

It’s either this or Marika’s Hammer, but keeping a spare Walking Mausoleum is worth it for both weapons. What mainly sticks out for the weapon is its Ash of War. And for those Albinaurics in Mohgwyn’s Palace, nothing else can deal more efficiently with them than the Sacred Relic Sword’s Wave of Gold ability.


Golden Order Greatsword

Golden Order Greatsword
  • Requirements: Str 16, Dex 21, Fai 28
  • Base Scaling: Str E, Dex D, Fai C
  • Weapon Type: Greatsword
  • Weapon Skill: Establish Order
  • Location: Cave of the Forlorn

For such a grandiose weapon, the Golden Order Greatsword is pretty mediocre right off the bat, statistically speaking. Starting out with nothing fancy, things start to take a turn for the better as you upgrade the weapon, getting a B at best in Faith. With that said, if you are going for a mix of Dexterity and Faith build, this Greatsword will come in handy. 

What’s funny, though, is the irony behind the blade itself. It’s forged from light but weighs 10 pounds and doesn’t cut through shields like the Coded Sword. And of all things, a Misbegotten Crusader had to get its hands on the Golden Order Greatsword. It is quite the hassle for a Legendary Armament!


Halo Scythe

Halo Scythe
  • Requirements: Str 13, Dex 16, Fai 15
  • Base Scaling: Str D, Dex D, Fai E
  • Weapon Type: Reaper
  • Weapon Skill: Miquella’s Ring of Light
  • Location: Dropped from Lesser Cleanrot Knights

Like other scythes, the Halo Scythe is a fantastic weapon that does much bleed damage. It is extremely easy to build up bleed if you hit the enemy. On top of that, it also deals Holy damage that scales from your Faith stat.

Its skill – Miquella’s Ring of Light – casts a ring of Holy damage that fires at the enemy’s current location. It forces the enemy player to run away and quickly reposition. During this time, you can run at them and strike them while they are vulnerable. 


Gargoyle’s Blackblade

Gargoyle’s Blackblade
  • Requirements: Str 18, Dex 10, Fai 22
  • Base Scaling: Str D, Dex E, Fai D
  • Weapon Type: Greatsword
  • Weapon Skill: Corpse Wax Cutter
  • Location: Black Blade Kindred near Bestial Sanctum

Gargoyle’s Blackblade is a Greatsword in Elden Ring. The weapon scales primarily with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith and is good for inflicting Holy damage. If you are going for a Strength / Faith hybrid build, this Greatsword is extraordinary, thanks to its scaling and overall stats.

You can obtain this weapon very early by slaying the Gargoyle guarding the entrance into the Beastial Sanctum in Caelid. On the other hand, following a portal near the Third Church of Marika will quickly send you there without traversing Caelid.


Marika’s Hammer

Marika's Hammer
  • Requirements: Str 20, Dex 12, Fai 19
  • Base Scaling: Str D, Dex D, Fai D
  • Weapon Type: Hammer
  • Weapon Skill: Gold Breaker
  • Location: Trade Elden Remembrance with Enia

If you have completed Elden Ring, you will know that this is the weapon that Radagon uses. It is an amazing weapon that packs a strong punch. Plus, its unique skill – Gold Breaker – allows you to do serious AOE damage split between holy and physical damage.

However, the reason why it’s so low on the list is that you need to beat Elden Ring to get this weapon, meaning it’s only as good as an NG+ weapon. Other than that, it is worth getting this hammer and defeating everyone in PvP. 


Blade Of Calling

Blade Of Calling
  • Requirements: Str 6, Dex 13, Fai 15
  • Base Scaling: Str D, Dex D, Fai C
  • Weapon Type: Dagger
  • Weapon Skill: Blade of Gold
  • Location: Inside the elevator near the Forbidden Lands

Blade of the Calling is ideal for players that are going for a Dex and Faith build combined. Since it has a good Faith rating, you can use this to deal tons of damage to enemies. Much like any dagger in the game, this weapon doesn’t have heavy stats requirements.

While it has a decent amount of physical damage, the primary damage comes in the form of holy damage with its regular attacks. On top of that, using its skill – Blade Of Gold – allows you to deal an insane amount of Holy damage on your enemies. It also allows you to get out of sticky situations since you spin around the dagger and jump in the air while using this skill.


And there you have it; those are the 15 best Faith weapons in Elden Ring. If you are going for a Faith build in your current playthrough, make sure that you try out some of these weapons and see if you like them or not. Certain weapons like are extremely viable in PvP as well.

Which Faith weapon is your favorite in Elden Ring? Do you prefer other types of weapons over this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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