8 Best Fall Crops in Stardew Valley, Ranked 

What could be the cream of the Fall crop?

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Like other farming games, seasons are an integral aspect of Stardew Valley. As the seasons change in the game, so do the available crops that you can grow. If you are new to Stardew Valley, choosing the best Fall crop to plant might be overwhelming.

Today, we will explore the 8 best Fall crops in Stardew Valley. We ranked them based on the total profit they give per crop. Factors like seed cost and growth time affect the profitability of a crop. 

Anyway, are some crops actually more profitable than others? Let’s find out in this list! 




Coming at the 8th spot is the Amaranth. It is a vegetable crop that grows in Fall from Amaranth Seeds.

Each Amaranth Seed costs:

  • 80g (General Store)
  • 87g (JojaMart)

Amaranth’s base growth time is 7 days. You can only harvest an Amaranth once with a Scythe. 

You can ship them for the following base values (Without Tiller profession):

  • 150g (Normal)
  • 187g (Silver)
  • 225g (Gold)
  • 300g (Iridium)

Assuming you planted it on Day 1 of Fall, a single Amaranth (Normal Quality) crop can give you a total profit of 240g.




Next on the list is Eggplant. It is also a vegetable crop that grows from Eggplant Seeds. Eggplant is required for completing the Fall Crops Bundle in the Community Center.

Each Amaranth Seed costs:

  • 20g (General Store)
  • 25g (JojaMart)

You can harvest an Eggplant 5 days after you planted it. Unlike Amaranth, Eggplant reproduces every harvest. Its regrowth time is also 5 days.

You can ship an Eggplant for the following values:

  • 60g (Normal)
  • 75g (Silver)
  • 90g (Gold)
  • 120g (Iridium)

A single Eggplant crop that has Normal Quality can give you a total profit of 280g.




Beet is a root crop whose seeds can be bought only from the Oasis. 

Each Beet Seed costs:

  •  20g (Oasis in the Desert)

It takes 6 days for a Beet to grow. You can only harvest it once per seed, like Amaranth.

The base values of Beet are as follows:

  • 100g (Normal)
  • 125g (Silver)
  • 150g (Gold)
  • 175g (Iridium)

Each Normal-Quality Beet will give you a total profit of 320g per season.




At the 5th place is Artichoke. It is a vegetable crop that grows from Artichoke Seeds. 

Each Artichoke Seed costs:

  • 30g (General Store)

Artichoke’s growth time is 8 days. Similarly, it does not regrow like Beet. You can only harvest an Artichoke thrice per season. 

You can ship an Artichoke for the following values:

  • 160g (Normal)
  • 200g (Silver)
  • 240g (Gold)
  • 320g (Iridium)

For every Artichoke with Normal Quality you ship, your total profit is 390g.




Grape does not only grow from Wild Summer Seeds or in the wild. During Fall, it can also grow from a Grape Starter. 

Tip: You cannot walk through planted Grape Starters. If you are using Sprinklers, it is best to plan their layout first.

Each Grape Starter costs:

  • 60g (General Store)
  • 75g (JojaMart)

Grape’s growth time from a Grape Starter is 10 days. Its regrowth time is 3 days. You can collect Grape from its starter 6 times for the whole Fall.

The base values of Grape are as follows:

  • 80g (Normal)
  • 100g (Silver)
  • 120g (Gold)
  • 160g (Iridium)

For every crop-grown Grape, you have a total profit of 420g.




Getting 3rd place on this list is Pumpkin. It is a vegetable crop that grows from Pumpkin Seeds. 

You can donate a Pumpkin for the Fall Crops Bundle and Quality Crops Bundle (5 Gold-Quality Pumpkin).

Each Pumpkin Seed costs:

  • 100g (General Store)
  • 125g (JojaMart)

It takes 13 days for a Pumpkin to grow. It also does not regrow, so you need to plant another seed after harvesting. You can only harvest it twice for the whole season.

You can ship a Pumpkin for the following prices:

  • 320g (Normal)
  • 400g (Silver)
  • 480g (Gold)
  • 640g (Iridium)

A single Normal-Quality Pumpkin can give you a total profit of 440g.

Tip: If you are trying to increase the hearts of Abigail, Pumpkin is one of her Loved Gifts.




Ranking 2 out of 8 is Cranberries. It is a fruit crop produced from Cranberry Seeds.

Each Cranberry Seed costs:

  • 240g (General Store)
  • 300g (JojaMart)

Cranberries have a growth time of 7 days and a regrowth time of 5 days. 

Unlike the other standard crops, a Cranberry shrub can give 2 Cranberries per harvest. You also have a 10% chance to get an extra one or more Cranberries.

Cranberries can be shipped for the following base prices:

  • 75g (Normal)
  • 93g (Silver)
  • 112g (Gold)
  • 150g (Iridium)

Assuming you do not get extra Cranberries per harvest, a single Cranberry shrub can give you a total profit of 510g for the whole Fall.


Sweet Gem Berry

Sweet Gem Berry

Sweet Gem Berry is the best crop for Fall in Stardew Valley. This crop grows from Rare Seeds. It is not classified as a fruit or a vegetable. 

Each Rare Seed costs:

  • 1,000g (Traveling Cart) during Spring and Summer
  • 600–1,000g (Traveling Cart) during any season

Sweet Gem Berry’s growth time is 24 days. It also does not regrow and can only be harvested once per Fall.

You can ship a Sweet Gem Berry for the following values:

  • 3,000g (Normal)
  • 3,750g (Silver)
  • 4,500g (Gold)
  • 6,000g (Iridium)

For every Normal-Quality Sweet Gem Berry whose Rare Seed costs 1,000g, you get a whopping total profit of 2,000g. This makes Sweet Gem Berry the most valuable Fall crop.

Old Master Cannoli

Tip: You get a Stardrop by gifting Sweet Gem Berry to the Old Master Cannoli in the Secret Woods. If you are playing co-op, everyone will receive a Stardrop.

And that completes our ranked list of the 8 best Fall crops in Stardew Valley. If you are aiming to maximize profit through planting crops, you can use this list to plan your farming game during Fall.

What do you think of our ranked list? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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