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Everybody was kung-fu fighting!

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While many Pokemon bear resemblances to real-life animals, fighting Pokemon commonly share human features and characteristics. These give them the capacity to learn commanding martial arts that surpass our own limitations.

They’re dependable when you need a helping hand, and also staunch protectors keeping you safe at all times. If you need a Pokemon that you can trust your life with, here are the twelve best fighting Pokemon you should consider getting onto your party:



Region: Kanto
Category: Generation I
Type: Fighting

When it comes to fighting Pokemon, Machokes immediately come to mind for many long-time Poke-fans. They’re the ideal stereotype; brawny and muscular, with a martial arts belt (akin to a wrestler’s belt) tightened around their waists.

Some might see Machokes as ugly Pokemon, but they’re amongst the most reliable partners every trainer would ever want with them. They stand by you whenever you need them, even as far as helping you with your daily chores or manual labor if asked to!



Region: Hoen
Category: Generation III
Type: Fire, Fighting

Blazikens are popular among martial arts Pokemon trainers, particularly due to their natural affinity to kicking-based fighting moves. They normally supplement their attacks with fire created from their wrists and ankles, adding elemental damage to their already-intense combat skills.

Many aspiring trainers have Blazikens on their teams, including Hoen locals, May, and Harrison. To top things off, Blazikens can transform into Mega Blazikens when paired with the Mega Stone, Blazikinite.



Region: Sinnoh
Category: Generation IV
Type: Fighting, Steel

When you have a Steel-Fighting type Pokemon in your party, you’re almost guaranteed the win against many opposition trainers, especially those that favor Rock, Steel, or Poison-based Pokemon. This makes Lucario a must-catch Pokemon regardless of the region you’re currently exploring.

Lucarios can mega-evolve when using the Mega Stone, Lucarionite, becoming the more vicious Mega Lucario during battle. Because of their steadfast loyalty and dependability, well-known trainers, such as series protagonist, Ash Ketchum, and gym leader, Korrina, have their own Lucarios to call upon when needed.



Region: Johto
Category: Generation II
Type: Bug, Fighting

Heracrosses are extremely rare yet tough Fighting-type Pokemon, capable of tanking damaging hits due to their durable exterior shells. They’re mainly found on trees deep inside dense forests, risking encounters with dangerous snake Pokemon if you’re not careful.

Classified as bug Pokemon, smart martial artists use Heracrosses to safeguard their Pokemon teams against elemental weaknesses, particularly against Psychic-based foes (Fighting-type is weak to the Psychic element).



Region: Galar
Category: Generation VIII
Type: Fighting, Dark (Single-Strike Style)/ Fighting, Water (Rapid-Strike Style)

Galar’s legendary Fighting-type Pokemon, Urshifu, is an incredible match-winner for Pokemon battles, gym runs, and league challenges. He’s exceptionally strong, with two different forms you can opt for, each being the Single-Strike Style, and the Rapid-Strike Style.

Urshifu’s also known as one of the most effective junglers in Pokemon UNITE, ambushing enemies with his quick movements before knocking them out with his powerful punches. Even more surprising, he has two Gigantamax forms as well, both revolving around his chosen fighting style.



Region: Paldea
Category: Generation IX
Type: Water, Fighting

The final evolution of the Paldean starter, Quaxly, Quaquaval is next on this list. He’s a well-liked fighting Pokemon, always cheerful and eager to dance his problems away, salsa-like.

Quaquavals might not look the part, but they’re actually formidable in battles. Their kicks are destructive, able to send a heavy truck flying with only a single kick.

Similar to how Blazikens add flames to their attacks, Quaquavals increase their moves’ potency by adding Water-type elemental damage, making them phenomenal against many foes.



Region: Galar
Category: Generation VIII
Type: Fighting (Hero of Many Battles)/ Fighting, Steel (Crowned Shield)

One of the two Galarian hero Pokemon, Zamazenta is revered and respected by many around the Pokemon world. His venerable presence follows him wherever he goes, and he deserves it after saving the region from Eternatus, together with the other legendary Fairy-type Pokemon, Zacian.

His unwavering sense of pride, justice, and honor makes him a trusted Pokemon who’ll never leave your side regardless of the danger. You’ll definitely feel more secure when you have Zamazenta guarding you during your adventures.



Region: Alola
Category: Generation VII
Type: Fire, Dark

Incineroars are feisty Fighting-type cat Pokemon who enjoy battling tough opponents rivaling their combat prowess. Because of this, they can be difficult to train and manage, frequently disobeying commands or unwilling to fight foes weaker than them.

Still, if you have the patience and will to gain their trust, they can become your ace in Pokemon battles, especially if you have their Z-Move, Malicious Moonsault, mastered.  Two notable trainers who have Incineroars on their teams are the protagonist, Ash Ketchum, and Alolan researcher, Professor Kukui.



Region: Paldea
Category: Generation IX
Type: Fighting, Dragon

The Paldean legendary Pokemon, Koraidon, is an ancient fighting Dragon-type Pokemon that’s been brought to the present by the mysterious Professor Sada. Unfamiliar with his new surroundings, he’s both curious and aggressive, preferring to observe events but unafraid to unleash his fearsome powers if forced to.

When Koraidon achieves his Apex Build, he can change between multiple forms at will to help you travel across unpassable terrain, making him very helpful outside of combat. Plus, his Dragon typing makes him durable against many elemental attacks, which is an amazing boon.



Region: Paldea
Category: Generation IX
Type: Fighting, Ghost

After eight Pokemon generations, Primeapes finally get some love by the introduction of their latest evolution, Annihilape. Oh boy, what an upgrade it is!

Inheriting Primeapes’ outstanding fighting capabilities, Annihilapes become nearly untouchable due to their new Ghost typing, making them invulnerable to Normal and Fighting attacks. They’re also impossible to find in the wild unless encountered in Tera Raids, so you’ll need to train a Primeape by teaching the move, Rage Fist, to it.

Be warned, though; Primates and Annihilapes are quick to anger, so you need to be patient and careful with them lest they accidentally go berserk.



Region: Kalos
Category: Generation VI
Type: Fighting, Dark

They might look mean and intimidating, but Pangoros are actually peaceful Pokemon. In fact, they’re known to come to the aid of weaker Pokemon being bullied by others.

Considered among the most beloved bear Pokemon in the entire Pokemon world, Pangoros are now more commonly seen everywhere. Nevertheless, they’re still easier to encounter in their native region, Kalos.



Region: Hoen
Category: Generation III
Type: Fighting

Hariyama is the last fighting Pokemon on this list, and he’s extraordinarily bulky with muscle (not fat!). This makes him exceedingly tanky and strong, pulverizing foes using his enormous hands.

Reserved and calm, Hariyamas don’t engage in battles unless forced to, always obedient to their Pokemon masters. They’re quite popular too, with Hoen gym leader, Brawly, and Battle Frontier’s Battle Arena head, Greta, using Hariyamas during their battles against Ash in the anime.


These are the twelve best fighting Pokemon introduced throughout the whole Pokemon series to date. If you think others, like Breloom or Infernape, deserve to be on this list, make sure to tell us in the comments section below!

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