7 Best Fishing Accessories in Terraria

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Terraria’s most prominent questline is the Angler’s Fishing quest which gives the best fishing accessories that you can get as rewards. If you’re confused about whether these accessories are good for you or not, keep in mind that fishing is necessary to keep your potion stocks up. Getting the best fishing accessories requires quite a bit of work, but the upside itself makes up for the tedious tasks.

Best Fishing Accessories in Terraria by Usefulness

Best Fishing PowerGlowing Fishing Bobber
Best For UpkeepTackle Box
Best OverallLavaproof Tackle Bag

Fishing accessories get bundled into 3 groups: line strength, fishing power, and bait preservation. That said, most of these accessories can be stacked with each other. This is why we’ve only ranked them based on their standalone performances. For example, you can equip both the Angler Tackle Bag and Angler Earrings to stack up the extra fishing power. 

So without further ado, let’s talk about the best fishing accessories in Terraria and how they affect your overall fishing experience.


High Test Fishing Line

terraria high test fishing line
  • Prevents fishing line from breaking

The High Test Fishing Line offers you the unique ability of having an unbreakable fishing line. Unlike our previous example, there’s no real reason to stack this with the Tackle Bags as it won’t have an additional effect. This accessory is a great addition as it removes the chance to fail at catching anything.

This fishing line ensures that all “catches” will return with an item, instead of breaking and losing your reward and bait at the same time. Overall, this increases the yield of your fishing sessions by quite a bit, allowing you to both use less bait and spend less time hanging out at your fishing spots.


Angler Earring

terraria angler earring
  • Increases fishing power by 10

The Angler Earring is one of the few ways to increase your fishing power directly other than the bait and fishing rod quality. As we mentioned earlier, this item plays a huge part in your fishing arsenal as it provides a significant increase in your catch frequency.

This can be used in conjunction with Golden Critters and the Golden Fishing Rod to increase your fishing power exponentially. This accessory can also be combined with the Angler Tackle Bag, Lavaproof Tackle Bag, and Fishing Bobber to increase your fishing power by a whopping 40 points.


Tackle Box

terraria tackle box
  • Reduces bait consumption

The Tackle Box is a unique fishing accessory that reduces the chance of using up bait. The item, on average, can increase the amount that a single bait can be used by one reel-in. It is also unique in the sense that, unlike other fishing items, it does not stack with the other accessories in this list.

If you get this item, the best use would be to combine it into the Angler Tackle Bag, freeing up an extra accessory slot. On its own, it’s pretty much a slot-blocker and can be filled with better accessories than used alone.


Lavaproof Fishing Hook

terraria lavaproof fishing hook
  • Allows fishing in Lava

The Lavaproof Fishing Hook is one of the few ways to fish in lava. Its mechanic is so unique that it deserves a higher spot in our list than the previous items. This item can get you fish for recipes like the Inferno potion and Potion of Return which can be great for situational use.

Fishing in lava allows you to get rare items including the Bottomless Lava Bucket and Lava Absorbant Sponge which can be both used to fill and remove infinite amounts of Lava. They also grant you the chance to fish up Obsidian and Hellstone Crates for Underworld themed gear.


Fishing Bobber

terraria fishing bobber
  • Increases fishing power by 10

The Fishing Bobber is another fishing power accessory that sits in the same line as the Angler Earring. Unlike the earring, however, the bobber also acts as a cosmetic item in that it changes the bobber of any rod you’re using to match.

This item stacks with both the Angler Earring and the Tackle Bags to increase your overall fishing power. This can also be customized to fit different color pallets by affixing Moss into the bobber. Since it’s both functional and ornamental, it sits high on our list for overall practicality.


Angler Tackle Bag

best fishing accessories in terraria angler tackle bag
  • Prevents the line from breaking
  • Reduces bait consumption
  • Increases fishing power by 10

The Angler Tackle Bag is a combination of the High Test Fishing Line, Angler Earring, and Tackle Box. It’s considered one of the final tiers of the fishing accessory upgrade line. Its main purpose is to save up some accessory slots to use other things in your loadout. If you also have the Lavaproof Fishing Hook, you can further upgrade this into the next item on our list. 

Once you get this item, all the other accessories can appear from Angler quests again.

Pro-tip, if you want a second Angler Earring, you can toss either the High Test Fishing Line or Tackle Box into the Shimmer to change it.


Lavaproof Tackle Bag

best fishing accessories in terraria lavaproof tackle bag
  • Prevents the line from breaking
  • Reduces bait consumption
  • Increases fishing power by 10
  • Enables fishing in lava

The Lavaproof Tackle Bag is the pinnacle of all the best fishing accessories in Terraria. It combines all the first four items on our list (basically the Angler Tackle Bag plus the Lavaproof Fishing Hook) and covers all the bases you need for fishing. Since it combines all the features, stacking it is a great option.

The best combination you can use is both the Lavaproof and Angler Tackle Bags, the Fishing Bobber, and Angler Earring. This consumes 4 of 6/7 accessory slots, allowing you to still equip mobility items like Terraspark Boots or Wings.

If you have any favorite summoner weapons that you feel should have made this list, tell us in the comments below! Let us know what fishing tips you know that would help both new and old players alike.

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