Best Fortnite Discord Servers, Ranked (2024)

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Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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This informative guide aims to tell you about a few of the best Fortnite servers you can join on Discord to get together with players across the globe. These servers will be perfect if you want to make friends, play custom games, ranked matches, tournaments with prize pools, and socialize with people.

I’ve only added servers to this list that are trusted and have a good number of members to ensure that you get a prompt and decent response whenever you join them. So, let’s take a look at the list!


Official Fortnite Server

Official Fortnite

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First up, the official server. The Official Fortnite Discord server has more than 1 million members and is the best and safest place to LFG and talk to other people to learn more about the game or simply socialize.

Make sure that you go into their role selection channel and specify your game’s region and platform to quickly match with players who are on the same platform and share the same ping as you. It’s efficient, and the community is very nice as well.

Most of you will not need any other server other than the official one. I’ve made a couple of good friends through this server and still play No Build mode games with them.


Lego Fortnite

Lego Fortnite - Fortnite Discord Server

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Since Lego Fortnite just came out, a lot of people are still finding out about it and getting into the game. I also needed some guidance about the different mechanics of the game and needed friends to play with. My search led me to the Lego Fortnite community.

This is a rather fresh community with around 1.3k members, and growing every day. You’ll be able to find players from all regions here and ask for tips and explanations in the chat as well. I had to include it here since not all of us are interested in the BR side of Fortnite.


Elite Customs

Elite Customs

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Now we are getting into the sweaty territory. The Elite Customs Discord server lets you LFG for custom matches and tournaments where you can compete against players from all skill brackets and improve your game. It has more than 500k members.

There are custom games for simple BR, NoBuild, and loads of other game modes as well. People will give you tips on building more effectively and improving your overall Fortnite skill. It’s a good server to be in if you have an inkling of competition.


Elite Ladder

Elite Ladder - Fortnite Discord Server

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With a member count of almost 200k competitive members, the Elite Ladder Discord server is completely focused on competitions, prize pools, and weekly cups. Sure, you can LFG for normal games and chilling as well but you’ll see most of the members being interested in the leaderboards.

You can also freely advertise your stream links, video content, and other personal stuff without worrying about any bans and stuff. They encourage you to show your skills to people and share your knowledge of the game with them. You are bound to find some decent folk in this server.


Fortnite Fam

Fortnite Fam

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This is another all-rounder Discord server where you can find people to chill with, play tournaments, compare stats, advertise your streams and ask for tips as a beginner. It’s a growing community of around 120k members.

I used to hang out on this server a while ago but then shifted to the Official Fortnite server, which we’ve already talked about at the start. Nevertheless, this is also one of the best servers for people looking for friends and healthy competition.

There you go, folks; these were 5 of the best Fortnite Discord servers you can join these days to find friends, compete for money, and learn more about the game. Check out our Discord name suggestions if you want to look cool as you enter these communities.

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