6 Best Fortnite Dropper Map Codes (2023)

Falling has never been more fun!

Omer Nadeem
Omer Nadeem
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If you’re someone that enjoys dropper maps in Fortnite, you really need to do something better with your time. Fortnite droppers are probably the most tilting thing you can do in the game. But they can still be somewhat fun. If you’re into the idea of droppers, here are six of the best Fortnite dropper map codes out there.


!World’s Hardest Dropper

1 - World's Hardest Dropper


The name is pretty self-explanatory. Envenom, the creator of this map, claims that this is the hardest dropper map on Fortnite Creative.

The hardest thing about this map is the lighting. Every is dark, and you’re barely able to see where the obstacles start and where they end. There are several different levels here, and every time you get through a level, you’ll hover for one second before you get dropped back in.

Some of the levels are pretty dark as well, but this map’s tendency to blend the obstacles together is apparent throughout. Also, there are no respawns in this dropper map code. If you dying from weapons in regular matchmaking sucks, wait till you play this map.


Rainbow Dropper 2.0

2 - Rainbow Dropper 2.0


The Rainbow Dropper 2.0 map is a classic dropper made by Henwy. It’s been around for a few years and is still a lot of fun to play. As the name here suggests, it’s full of bright colors with a bunch of geometric shapes that you’ll have to navigate through.

There are 10 different levels on this map. You will reach checkpoints after completing each level, so it’ll be a little more forgiving as compared to the World’s Hardest Dropper we mentioned in number one.

If you like themed maps, you should also try out some Squid Game-themed maps here.


Summer Dropper

3 - Summer Dropper


The Summer Dropper map by RajanPlaysGames is a summer-themed Fortnite dropper map that is perfect for beginners. The reason why I’m saying it’s good for beginners is simply because sticking to the edges blindly will probably get you through most of the levels on this map.

Regardless, it’s a pretty fun little map, and the obstacles being summer-themed makes it that much more fun. You have to complete the obstacles on each level and collect the coin at the bottom to finish the level. You’ll take a rift back up and go to the next level.


Neon Dropper!

4 - Neon Dropper!


If you’re concerned about good visuals, the Neon Dropper is a pretty good option for you. It features a futuristic, Beat Saber-ish environment that’s equally fun and challenging to play into.

With every level, you’re going to get a new color. The level is complete when you’re able to land directly on top of the rift at the bottom. Keep in mind that some of the levels in this dropper will be much easier to do if you find a better spot to jump from. So, do a bit of scouting before you take the first Kratos-style leap of faith.


Variety Dropper

5 - Variety Dropper


The Variety Dropper is probably the most chaotic dropper map on this list. There’s no way to predict what you’re jumping into. Sometimes, there are random shapes. Sometimes, you’ll be jumping through geometric shapes, and sometimes you’re just be dodging cars and ice cream trucks.

It’s incredibly random, and that’s what we love about it. There are 10 levels in total, and there is a checkpoint after every level.


Low Gravity Dropper 5.0

6 - Low Gravity Droperr 5.0


The Low Gravity dropper is another really fun dropper with a slight twist on it. I’m not a huge fan of the fact that you can actually stand on top of platforms and figure out the easiest spot to drop from. But, with the Low Gravity Dropper, you’re jumping into the unknown.

As soon as you complete a level and jump up, you’ll get launched right into the next level. The obstacles are random. There are shapes, buses, burgers, tomatoes, crates, lanterns, sacks of coins, and so on.

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