10 Best Fortnite Horror Map Codes (2023)

You'll be surprised at how scary these are!

Daniel Westrop
Daniel Westrop - Editor-In-Chief
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Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by immersing yourself in a spooky world of Fortnite horror maps? 

Whether you’re looking for a hair-raising Halloween-themed free-for-all, a cooperative adventure, or a mind-bending escape room, we’ve got you covered!



スクール SCHOOL In Game

Map Code: 1763-0948-3769

This is a Fortnite horror map that puts you in an abandoned school. 

Your mission? Solve the mystery of a long-sealed room that holds dark secrets. However, don’t take it easily. The school features chilling corridors, dark classrooms, and hidden horrors that will catch you off guard. 

What I like about this custom map is the clever use of the flashlight mechanic. 

With the map’s blacked-out lighting, you’ll be forced to rely on the flashlight to find clues, keys, and hidden items. 


Halloween Pit

Halloween Pit In Game

Map Code:6289-9625-6170

If you’re simply looking for a Halloween-themed map minus the jump scares and ghosts, Halloween Pit is the map for you.

This free-for-fall arena provides a unique gaming experience that allows you to focus on refining your aiming and building skills while immersing you in a Halloween ambiance. 

In my opinion, the number of weapons you can choose from sets Halloween Pit apart from other custom maps.


Halloween Heroes vs Monsters

Halloween Heroes vs Monsters In Game

Map Code:5706-5151-0681

Get ready for an action-packed Halloween deathmatch like no other with Halloween Heroes vs Monsters. 

This captivating map pits two teams against each other in an epic showdown. The objective? Outgun the opposing team until they simply can’t take it anymore! 

What sold this map to me was the endless gameplay. Unlike other matches that end with a set score, this map lets you play as long as you want. Even when the scoreboard hits the 1000+ mark, the fun continues. 

On top of that, you also get to enhance your building skills and combat techniques while engaging in a thrilling Halloween team deathmatch. 


Okame No Yakata

Okame No Yakata In Game

Map Code:9885-3020-7949

If you’re aiming for one of Fortnite’s best horror-themed escape rooms, look no further than Okame No Yakata. 

This custom map puts you in a haunted Japanese mansion infested with monsters that will have you running for your life. Your mission? Escape the mansion, either alone or alongside your friends. 

Okame No Yakata boasts stunning visuals that elevate the horror experience, which is the top factor why I included it on this list. 


Rainbow Friends

Rainbow Friends In Game

Map Code:8442-5023-8116

Here’s another escape room adventure that transports you to a park filled with an array of monstrous adversaries. 

Your mission? Escape the themed park by uncovering hidden items and clues scattered throughout the map. 

The clever hide-in-a-box mechanic sets this map apart, adding a thrilling twist to the escape room experience. 

Instead of running away from monsters, you can slip inside a box to evade pursuers. 




Map Code:0598-1708-7538

If you’re looking for a thrilling, open-world, rogue-like experience, DEADPINES: Zombie Survival is the go-to custom map for you.

This adventure map tasks you with a relentless battle against endless zombie hordes. Team up, face the undead and strive for high scores as you embark on your journey. 

I had a blast testing this map, knowing I had an opportunity to see my name on the leaderboards. This also elevates the competition, making it more appealing to seasoned players.

You can also unlock an arsenal of weapons and an array of vehicles to enhance your survival experience. 


Mansion Escape

Mansion Escape In Game

Map Code:3149-1047-3978

Here’s an escape map that starts with an engaging premise. Mansion Escape sets the stage as you find yourself stranded on a remote road with a broken-down car. 

Your options? Stay on the road with your vehicle or seek refuge in a nearby house. 

The real thrill starts when you enter the mansion. Here, you’ll be thrust into a chilling narrative that forces you to uncover clues and find hidden items, all while enduring jump scares and relentless ghosts on your tail that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

But what truly sets Mansion Escape apart is its starting storyline that captivates your senses from the get-go. 




Map Code:9882-1196-0614

Here’s a Halloween map that will surely keep your heart racing. This custom map offers over 300 levels of death run excitement filled with parkour challenges, platforming adventures, and other in-game elements. 

Among the stand-out in-game elements are purchasable items, secret coins, and leaderboards. 

With leaderboards in the mix, players will be motivated to do their best, aiming for the coveted top spot. This competitive edge keeps the map active, with players striving to outdo each other’s record. 




Map Code:1239-1358-5723

Get ready to embark on a bone-chilling adventure through an abandoned hospital. This escape room promises to deliver a spine-tingling experience in a dark and sinister environment. 

What I liked about this map is the degree of difficulty in uncovering dark secrets and hidden items. You’ll surely spend some time figuring out what to do next and end up with a long conversation with your team about whether your actions are right or wrong. 

Add that difficulty with the endless jump scares, and you’re in for a fun and chaotic adventure. 




Map Code:4419-1332-9946

If you want a unique and thrilling horror experience, PROP HUNT: SCHOOL is an exceptional choice. This prop hunt map brings together up to 20 players in a nerve-wracking game of cat and mouse. 

What sets this map apart is its dynamic gameplay. If you’re caught as a prop, you become a hunter. 

This adds a layer of challenge for the props who remain hidden.  As more props get discovered, the number of hunters swells, making it more difficult for the remaining props to maintain covert identities. 

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