Best Fortnite PFPs to Use in 2023

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Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu - CS2 & Valorant Expert
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Fortnite has added a ton of content throughout the years. This includes everything from creative maps, skins and cosmetics, and different types of weapons. This influx of content gave players more choices regarding Fortnite PFPs.

To help narrow down your choices, we hand-picked a collection of the best Fortnite PFPs you can use today.

The Best Fortnite Icons in 2023

We’ve divided the different PFPs collected into various categories to help you find the perfect pick.

Feel free to jump to a section that you’re interested in.

Fortnite Anime PFPs

Anime profile pictures are already cool and badass in their own right. They have this unique aesthetic that no other art form has. These Fortnite Anime PFPs stay true to the genre while giving them the Fortnite treatment.

Best DC PFPs

Who doesn’t love their fair share of superheroes? This next section is dedicated to our DC fans out there.

Best Marvel Icons

Of course, we also need to show some love to the Marvel heroes. Here are some of the best Marvel Fortnite PFPs you can use. Take your time; I know there are a lot of them.

Holidays, Seasons, and Occasions

Holidays are some of the most joyous days of the year. Fortnite has released a ton of content to celebrate these occasions, and we’ve gathered the best-looking ones right here.

Movies, Shows, and Pop Culture

Some of the best Fortnite skin releases are based on some of the most iconic characters in movies and TV shows. They also make for excellent PFPs because they are easily recognizable by people who don’t play the game.

Fortnite Gaming PFPs

Who would’ve thought someone like Kratos would make a great Fortnite PFP, right? Well, other game-based characters like him look awesome as well. These characters also make for great Discord PFPs for all types of gamers to enjoy.

Sports and Athletes

The final category is composed of sports themes and athletes. This includes the biggest stars and different activities played around the world.

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