Best FOV Settings for Overwatch 2

A higher FOV means more space to kill enemies.

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FOV or Field of View determines the scope of what you can see on screen. Generally speaking, a higher FOV will result in a wider vision, allowing you to see more of your environment. A smaller FOV will result in a narrower vision, but objects will appear larger. I’m sure you can already see how important it is to choose the best FOV settings for Overwatch 2.

Luckily, Overwatch 2 allows you to choose your own Field of View settings. You can pick one that’s most comfortable for you to use. This is why we’re here today to help you find the best FOV settings to use.

High FOV vs. Low FOV

Let’s start things off with a quick comparison between high FOV and low FOV. Overwatch 2 has a maximum FOV setting of 103. This gives you the broadest vision and sight lines. The main downside is that things will look a bit smaller and farther on your screen.

The minimum Overwatch 2 FOV setting is 80. This will have a “zoom-in” effect that will make objects and targets a bit larger than higher FOV values. However, it will also cut out a portion of your peripheral vision, giving you less visual coverage compared to those with a higher FOV.

The difference is mostly due to how Overwatch 2 scales its FOV settings. Both sides have advantages and disadvantages, so make sure to try them out before choosing the one for you.

Best Overwatch 2 FOV Settings for Maximum Performance

Using 85 Field of View in Practice.

It’s no secret that more things displayed on your screen will result in lower FPS values. This is why if you’re looking to optimize your Overwatch 2 settings, we recommend choosing a lower FOV angle.

Using an FOV of 80 to 85 will result in overall higher FPS values at the cost of some screen real estate. It’s definitely the way to go for lower-end machines where you should prioritize having higher and more playable frame rates for a smoother experience.

Best FOV Settings for Competitive Edge

Using 100 FOV setting in Overwatch 2.

There’s no question that a higher FOV results in a better competitive edge. Seeing more than what your opponents can see is already a huge advantage. It’s not exactly game-breaking, but it can definitely result in game-winning plays. Imagine getting a glimpse of an enemy’s shoulder at the edge of your screen, which wouldn’t otherwise be there if you had a lower FOV.

We recommend an FOV of 100 to 103 for that extra competitive edge. It’s easier to aim train to hit smaller targets than trying to see beyond the frames of your monitor and the game. Most pros use the maximum 103 FOV setting. That alone should tell you how great a higher FOV is.

Comfortable FOV Settings for Overwatch 2

Using 90 Field of View in Practice.

The final FOV settings for Overwatch 2 we have for you today provide a great middle ground between performance and competitive advantage. You aren’t giving up much in terms of vision while still squeezing out some extra performance.

Choose an FOV value between 90 to 95 for solid performance and decent observable vision. I highly recommend this setting if you only casually play Overwatch 2 and have a low to mid-range PC. It’s also great for newbies to the game since they can see larger enemies and have an easier time shooting at them.

A List of FOV Settings Used by Overwatch 2 Pro Players

Here’s a list of some of the most popular professional players and the settings that they use to help you choose the best FOV for Overwatch 2.

Professional PlayerFOV Setting
Dallas Fuel HanBin103
Dallas Fuel Bliss103
Dallas Fuel SP9RK1E103
Dallas Fuel Edison103
Dallas Fuel MCD103
Atlanta Reign Fielder103
Atlanta Reign Stalk3r103
Atlanta Reign ChiYo103
Atlanta Reign LIP103
Atlanta Reign Hawk103
Houston Outlaws Viol2t103
Houston Outlaws Happy103
Houston Outlaws Shu103
Houston Outlaws FEARLESS103
Houston Outlaws PELICAN103
Shanghai Dragons BEBE103
Shanghai Dragons GangNamJin103
Shanghai Dragons Heesu103
Shanghai Dragons Fate103
Shanghai Dragons ir1s103
Boston Uprising smurf103
Boston Uprising Striker103
Boston Uprising Joo-seok103
Boston Uprising IZaYaKI103
Boston Uprising Decay103
Vancouver Titans Faith103
Vancouver Titans Crimzo103
Vancouver Titans punk103
Vancouver Titans Heesang103
Vancouver Titans Sugarfree103
Seoul Infernal Poko103
Seoul Infernal MAG103
Seoul Infernal ZEST103
Seoul Infernal MN3103
Seoul Infernal skewed103
Seoul Infernal FIXA103
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