5 Best Games to Win Real-Life Money Online

Saad Muzaffar
Saad Muzaffar
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With new games released every month, there’s only so much that you can play. And, with AAA games having their prices jacked up ever so often, you’ll end up spending a lot of money to play all the modern titles.

This begs the question, why pay for games when you can get paid to play them? Well, that’s what we’re here to offer, with our list of the best games to win real-life money online. We’ve played all these games ourselves, and all of them let you earn money online.


Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo consists of a few games with each letting you make money online. It consists of Bingo, Dominos, Pool and a few others that come and go in rotation. Depending on the game you play, you’ll be able to wager a certain sum that let’s you win real-life money online.

From our experience, we’ve seen the best odds with Bingo, not surprising considering that’s what the application was known for in the first place. While a tad bit boring, it is a more casual game that you can play in almost any situation.


Bubble Cash

Bubble shooting games have always been a fan-favorite. Well, add eSports in the mix and the ability to make money and you’ve come up with a winner, to say the least. As the name suggests, Bubble Cash is a bubble shooter game that features mirrored matches with an opponent alongside tournaments.

It has powerups, and a few nifty tricks up its sleeve that you can utilize to get ahead. Whoever scores the most points is awarded a sweet cash prize at the end. The game is a perfect combination of a casual game with more of a serious premise, which is why we’re great fans.



While not technically a game, Swagbucks rewards you with real-life money by downloading games and completing them to a certain extent. You’ll be able to earn more or less depending on the game you download and the current offer. However, we’ve been able to make a decent sum just by downloading and playing games.

Remember, you still not be careful about which offers you end up choosing as some offers require you to complete IAPs (In-App purchases) before you get your reward, which might end up getting a tad bit more expensive.


Pool Payday

When 8-Ball-Pool meets the ability to earn real life money, you get Pool Payday. Letting you start off for free, you can either play the In Real-time pool game mode, or the offline mode, letting you rack up the highest score while your opponent does the game.

Both modes have the same premise, and this one is quite similar to Bubble Cash, with leagues and tournaments dictating the majority of your winnings. You can perform tricks, and rely on power ups to gain a higher score.


Solitaire Clash

A fan of Solitaire? Do you like card games? Well, Solitaire Clash from Aviagames allows you to play the classic Klondike Solitaire and win real cash in the process. As you get better at the game, you’ll be able to play in different tournaments with 5-10 other players.

The game also has tons of withdrawal options, with PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Venmo as well. Plus, another thing, the game has no ads as well. So, even if you aren’t in the mood of making money – you can still enjoy a nice game of Solitaire.

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