Best Gaming Discords for Gamers, Listed (2024)

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Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Gone are the Yahoo Messenger and Skype days. These days, most gamers and students (people from all walks of life, really) have communities for socializing on Discord. You can even add bots to your server to make it more functional. If you are someone who is looking for a few Discord servers where you can easily find a friend or two, then you’ve come to the right guide.

Let’s take a look at a few such Discord servers that might be suitable for you to join. I’ve listed all of the servers that I’ve tested personally and can vouch for. The people here are fantastic, and you’ll have no problem making a few good friends. Here we go!


Anime Soul

Anime Soul

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Of course, there’d be a Weeb server on this list. For all the weebs and nerds out there, this is going to be THE community. Anime Soul is a ginormous server with almost 700k members who all talk about anime, manga, art, cosplay, games, shows, music, and a plethora of other topics.

There are minigames, server-wide giveaways, discussions, separate channels for spoiler discussions for anime and manga, music-bot-based voice channels, and chat rooms for people who want to discuss a specific topic. Join the server if all of these things intrigue you.




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Another very popular chatting server where people from all walks of life participate in discussions, share memes, talk about shows/anime/manga, and hang out in voice channels. ChillBar has around ~300k members. All of these servers can technically do the same thing, but it’s the community difference that matters.

Think of it this way… If you didn’t rock with the community of one server, or think that it is too different from your tastes and habits, you can try some other one. Who knows what kind of friends you’ll make on one of these servers?




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This social server emphasizes more on its populated voice channels. If you are an open person who likes to interact with randoms and indulge in discussions, this might be a perfect home for you.

They’ve got loads of roles, bots, minigames, and fun activities going on around the clock. Try it out, maybe you’ll love the vibe.


Elite Customs

Elite Customs - Discord to Find Friends

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If you are a little less on the chatty side and want friends who game more, then the Elite Customs Discord server is going to be perfect for you.

You are looking at ~500k+ members who play all kinds of games (especially Fortnite) and hold custom matches, prize-based tournaments, discuss game tips, etc. Overall, it’s a very healthy community that you should definitely be a part of if you want to make friends through Discord.


Tranquility (18+ SFW)

Tranquility - Discord to Find Friends

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While the server is open to all, Tranquility is a community fit for adults who like to hang out with similarly aged people. It has more than 7000 members. You’ve got the standard community server package here as well.

Bots, roles, minigames, giveaways, text chat rooms, voice chat rooms, community events and discussions on all kinds of topics, be it cars or anime. You’ll find a dedicated Minecraft server as well as people who play Valorant, CS2, and all other types of games.

I hope you are able to find some good friends by visiting these Discords. If that does happen, you’ll know who to trust for Discord advice. *wink wink~. We’ve published a lot of other informative/fun guides revolving around Discord. Check them out!

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