50 Best Genshin Impact Wallpapers

    Are you a Genshin player looking for a good wallpaper? Luckily, we’ve gathered 50 of the best Genshin Impact wallpapers for you to use.

    Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG game where you control different characters in a party. It has taken the world by storm over the last few years. It is available on a variety of different platforms, making it available to a larger audience.

    Aside from its gameplay, evolving storyline, and lovable characters, Genshin Impact also has some pretty impressive graphics. Even if you play on mobile devices, you’ll be pretty amazed at how good the game looks.

    The entirety of Teyvat, the world of Genshin Impact, is covered with beautiful sceneries and wonderful locations that you can explore and admire. Not to mention that Genshin Impact has a great art style, quite similar to Breath of the Wild, which can keep you hooked for hours.

    Teyvat’s beautiful world inspired us to search the web and collect the best Genshin Impact wallpapers. Well, what are we waiting for? Here are 50 of the best Genshin Impact wallpapers you can use in 2021.


    A Simple Genshin Impact Wallpaper

    Genshin Impact Wallpaper
    Wallpaper by miHoYo

    Let’s start the list with a simple Genshin Impact straight from miHoYo themselves. It’s a great wallpaper, to begin with, and gives an excellent overview of the Genshin Impact world.


    Explore Genshin Impact

    Genshin Impact World Location wallpaper
    Wallpaper by miHoYo

    Our 50 Best Genshin Impact lists wouldn’t be complete without some beautiful photos from the landscapes around Teyvat. This Wallpaper features a great scenery taken straight from Genshin Impact’s amazing world.


    Noelle Vs. Ruin Guards

    Noelle Vs. Ruin Guards
    Wallpaper by OniiSama18

    This Wallpaper is a fantastic depiction of Noelle fighting off some Ruin Guards. It captures the intensity of the fight and shows great grit and resilience.


    Simple Keqing Wallpaper

    Simple Keqing from Genshin Impact Wallpaper
    Wallpaper by QY_Maple

    This is an illustration of Keqing. It’s a great wallpaper to use if you like Keqing as a character. It’s plain and simply puts Keqing the focus of the photo.


    Hu Tao

    Hu Tao Genshin Impact Wallpaper
    Wallpaper by RIVER

    This Wallpaper is perfect for Hu Tao players. It’s an elegant photo of Hu Tao just chilling with her blazing spirits. If you look closely, you’ll also see that each spirit expresses a different emotion, giving them a cute and chill vibe.


    Amber Dozing Off

    sleeping Amber, with Lumine, Paimon, Jean, and Barbara watching her doze off.
    Wallpaper by Saika2017

    Another great Genshin Impact wallpaper that features a sleeping Amber, with Lumine, Paimon, Jean, and Barbara watching her doze off.


    Dvalin and Venti

    Venti connecting with Dvalin
    Wallpaper by miHoYo

    This background is once again straight from the Genshin Impact developers themselves. It’s a wallpaper that features Venti connecting with Dvalin.


    Jean, the Dandelion Knight

    Jean, the Dandelion Knight
    Wallpaper by Sean “Raiko” Tay

    This is the perfect Wallpaper for Jean users. It simply features the character unsheathing her sword while walking through a bunch of dandelions.


    Lady of the Jade Chamber

    Lady of the Jade Chamber
    Wallpaper by Sean “Raiko” Tay

    This Wallpaper features Ningguang smoking inside the floating Jade Chamber found in the skies of Liyue.


    Genshin Impact’s Nature

    Genshin Impact World Location wallpaper
    Wallpaper by miHoYo

    Once again, we’re featuring a great wallpaper taken straight from the beautiful locations in Genshin Impact. It makes a great wallpaper that features nature at its finest.


    Start the Xiao

    Wallpaper by mura karuki

    A bright wallpaper that brings out the intensity in Xiao. It’s an excellent Genshin Impact wallpaper for green-themed desktops or Xiao users.


    Fireworks in the City

    Fireworks in the City Genshin Impact Wallpaper
    Wallpaper by melena Kira

    This is a superb and colorful wallpaper that’ll surely make your desktop pop. It features Lumine and Paimon enjoying the fireworks display.


    Summer is Here!

    Jean and Barbara Summer Skins Genshin Impact Wallpaper
    Wallpaper by Sakon04

    The perfect Genshin Impact wallpaper for summer. The photo features Jean and Barbara wearing their summer skins and enjoying the beach.


    Mona in Her Element

    Mona in Her Element
    Wallpaper by Ntfazo

    A plain wallpaper of Mona practicing her hydro talents.


    A Paimon Sandwich

    A  Paimon Sandwich Genshin Impact Wallpaper
    Wallpaper by rosuuri

    This is a funny and lighthearted wallpaper featuring Paimon getting turned into a sandwich. It’s definitely a cute and wacky wallpaper to use.


    Teyvat at Dawn

    Genshin Impact Wallpaper of Teyvat at Dawn
    Wallpaper by miHoYo

    Another example of the beauty of the world of Genshin Impact. This Wallpaper features the sun rising in the land of Teyvat.



    Lumine and hundreds of fireflies.
    Wallpaper by Anna

    A plain yet elegant wallpaper featuring Lumine and hundreds of fireflies.


    Bennett Slicing and Dicing

    Wallpaper by Sleet candy

    A bright wallpaper of Bennett using his sword and slaying that cool pose.


    Ganyu at Night

    Ganyu at Night Genshin Impact Wallpaper
    Wallpaper by Danny7Ella

    A beautiful and inviting Genshin Impact wallpaper that features Ganyu and her talents.


    Xiao Under the Night Sky

    Xiao Under the Night Sky
    Wallpaper by cinkai

    Another amazing Xiao wallpaper has him releasing a lantern under the night sky.


    Zhongli and Hu Tao

    Zhongli and hu tao by rein
    Wallpaper by rein

    This is a chill and comedic Wallpaper with toned-down colors. It’s light on the eyes, and Hu Tao even makes a wacky face.


    Stormterror Dvalin

    Stormterror Dvalin Genshin Impact Wallpaper
    Wallpaper by mrsedfield

    A unique background photo featuring the one and only Erstwhile King of the Skies, Dvalin, or Stormterror.


    Dancing Diona

    Dancing Diona Genshin Wallpaper
    Wallpaper by nemoni

    A cute wallpaper of Diona dancing in the streets.


    Realistic Ningguang

    Realistic Ningguang Genshin Impact Wallpaper
    Wallpaper by Serein

    A fantastic and detailed realistic version of Ningguang. This is probably what Genshin Impact would look like if it was an AAA game with RTX On.


    Boss Zhongli

    Boss Zhongli
    Wallpaper by zed xiaolongbao

    A simple wallpaper of Zhongli drinking some tea and relaxing.


    Dinner with Genshin Impact

    Dinner with Genshin Impact wallpaper
    Wallpaper by mushi c jun

    This lighthearted Wallpaper features a ton of Genshin Impact characters eating and enjoying themselves.


    Eula Wallpaper

    Genshin Impact promotional Wallpaper of Eula
    Wallpaper by miHoYo

    A promotional photo of Eula. It makes for a pretty good wallpaper that simply features Eula.


    Diluc in His Element

    Diluc and his hawk friend in his element.
    Wallpaper by Anna

    A beautiful rendition of Diluc and his hawk friend in his element.


    Chilling in the Streets

    Chilling in the Streets Genshin Impact Wallpaper
    Wallpaper by magica

    A simple wallpaper featuring Barbara, Diona, and Jean strolling the streets of Mondstadt. It makes for a pretty colorful desktop background.


    Genshin Impact Character Overload

    All Genshin Impact characters wallpaper
    Wallpaper by yuko666

    This is a breathtaking wallpaper that features the beloved Genshin Impact characters.


    Dark Overlord Klee

    Dark Overlord Klee
    Wallpaper by rishixiyan

    This is a darker take on Klee, depicting her with red eyes and a devilish laugh.



    beidou by Sean Tay
    Wallpaper by Sean “Raiko” Tay

    Beidou uses her weapon as a shield to block some incoming arrows. It’s a great take on how Beidou uses her skills.


    Chongyun Poster

    Chongyun by miHoYo
    Wallpaper by miHoYo

    This is another great wallpaper coming from miHoYo themselves. It’s a wallpaper of Chongyun chilling out and eating a popsicle.


    Thirsty Qiqi

    Qiqi by Copoli
    Wallpaper by Copoli

    A cute and wholesome Genshin Impact wallpaper that has Qiqi thirsting for some of that delicious Cocogoat milk.


    Genshin Impact Chibi

    Chibi Genshin Impact Wallpaper
    Wallpaper by idomiz

    Have you ever wondered what the Genshin Impact world would look like in chibi form? Well, they’re super cute and perfect wallpaper material.


    Kamisato Under a Sakura Tree

    Kamisato Under a Sakura Tree
    Wallpaper by Slia99

    An elegant wallpaper with Kamisato Ayaka standing under a Sakura tree, maybe farming some Sakura Blooms.


    Childe in Action

    Childe by Caitlin Ungar
    Wallpaper by Caitlin Ungar

    An awesome Childe wallpaper where he is in the middle of combat.


    The Element of Fire

    Yanfei by StormStx
    Wallpaper by StormStx

    Yanfei practicing her skills and controlling her element. It’s a great and bright wallpaper that lets Yanfei’s fierce side out.



    fischl by anna
    Wallpaper by anna

    A simple Fischl wallpaper that has her surrounded by her Electro element.


    Thoma and Shiba

    Thoma and Shiba genshin impact wallpaper
    Wallpaper by Mujizi

    Another cute wallpaper of Thoma sharing a wholesome moment with Shiba.


    Library of Lisa

    Genshin impact wallpaper of lisa in a library
    Wallpaper by Cii

    Lisa enjoying her life, doing one of the things that makes her happy, reading in a library filled with thousands of books.



    Kaeya by Tomanatsu
    Wallpaper by Tomanatsu

    A cool wallpaper of Kaeya fighting it out and showing his mastery over his sword.


    Razor Wind

    Razor by AkiHito000
    Wallpaper by AkiHito000

    Razor trying to make his way through a thick cloud of smoke.


    Xiangling at Work

    Xiangling working Genshin impact wallpaper
    Wallpaper by ddal

    It’s just a typical day for Xiangling working at the Wanmin Restaurant.


    Kujou Sara

    Kujuo Sara by Oreskis
    Wallpaper by Oreskis

    A simple yet great wallpaper of Kujou Sara using her Electro-based talents.


    Sweet as Sucrose

    Sucrose by Oreskis
    Wallpaper by Oreskis

    A fantastic Genshin Impact wallpaper of Sucrose using her Elemental Burst, Forbidden Creation.


    Rosaria and Chill

    Rosaria and chill Genshin Impact wallpaper
    Wallpaper by KsteraWas3aten

    A chill wallpaper of Rosaria just reading a book and relaxing with her sword.


    Music that Burns

    Xinyan by DeathToTotoro
    Wallpaper by DeathToTotoro

    An excellent detailed wallpaper of Xinyan rocking out playing Rock ‘n’ Roll straight from Fontaine.


    Everyone’s Favorite Anime Ninja

    Sayu by Wood Love_L
    Wallpaper by Wood Love_L

    Sayu is getting cozy and sleeping with her daruma. Even ninjas need to rest!


    Sangonomiya Kokomi

    Sangonomiya Kokomi Genshin Impact wallpaper
    Wallpaper by XIAO

    The Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island using her Nereid’s Ascension skill.

    Those were our picks for 50 of the best Genshin Impact wallpapers you can use. Feel free to download as many high-quality wallpapers as you want. All of the photos above have a high resolution making them perfect as desktop wallpapers.

    Did we miss any great Genshin Impact wallpapers? Comment below your favorite Genshin Impact wallpaper.

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