8 Best Greenhouse Crops in Stardew Valley, Ranked

These are the crops you should grow inside the greenhouse!

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Stardew Valley players are often limited by seasons when planting crops. But with the greenhouse, you can grow crops that are out of season

However, the greenhouse only offers 120 tiles to plant. With this limit, you must properly plan what to plant to maximize your profit. As a result, you may get overwhelmed with what you should grow inside the greenhouse.

Therefore, we ranked the 8 best crops for greenhouse in Stardew Valley for your convenience. These crops give the most profit when grown inside the greenhouse.



Cranberries Greenhouse

Seed Source: Pierre’s General Store
Seed Price: 240g

Starting the list are Cranberries. They grow from Cranberry Seeds during Fall but grow all year round inside the greenhouse. 

The good thing about Cranberries is they reproduce every 5 days after the 1st harvest. Each plant also gives 2 Cranberries and has a 10% chance to produce extra Cranberries.

QualityRaw Product PriceArtisan Good (Wine) Price
Normal75g225g (200g for Jelly)
Cranberries’ Base Selling Prices Without Tiller and Artisan Professions.

Cranberries are a good start for you to plant if you just recently unlocked the greenhouse. They are low-maintenance crops that only need harvesting if you already have sprinklers to water them.


Coffee Bean

Coffee Bean Greenhouse

Seed Source: Traveling Cart
Seed Price: 100–2,500g

Aside from turning them into Coffee using Keg, Coffee Beans can also be profitable as greenhouse crops. 

It is kind of pricey to buy your 1st Coffee Bean from the Traveling Cart. However, reproducing the beans will be accessible after. If you are lucky, killing a Dust Sprite might give you one.

Unlike the other standard crops, you can directly plant Coffee Beans into the soil. You do not need a Seed Maker for them.

It only takes 10 days for a Coffee Bean to grow. After that, it will regrow every 2 days. Every plant gives 4 coffee beans per harvest. 

Coffee Bean’s Base Selling Prices (Unaffected by Tiller Profession).

If you want a constant supply of Coffee, planting Coffee Beans in the greenhouse is your best bet. They are also profitable as they regrow in a short time.

Tip: If you are trying to increase the hearts of Harvey, Coffee is one of his Loved Gifts.



Strawberry Greenhouse

Seed Source: Egg Festival
Seed Price: 100g

Strawberries are another decent crop to plant in the greenhouse. Strawberry Seeds are only available during Spring 13 in the Egg Festival.

Strawberry’s growth time is 8 days. It then reproduces every 4 days without needing to replant.

QualityRaw Product PriceArtisan Good (Wine) Price
Normal120g360g (290g for Jelly)
Strawberry’s Base Selling Prices Without Tiller and Artisan Professions.

Strawberries are more profitable than Cranberries because of their lower seed price. But you can only buy them once a year, which limits their accessibility.

You need to properly plan if you want Strawberries to be your standard growing crop inside the greenhouse. Unless you are patient enough to use Seed Makers to reproduce Strawberry Seeds, acquiring them would not be a problem.



Blueberry Greenhouse

Seed Source: Pierre’s General Store
Seed Price: 80g

Another berry in this list is Blueberry. It is a fruit crop that grows from Blueberry Seeds during Summer. But with the greenhouse, you can easily profit from this crop all throughout the year.

Blueberry Seeds need 14 days to produce their first batch of Blueberries. They regrow every 4 days after.

QualityRaw ProductArtisan Good (Wine)
Normal50g150g (150g for Jelly)
Blueberry’s Base Selling Prices Without Tiller and Artisan Professions.

Do not be fooled by its low selling prices. Each plant produces 3 Blueberries with a slight chance of getting another. This fact alone makes Blueberries one of the best Greenhouse crops.



Starfruit Greenhouse

Seed Source: Oasis 
Seed Price: 400g

Entering the upper half of our list is Starfruit. It is a fruit crop that grows from Starfruit Seeds during Summer.

You can only buy its seeds from the Oasis in the Calico Desert. The good thing about Starfruit Seeds is they are available any season.

Starfruits take 13 days to grow. However, they do not regrow. So you will need to replant them after harvest.

QualityRaw Product PriceArtisan Good (Wine)
Normal750g2,250g (1,550g for Jelly)
Starfruit’s Base Selling Prices Without Tiller and Artisan Professions.
Shed Full of Kegs

The best way to maximize profit from Starfruits is to turn them into wines. You can do this by using Kegs. Starfruit Wine is the most expensive wine to sell in the game.



Pineapple Greenhouse

Seed Source: Island Trader
Seed Price: 1 Magma Cap

Pineapples are late-game fruit crops that grow from Pineapple Seeds. You can only get Pineapple Seeds after you unlock the Ginger Island.

Pineapple Seeds Island Trader

The Island Trader trades 1 Pineapple Seed for 1 Magma Cap. Tiger Slimes and Hot Heads in the Volcano Dungeon can also drop Pineapple Seeds.

Pineapple’s growth time is 14 days. It then regrows every 7 days. 

QualityRaw Product PriceArtisan Good (Wine) Price
Normal300g900g (650g for Jelly)
Pineapple’s Base Selling Prices Without Tiller and Artisan Professions.

Without using Kegs, Pineapples are more profitable than Starfruits in the long run.

Pineapples can also grow on your farm during Summer. But growing them in the greenhouse will be way more profitable.


Sweet Gem Berry

Sweet Gem Berry Greenhouse

Seed Source: Traveling Cart
Seed Price: 600–1,000g

Around 10x the price of Pineapples, Sweet Gem Berry is the 2nd best crop to grow in the greenhouse. It is also the best crop to grow during Fall on your farm.

Rare Seed Traveling Cart

Sweet Gem Berry grows from Rare Seed, which you can only buy from the Traveling Cart.

It can also grow on your farm during Fall. But it takes 24 days for Sweet Gem Berry to grow. Like Starfruit, it also does not regrow.

Sweet Gem Berry’s Base Selling Prices Without Tiller and Artisan Professions.

Sweet Gem Berries are highly profitable, but acquiring their seeds in bulk is challenging. The Traveling Cart only sells 1–5 Rare Seeds at random times.

You cannot also eat or process Sweet Gem Berries using Kegs and Preserves Jar.


Ancient Fruit

Ancient Fruit Greenhouse

Seed Source: Crafting, Traveling Cart
Seed Price: 100–1,000g (Traveling Cart)

The best greenhouse crop in Stardew Valley is Ancient Fruit. It is a fruit crop that grows from Ancient Seeds. There is only a 1.26% chance that the Traveling Cart will sell Ancient Seeds.

Ancient Seeds Recipe

But there is another way to obtain them — through the Ancient Seed artifact. Gunther will give you the Ancient Seeds recipe if you donate an Ancient Seed to the museum.

Ancient Fruit takes 28 days to grow. It then regrows every 7 days after the 1st harvest. 

QualityRaw Product PriceArtisan Good (Wine) Price
Normal550g1,650g (1,150g for Jelly)
Ancient Fruit’s Base Selling Prices Without Tiller and Artisan Professions

Like Starfruits, you can maximize their profitability by turning them into wine.
What makes them the best greenhouse crop is they regrow. You will just conveniently harvest them every week once you are all set!

And that completes our list of the 8 best greenhouse crops in Stardew Valley. If you want to maximize your greenhouse’s limited space, just look at this list to help you decide what to grow!

What are your thoughts on our list? Let us know below!

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