5 BEST GTA Online RP Servers: Ranked (2023)

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Rockstar has a habit of creating games that are perfect for people that love to role-play, even far outside the realm of official gameplay mechanics or intentions. Just look at Red Dead Redemption 2; who doesn’t like roleplaying as some infamous wild west gunslinger or a vigilante bounty hunter?

With the help of mods, servers allow players to do so much more than the base game does. And they’re fully moderated! Yes, no longer do you need to worry about your fun being cut short by a stray C4 explosive.

In this article, we’ll be running through the 5 BEST GTA RP servers that you need to check now!

How To Join GTA 5 Online Servers

RageMP and FiveM Mods

Unfortunately for Console players, RP servers are exclusive to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. This is because to play, you will need to install either RageMP or FiveM (depending on the server) to be able to connect. Getting your game ready to join an RP server is extremely easy and requires only a few steps:

  1. Install Grand Theft Auto V on Steam or the Rockstar Launcher.
  2. Download FiveM or RageMP (Check server requirement)
  3. Create an account and application for the desired server.
  4. Once accepted, join the server through the client.
  5. Play!

Top 5 BEST GTA Online RP Servers

There are currently many RP servers that you can choose from, all with their own twist or spin on the concept, whether you’re wanting something a little more tame and peaceful, or a server that offers all out chaos, there is something for you.

Below you’ll find the most popular RP servers that will satisfy players of all interests!



No Pixel Server

Exclusivity: Extremely
Player Count: 32
Join NoPixel RP

It is impossible to talk about GTA Online RP without talking about NoPixel’s RP server. NoPixel has been the most influential RP server within the GTA Online community since its inception. It is the most streamed RP server on Twitch, with some of the biggest streaming names playing on it.

Therefore, it is no surprise that NoPixel is likely among the most strict and complex RP servers. Thus, you can feasibly do anything, the possibilities are limitless. If you’ve got the knack for it, you could work your way from nothing to being among the richest on the server (legally or otherwise).

However, it is no simple feat getting on NoPixel as it is an extremely busy and popular server. Players have often complained of joining queues of up to 2000 players. But if you’ve got the stomach to wait, you’ll be dearly rewarded. NoPixel is the caviar of GTA Online RP servers, and the experience reflects this. Though, if you’re a new RP player, it is best to check out some of the other servers on this list first, so you know what to do and how to act on an RP server.



TRP Server

Exclusivity: None
Player Count: 20,000 Active
Join TwitchRP

Considered as one of the best GTA roleplay servers, TwitchRP is another ‘household’ name within the GTA Online community, like NoPixel, it is extremely popular among Twitch streamers (go figure). With over 20,000 active community members, you’ll never see this server empty. It is the go-to RP server when it is impossible to connect to NoPixel.

However, TwitchRP has many features that are attractive enough to make it a fair rival choice to the infamous NoPixel RP. The server is based upon everyone picking up a contributory job, like real society. Members are encouraged to be anything from mechanics, shop workers, and car dealers, to paramedics, and police. This creates a sense of community that is perfect for facilitating great RP. Instead of NPCs, it is often players performing most roles.

But for those that just can’t shake that criminal instinct, TwitchRP still appeals to those desiring to live in the dark underworld. You’re able to get involved in any manner of illegal business. Therefore, TwitchRP is great for all types of RP players.


Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP GTA Server

Exclusivity: New Player Friendly
Player Count: 200
Join Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP is an extremely impressive server, as it allows up to 200 active players at once. Even NoPixel can only support 32 players at any single moment. This means you’ll never be 5 seconds away from another player, or a great interaction. Like TwitchRP you can do just about any job that you’re interested in, legitimate or not.

However, Eclipse RP is a good choice for those that prefer a greater emphasis on crime, as the server facilitates several Mob organizations and turf war conflicts that often engulf the entire server. So, if you’re wanting to make it big in the Mob, fight rival gangs, or even become the Capo di Tutti Capi, then this is the server for you.

Additionally, Eclipse RP is a great server for introducing new GTA RP players to the RP community, as it is far easier to get into than the more exclusive top-tier servers. You’ll be able to get straight in and learn from all the great active community members.


GTA World RP

GTA World Server

Exclusivity: New Player Friendly
Player Count: 500+
Join GTA World RP

Voice communication is essential to almost all GTA Online RP servers, with the vast majority of the roleplay element coming down to those interactions you have over the mic with other players. However, many people are simply just not comfortable using a microphone in-game. This can completely ruin the RP experience for them, or make it impossible to get into RP full stop.

However, GTA World RP, rather controversially, has accommodated the many players that feel this way. GTA World RP has completely discarded voice chat and instead replaced it with a very intuitive and gameplay-friendly text chat. Like Habbo Hotel, or Club Penguin, when you type it’ll appear above the players allowing localized conversations, rather than all-out mayhem in GTA Online‘s official server chat.

Therefore, this is a great server for those that either don’t own a microphone, are just uncomfortable speaking directly to others, or just prefer the simplicity of this classic text-chat function.


MafiaCity GTA RP

Mafia City Roleplay

Exclusivity: New Player Friendly
Player Count: 200+
Join MafiaCity RP

Whilst the name MafiaCity sounds like a terrible mobile game, this is one of the best GTA Online servers currently available to players for RP. MafiaCity is one of the most unique servers on this list, as it currently uses RageMP rather than FiveM.

This is a massive sell to many RP players, as RageMP is often considered the far superior server hosting client. Offering framerates that match and often beat that of single-player. But the biggest selling point is that, unlike FiveM, RageMP allows limitless numbers of players, meaning far bigger servers.

Therefore, MafiaCity is a great server for those looking for a huge player base, with giant criminal organizations and gangs. There will not be a quiet or peaceful moment on this intense RP server. However, you can expect the same level of RP choice that you get with all the other servers, as there are still many roles to choose from.

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