8 Best Junglers In Pokemon UNITE

Gank your way to victory!

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In Pokemon UNITE, you play as one of 54 different Pokemon, each possessing unique powers and abilities to outplay enemies inside the Arena. If you’re a jungler main, though, not every Pokemon suits the role perfectly.

Junglers thrive in ganking maneuvers and are self-dependent on leveling up quickly, knocking out wild Pokemon as their primary source of EXP. The best junglers in Pokemon UNITE are usually those that have the highest damage-per-second (DPS) potential, starting with:


Urshifu (All-Rounder)

Auto-attack type: Melee
Damage type: Physical Attack
Difficulty: Intermediate

Urshifu is a fantastic jungler regardless of which evolution type you’re going for, be it Single Strike or Rapid Strike. Able to do crazy amounts of physical damage, you can clear jungles in no time at all, getting your buffs and EXP up as soon as possible.

As Urshifu, you’ll be the one actively hunting down opponents to fight against. Both his stats and abilities are catered for direct engagements, and you can gank enemy teams from behind to ambush them when they least expect it. Seriously, an endgame Urshifu is terrifying, especially one that prowls the map through the bushes.


Zoroark (Speedster)

Auto-attack type: Melee
Damage type: Physical Attack
Difficulty: Expert

If you’re into surprise attacks, Zoroark is the ideal jungler for you. Able to disguise himself as other Pokemon on the map, you can fool the opponent’s team for a split-second, giving ample time for you to jump on top of the weakest enemy nearby, clawing at them relentlessly.

Maximizing his DPS using an item such as the Razor Claw can guarantee quick kills before the enemy knows what hit them. You’ll need tons of focus and expertise to play Zoroark at his full potential, but he’s one of the most fun Pokemon to play offensively, patrolling the central areas of the Arena while seeking his next victim.


Scizor (All-Rounder)

Auto-attack type: Melee
Damage type: Physical Attack
Difficulty: Intermediate

A durable fighter, Scizor can be played in lane or jungle, depending on your team comps. He works best as a jungler, though, because he can quickly knock out foes as soon as you evolve into him at level 5.

Couple his multiple-hitting attacks with the orange buff, and you’ll find those kills easy to find, all the way to the endgame. Depending on the Pokemon in combat, you can sometimes manage 1v3 opponents as well, so Scizor justifies his place amongst the best junglers in Pokemon UNITE.


Garchomp (All-Rounder)

Auto-attack type: Melee
Damage type: Physical Attack
Difficulty: Intermediate

Garchomp’s a fearsome brawler in Pokemon UNITE, and you can initiate team fights all by yourself when leveled enough. His kit lets you crowd-control (CC) multiple enemies by slowing them down, and you’ll be dishing out passive and active damages to enemies simultaneously.

Due to his ruthlessness, a jungling Garchomp is strong during the early-to-mid game. You can single-handedly win matches as Garchomp if you’re consistent at stealing jungle buffs as well, adding to his already-potent combos.


Gengar (Speedster)

Auto-attack type: Melee
Damage type: Special Attack
Difficulty: Expert

Gengar is another Pokemon that excels in jungling due to his different array of abilities, like increased Movement Speed, invisibility, and harmful debuffs. You’ll be skirting around the edges of the jungle to identify the weakest link in the opponent’s team, finding the right moment to pounce.

Gengar can bully enemy junglers by zoning them out from getting buffs and EXP, too, because he’s quite tanky for a Speedster, but you’ll need to be on point with your timings. He’s quite technical to control, but it’s worth the time and effort put in to learn him.


Absol (Speedster)

Auto-attack type: Melee
Damage type: Physical Attack
Difficulty: Expert

Absol is a master of burst damage, and you’ll be surprised at how fast he can take out chunks of enemies’ HP without any support. He can instantly turn the tide of a battle in your team’s favor, slicing through opponent Pokemon’s Defenses with ease.

As a jungler, you’ll be stealing all those purple and orange buffs to make Absol a true assassin on the map. Absol is quite squishy, though, but his abilities make up for it by supplementing his raw Attack power.


Talonflame (Speedster)

Auto-attack type: Melee
Damage type: Physical Attack
Difficulty: Novice

Next is Talonflame, and he’s great for chasing down retreating Pokemon caught out of position. All of his moves are movement-based, letting you get in and out of combat effortlessly.

Talonflame is quite capable of handling 1v2s as well, and you can quickly change lanes to support teammates in trouble. An orange-buffed Talonflame is even scarier, capable of eviscerating the tankiest of Defenders who are slightly under-leveled.


Cinderace (Attacker)

Auto-attack type: Ranged
Damage type: Physical Attack
Difficulty: Novice

Cinderace tops things off with his devastating single-target damage rotations. Even though he’s among the earliest Pokemon to be introduced into the game, Cinderace’s long-range moves are still scary to deal with today, especially if you equip Cinderace with items that bolster his Critical Hit Rate, Attack, and Attack Speed.

You can gank and destroy unsuspecting targets in mere seconds, supplemented by Cinderace’s damage-over-time (DOT) Burn effect. When outnumbered, you can easily slip away too, repositioning yourself to steal forest buffs or support lane fights instead.


With so many special Pokemon to choose from, it’s not easy picking eight of them to be the best junglers in Pokemon UNITE. You might have your personal favorites too. If you do, feel free to share them in the comments section below to let us know!

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