10 Best Keepsakes in Elden Ring

Little gifts to make your life easy in the Lands Between!

Abbas Ahmad
Abbas Ahmad
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Elden Ring, in typical Souls fashion, doesn’t throw its players empty-handed into its unforgiving world. To make the first few steps easier, players – alongside picking a class of their choice – get to choose a Keepsake, which they can take with them. That is why this guide will list the Best Keepsakes in Elden Ring.

Although optional, you can choose from 9 total Keepsakes (10 if None counts). Plus, skipping them is unwise as they provide an early edge over enemies. And while you can get all of them as you explore, some are substantially better. So, without further ado, let’s look at what’s worth picking up!


Golden Seed

Golden Seed
A Tarnished near a nascent Erdtree that holds Golden Seeds

The best Keepsake in Elden Ring is the Golden Seed, and it is a no-brainer, especially for newcomers. This is the most valuable gift a player can ask for, as once players set foot in Limgrave they’re met with formidable enemies right off the bat.

Consuming the Golden Seed at your first Site of Grace will increase the Sacred Flask’s charge, granting an extra chug of this holy concoction.This means that instead of starting with 4, you begin with 5 Flask. Players will also be delighted that another is acquired near the Stormhill shack very early.


Stonesword Key

Stonesword Key
Description for Stonesword Key

This Keepsake has players start off their journey with 2 Stonesword Keys. These break certain Imp statue seals that prevent players from accessing hideaway treasure. In turn, these keys will get stuck within the statues when used.

Once you’ve awakened in the Stranded Graveyard, progress further until you come along a fog wall sealed by two Imp Statues. The game cleverly places this for the Tarnished, and there’s no perfect place to spend the two 2 Stonesword Keys.

This will lead you to the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, and if you’re brave enough to brave it, you’ll come across invaluable loot. The Erdtree’s Favor Talisman and Banished Knight Oleg’s Ashes are some of the goodies inside that give an impeccable head start over everything it throws at you!


Fanged Imp Ashes

Fanged Imp Ashes
Description for Fanged Imp Ashes

While you won’t use the Fanged Imp Ashes until Ranni – disguised as Renna – hands over the Spirit Calling Bell, they’re more hady than the Lone Wolf Ashes – also given by Ranni. Their enemy counterparts are annoying, and imagine how enemies will end up dealing with this frustration.

It summons two spectral Fanged Imps, packs everything their physical counterparts come with and lives up to their notorious fame. Plus, their low FP cost and ranged attacks that proc poison on hit justify how amazing this little Keepsake is in Elden Ring!


Bewitching Brand

Bewitching Brand
Description for Bewitching Branch

The Bewitching Brand are already hard to come by in Elden Ring, which more than signifies the importance of this Keepsake. At the cost of some FP, consuming this item releases a pink fog that temporarily converts foes into allies.

Some insights into the game’s lore also implies that these were used by Miquella to gather followers in his hayday. And by Marika that’s literal mind control!

While it won’t work on bosses, it works like a charm against groups of enemies and threats like the Giant Crayfish, which you would usually avoid. Quick tip, though, is to spare a few for the Commander Niall boss fight to charm his summoned Banished Knights to turn the tides in your favor.


Crimson Amber Medallion

Crimson Amber Medallion
Description for Crimson Amber Medallion

The Crimson Amber Medallion is an equipable Keepsake in Elden Ring. This is a Talisman which amps up your HP by 6%. It can also be purchased from the Nomadic Merchant in the Weeping Peninsula for 1500 Runes. The only reason to opt for the Crimson Talisman over the rest is only if you’ve picked a class short of Vigor, where you’ll need all the extra HP.

Other than that, you’re better off picking the Stonesward Key gift, as you’ll get your hands on Erdtree’s Favor Talisman, which is far better.


Lands Between Rune

Lands Between Rune
Description for Lands Between Rune

The Lands Between Rune is a Keepsake in Elden Ring that gives players wads of Runes, which they can use to crank up several points in stats of their choice. Moreover, you can use it to fast-track any build you might have in mind.

However, we recommend holding onto the Keepsake until you properly unlock the leveling feature by talking to Malena. Eventually, you’ll risk losing the 3000 Runes – a decent amount – if you still need to unlock it. The game, however, has some neat early farming spots from which you can reap great benefits!


Shabriri’s Vow

Shabriri's Vow
Description for Shabriri’s Vow

The Keepsake, known as the Shabriri’s Vow, is a Talisman, and its one and only use is to attract enemies’ aggression. Since everything wants you dead anyway, it’s pretty useless to equip in a solo run. On the other hand, once a buddy joins in the fun using Co-op, one of you can pop this up, and bosses will divert their attention to the one holding the Talisman.

It’s helpful when one of you runs a beefier setup suited to soaking up damage. Plus, you can also use it on your Mimic Tear.


Cracked Pot

Cracked Pot
Description for Cracked Pot

Crafting is a relatively niche mechanic and an often overlooked one. If you pick the Cracked Pot as your starting Keepsake in Elden Ring, you’ll begin with two Cracked Pots. These act as vessels you can fill with ingredients to craft elemental Pots.

However, it’s not worth picking as Kale the Merchant sells 3 of these from the get-go for just 300 Runes, and you can find more as you explore the Lands Between. Plus, you’ll hardly see yourself crafting Pots in Elden Ring. And the Pots that are worth crafting aren’t available until you’ve collected the best Cookbooks.


Boiled Prawn

Boiled Prawn
Description for Boiled Prawn

Picking the Boiled Prawn Keepsake leaves you with five chunks of Prawn. The Tarnished can devour these to gain a 15% Physical Damage negation, meaning enemies will damage you with less than they usually pack. However, 5 of these is relatively less, and it’s only once you reach the Blackguard Big Bogart in Liurnia that you begin buying cartloads of these succulent Prawns.



A dejected Tarnished with no Keepsake

Concluding our list of the best Keepsake in Elden Ring, the default Keepsake is set to None, which is why they are optional. If you’re busy perfecting you’re character’s facial structures, you can easily get distracted and start the game without choosing any Keepsake. As such, you’ll want to tread carefully while creating your character. On the other hand, if you’re up for a challenge, then feel free to dive in with nothing.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for our list of the best Keepsakes in Elden Ring. Some provide permanent effects like the Golden Seed; others, like Stonesword Keys, lead to better rewards; still others don’t serve much purpose. However, it ultimately boils down to what you’re looking for in a Keepsake and what you’re trying to achieve with your character.

Which is your favorite Keepsake in Elden Ring? Or would you rather venture into the Lands Between without any Keepsake? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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