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Omer Nadeem
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Chapter 4 Season 3 has brought a ton of new and exciting changes to the Fortnite map. Apart from the modern, cyberpunk, and Japanese-themed locations in Season 2, Epic has completely flipped the script and released a whole new jungle biome with three new POIs in the middle of the map. Because of these new locations, we’ve decided to go ahead and make a list of the 10 best Fortnite landing spots for Chapter 4 Season 3.

With some areas taking inspiration from older chapters and some shiny new concepts, this Fortnite map certainly has a lot to explore.


Mega City

1 - Mega City Landing Spot in Fortnite Chapter 4

Mega City is still one of the main POIs of this chapter and is the location the entire story of the chapter revolves around. The previous season included a bunch of futuristic, Japan-themed locations, and Mega City is the main one from the bunch. This location is, by far, the hottest point to drop on the map, and it’s definitely one of the coolest-looking locations Fortnite has ever had.

There is a ton of loot in Mega City, which makes it a hot drop and one of the most difficult hot drops Fortnite has ever seen. You’re bound to find really good guns off spawn to fight off the hoard of players landing here. We’d recommend getting yourself in a bot lobby if you want a higher chance of survival.

We didn’t tell you this, but the highrise towers in Mega City would make for great trickshotting spots. That is if you and your friends are up to the task.


Rumble Ruins

2 - Rumble Ruins Landing Spot in Fortnite Chapter 4

Rumble Ruins enters the fray as one of the most important POIs in the new Chapter 4 Season 3 update. It is a temple that is located in the center of the map; its status as a temple is crucial to the story and lore that signifies this update. It’s also why so many players decide to make it their designated landing spot. We assure you, you won’t feel alone when dropping here.

Other than having the main temple as a hotspot, there are smaller structures near the temple that contain regular floor loot and the new Kinetic Boomerang artifact/weapon. Getting the Kinetic Boomerang early on will help you gain the advantage over the many players dropping in Rumble Ruins.

Furthermore, you can also expect the new Wildguard Relik NPC boss to spawn here. He’s a very tough opponent that can turn invisible whenever he pleases. He does this by utilizing the new Cloak Gauntlets – yet another artifact you can pick up and use to fool other players in combat. We can safely proclaim this as one of the best Fortnite landing spots in Chapter 4 Season 3.


The Citadel

3 - The Citadel Landing Spot in Fortnite Chapter 4

The Citadel is a really exciting landing spot for a variety of different reasons. Firstly, it’s a hot drop. If you’re looking to get down and dirty super early in the match, the Citadel is one of the best places to land. But, at the same time, if you want some time to loot comfortably before the action begins, you can get a lot of decent stuff from the surrounding towers as well.

Inside the castle, you have plenty of loot with chests and Oathbound chests as well. There are quite a few corridors and chambers that give you the chance to have decent fights. If you get some really good loot super early, you can go to the top of the castle, which is a great place to rain down fire from the high ground’s safety.


Kenjutsu Crossing

2 - Kenjutsu Crossing Landing Spot in Fortnite Chapter 4

Fourth up on our list is another fairly new Chapter 4 location called Kenjutsu Crossing. Unlike Mega City, Kenjutsu Crossing isn’t a really big location. It’s primarily just a single-building location with a couple of smaller, distant houses that players can land on if their drop is late.

This is another really hot POI, and will see traffic from a giant part of the lobby. You’ll need to grab some weapons fast because, depending on the path of the Battle Bus, you’re going to see a LOT of people here.

Once you’re done farming the main building, you have a bridge connecting Kenjutsu to Steamy Springs, which is good if you need a quick getaway or a way to flank players fighting in Steamy.


Shady Stilts

5 - Shady Stilts Landing Spot in Fortnite Chapter 4

You may have noticed that the popular POI “Anvil Square” from Season 2 is missing. That was done to make place for a new POI – Shady Stilts. Shady Stilts is a nice cozy village with plenty of wooden houses to boot. You will notice that the entire village is split in half, and this was likely done to make this new season 3 location less hectic than it has to be.

The loot potential in Shady Stilts is encouraging to say the least. Each house has a decent amount of loot and weapons that will help you in the early-mid game stages. Additionally, seeing as how a river separates the village, you can secure one side of the village without having to worry about players sneaking up on you.

The only thing you’ll have to worry about in this landing spot is the fact that every house is made out of wood and can be burned down very easily. However, the number of vines that you can ride and the surrounding water make for great escape routes in the case that someone lights all of the houses on fire.


Frenzy Fields

6 - Frenzy Fields Landing Spot in Fortnite Chapter 4

Frenzy Fields is a location inspired by Frenzy Farms, a location back in season 2 of Fortnite. It was a POI back then because of the rat potential of the location, and the same goes for Frenzy Fields. It’s one of the top POIs in this chapter, and rightly so.

Frenzy Fields is located on the southwestern side of the map and has a bunch of spots where you can channel your inner Agent 47 and play stealthily. It’s not one of the best spots if you’re looking to take fights because players tend to hide in this location a lot, so taking straight-up fights will prove to be difficult.

Frenzy Fields would make for a great 1v1 map due to its linear structure.


Shattered Slabs

7 - Shattered Slabs Landing Spot in Fortnite

Shattered Slabs is another location based on the medieval theme of the earlier seasons of this chapter. It’s a little bit of a tricky location as it sits a little deeper than the surface of the map. So, if you stay there a little too long, players coming in from the areas around the location could easily pick you off from the high ground. But if you’re up for a challenge and a bunch of fights, this is a really fun place to land.

Shattered Slabs comes with a ton of loot and even three Oathbound Chests. You’re also going to find quite a few dirt bikes to get out if needed, but you won’t be finding any cars. Shattered Slabs is also home to the NPC Wild Card and sells an exotic Unstable Bow.


Lonely Labs

8 - Lonely Labs Landing Spot in Fortnite

Lonely Labs, as the name suggests, is a super lonely location at the edge of the map. It’s one of the best landing spots in Fortnite for someone that does not want a lot of fights early on in the game. It’s in a snowy part of the map, and the concept is based on an Arctic research station. There is a bunch of really good loot, and you’ll end up with a full loadout in just a couple of minutes.

In terms of mobility, you’re getting quite a few ziplines that will let you get to the surrounding areas in case you find yourself in a bad fight. There are some vehicles available, but given the snowy conditions, you won’t be able to drive too fast.


Brutal Bastion

9 - Brutal Bastion Landing Spot in Fortnite

Brutal Bastion is located on the southwest side of Lonely Labs and is also a snowy area. This location isn’t that big of a POI. However, there’s a lot of loot to go around here. Most of the chests will be hidden in compartments in walls, so take note of that when you’re walking through the corridors. Listen carefully and break some walls when you hear chests.

For mobility, Brutal Bastion is one of the best locations you can find on the map. You have a few ziplines and a ton of different launch pads at your disposal, giving you a quick getaway in case of emergencies.


Creeky Compound

Creeky Compound Landing Spot in Fortnite

Creeky Compound is one of the three newest POIs added in Chapter 4 Season 3. It’s nothing big, nor will too many players choose it as their landing spot. It’s one of the more prominent locations story-wise. This is largely due to the fact that it’s a research facility. Facilities like this have always popped up throughout Fortnite’s new seasons and chapter, so the addition of this POI doesn’t come as a surprise.

As bland as it may be, the loot you can find here is still better than in the wild or unnamed POIs. You’ll be able to explore the rooms of the base tents, and then move on to the courtyard, where even more loot and goodies await you. It may not be one of the best Fortnite landing spots in Chapter 4, but it’s still popular due to its position on the map.

Closing Thoughts

The Chapter 4 Season 3 map in Fortnite is definitely one of the most unique and interesting additions the game has ever seen. There are a bunch of really cool locations, NPCs, guns, vehicles, and a lot more. With that said, we’ve given you 10 of the best Fortnite landing spots in Chapter 4 Season 3. It’s time for you to drop in and get some Victory Royales!

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