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Pinocchio Has Something Dangerous Up His Sleeve.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Besides having access to a boatload of dangerous weapons that scale on different stats, Pinocchio also uses Legion Arms to annihilate enemies in Lies of P. These arms come in all shapes and sizes. At launch, the game had 8 different types of Legion Arms.

So, which arms are better than others? The game has a wide variety of enemies that are weak against different attack/element types. We have spent an extensive time in testing all arms to see which ones are better than the others.

We will rank them based on how early they become useful and what kind of playstyle they support. Having the right arm for each fight is necessary, especially if you are trying to cheese an annoying boss in Lies of P.

So, let’s start discussing the list and look at the different Legion Arms in Lies of P!


Puppet String

Puppet String
Grappling Hook

Weight: 8.5
Motivity: C
Technique: A
Advance: D

This is the very first legion arm you will get from Eugene at Krat Hotel. Puppet String is by far the most op legion arm in Lies of P. It lets you target and pull enemies towards you.

Excellent for isolating targets and dealing tons of posture damage as well. You can also use the same wire to fling yourself toward the enemy for a quick attack (once you upgrade the legion arm).

  • At Level 1: Pinocchio can fling himself toward the enemy.
  • At Level 2: Let’s you dodge any incoming attacks right after you’ve poked an enemy with the string.
  • At Level 3: Unlocks a follow-up attack that flings P towards the enemy and launches him in the air for a devastating overhead blow.



Aegis - Lies of P Legion Arms
A Traditional Shield

Weight: 12.4
Motivity: B
Technique: B
Advance: D

Coming in at #2, many consider the Aegis the best legion arm in Lies of P. This legion arm lets you carry a traditional shield in your left hand and block attacks with it. Not just block, but counter-attack too with the embedded impact blaster.

This legion arm makes the game more approachable for non-soul players. You are defending and attacking at the same time, which makes this a perfect pick for many.

You can craft this legion arm from the Venigni Machine at Hotel Krat by spending x1 Legion Plug.

  • At Level 1: Pinocchio can attack enemies while holding the guard button.
  • At Level 2: Let’s you use the Fable Arts meter to perform a parry using the shield.
  • At Level 3: You can charge the legion arm for a more powerful attack as you perform a perfect parry using the shield.



Flamberge - Lies of P Legion Arms
Acme Flamethrower

Weight: 8.2
Motivity: C
Technique: D
Advance: A

Things start to get a bit more situational from here on out. All of the remaining legion arms are good against a specific type of enemy. You’ll be fighting corrupted puppets and diseased monsters in Lies of P. Fire damage is very useful against all of them, especially the monsters.

Flamberge lets P wield a flamethrower that builds overheat status on enemies and eventually burns them. If the enemy is too weak to fire, like the Fallen Archbishop Andreus, then this legion arm will instantly deplete their HP.

You need to defeat the King’s Flame Fuoco boss in Lies of P to obtain the High-powered Flame Amplifier and then use Venigni’s machine to craft the Flameberge legion arm.

  • At Level 1: Increases the maximum range of the flamethrower.
  • At Level 2: The flames become more potent after some time. Meaning it will build up overheating status faster.
  • At Level 3: You can release a fire explosion after spewing out flames to cause more damage.



Shock Blasts

Weight: 7.9
Motivity: B
Technique: D
Advance: B

This legion arm lets Pinocchio release electric shock blasts. They don’t have much range and are only suitable for very specific scenarios where you are fighting close to the enemy. Still, a very good choice against puppet enemies as they are weak to Shock damage.

Once you’ve defeated the Scrapped Watchman boss in Lies of P, take the Overcharged Storage Battery to Eugene at Krat Hotel, and she’ll craft the Fulminis legion arm for you.

  • At Level 1: You can move around while holding the legion arm button to charge the shock blast.
  • At Level 2: You will emit sparks from the legion arm while charging the main blast to inflict more damage.
  • At Level 3: P can charge the Fulminis even more and let out more damaging shock blasts.


Falcon Eyes

Falcon Eyes - Lies of P Legion Arms
The Sniper Attachment

Weight: 10.8
Motivity: C
Technique: A
Advance: N/A

The Falcon Eyes legion arm lets you aim and tag an enemy with a timed bomb that explodes after a few seconds. This legion arm is good for getting rid of stationary enemies that hurl bombs at you.

You may find this legion arm to be useful in boss fights where the goal is to deal as much chip damage to the boss as possible.

You can craft this legion arm from Venigni’s Machine at Hotel Krat using x1 Legion Plug.

  • At Level 1: The first upgrade increases the maximum effective range of the legion arm.
  • At Level 2: You can shoot another round quickly after letting one out.
  • At Level 3: P can shoot and tag enemies immediately after dodging incoming attacks.



Spittin’ Acid

Weight: 10.7
Motivity: D
Technique: C
Advance: A

Pandemonium is a legion arm that spews out puddles of acid in a half circle whenever you press the legion arm button.

This arm is so situational that you might even forget it exists since you also have access to acid bombs. They are way more effective than this legion arm.

You can craft this legion arm from Venigni’s Machine at Hotel Krat using x1 Legion Plug.

  • At Level 1: The first upgrade lets you choose whether you want the acid puddles in a straight line or horizontally spread.
  • At Level 2: You can charge the legion arm to increase the range of the attack.
  • At Level 3: Once you shoot acid puddles, they will explode before expiring.


Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina - Lies of P Legion Arms

Weight: 11.0
Motivity: A
Technique: C
Advance: N/A

The Deus Ex Machina is by far the most technical and situational legion arm in Lies of P. You can plant mines in the ground using this legion arm. The mines will explode once they detect an enemy entering their radius. Useful against enemies that chase you in predictable patterns.

You can craft this legion arm from Venigni’s Machine at Hotel Krat using x1 Legion Plug.

  • At Level 1: The first upgrade increases the maximum detection radius of each mine once it is placed on the ground.
  • At Level 2: You can install more mines with the level 2 upgrade.
  • At Level 3: The final upgrade also increases detection range, explosion range, and explosion damage.


Left Arm of Steel

Left Arm of Steel
Starting Equipment

Weight: 6.5
Motivity: B
Technique: B
Advance: N/A

Pinocchio has this legion arm equipped when the game starts. It can only perform a punching attack and cannot be leveled up in any way.

The only good thing about this legion arm is that it weighs the least compared to others. So, if you are facing weight balance issues and don’t rely on legion arms, use this one to reduce your overall weight.

How to Upgrade Legion Arm in Lies of P?

You’ve read us discussing what each legion arm does at different upgrade levels. So, how do you upgrade the legion arm in Lies of P?

You have to collect Legion Calibers and take them to Venigni’s Machine at Hotel Krat. Then, go into the Modify Legion Arm menu and select whichever legion arm you want to upgrade.

Legion Calibers are quite rare in-game. So, we suggest previewing each upgrade to see how it plays out, then compare it to your playstyle. If it is something you’ll utilize properly then go for it.

Some legion arms only need to be leveled up to level 1 or 2 at best. While others (like the Puppet String) need to be maxed out before they become properly deadly.

This was our ranked list of the best legion arms in Lies of P. We recommend that you try out all of them on your own before forming an opinion. You might end up liking an arm that is ranked low here. It totally depends on your playstyle.

If you like such ranked lists and informative guides, stick with WIG where we cover the latest games, tech, leaks, and much more!

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