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Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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Besides lava and blaze rods, coal remains the best fuel in Minecraft 1.20 in terms of usage. Due to this, it’s crucial to know where you can find coal in the game to help you smelt and obtain refined items faster. 

Today, join me as I show you the best level to find coal in Minecraft version 1.20!

Best Level to Find Coal

Based on the current Minecraft ore distribution, coal can be found in two sections of the Overworld. The first section is from Y Levels 0 to 190, and the second is from Y Levels 136 to 256. 

Minecraft Ore Distribution
Source: Minecraft (Updated Ore Distribution Chart)

If we are going to follow this information strictly, it’s best to mine coal at Y Level 136 since the two sections of coal meet at this level. 

There’s also a greater chance of finding coal at Y Levels 95 and 136 if you’re mining in mountain peaks. 

Mining Coal in Minecraft

When mining for coal in Minecraft 1.20, I highly suggest branch mining.

Start by creating a main tunnel at Y Level 136, then extend side branches after every third block to maximize your chances of finding coal veins and minimizing overlap. 

Minecraft coal level
Branch Mining Minecraft

Branch mining should allow you to cover large areas without excessive digging. 

Strip mining is also an option if you want to find coal fast. But this requires more tools and puts you at risk of running into hazards like lava. 

Best Tool to Mine Coal in Minecraft 1.20

An iron pickaxe or better is highly recommended for coal mining due to its durability and speed. You can also enchant your pickaxe with Efficiency to increase mining speed. Fortune is another enchantment you can use to multiply your coal yield per ore block. 

If you want to maximize your pickaxe, enchanting it with Unbreaking is also an option. This should extend your tool’s lifespan, allowing you to cover more ground with a single pickaxe. 

Additional Tip

While mining coal at Y Levels 95 or 136, you should also look for other valuable resources that you can collect. 

  • Iron – At these levels, iron ores are also abundant, which you can use for crafting armor and tools.
  • Copper – You’ll likely find copper ores at Y Levels 95 and 136, which can be used as building blocks and crafting lightning rods.
  • Lapis Lazuli – While not frequent, there’s a chance to find Lapis Lazuli at this level.

Keeping an eye on these ores should boost your ore reserves, making your mining trips more productive. 


Efficient coal mining in Minecraft is vital for fueling your adventures and dominating the game. Always aim for Y Level 136 when finding coal, and don’t forget to check Y Levels 95 and 136 in mountainous terrains for additional coal sources. 

With the right tools and techniques, like branch mining and an enchanted pickaxe, you can maximize every coal mining trip while gathering other essential materials. 

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