Best Level to Find Iron in Minecraft 1.20, Explained

Iron is not equal to gold!

Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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  • The best Y level for mining Iron in Minecraft 1.20 is between Level 15 and 32
  • There's a gray area between Level 73 to 79 where you will find no Iron ore whatsoever
  • In our expert opinion, you should try and avoid going very deep (Level 90 and beyond) as it reduces your chances of finding Iron Ore.

Like in the real world, iron is among the most used minerals in Minecraft. 

While iron can be found easily in the overworld, knowing exactly where to look for them can save you a lot of time. 

Today, I’ll show you the best level to find iron in Minecraft 1.20

Best Level to Find Iron in Minecraft

The 1.18 Caves and Cliffs update brought about significant changes in world generation, extending the depth range from Y Level 0 to Y Level -64. 

This change impacted the availability of iron ores.

Mountain and Cave Minecraft
Minecraft Cave & Mountain

Now, iron ores are more abundant, spreading across a wide range of Y Levels, from -64 to 320. This shift in ore distribution simply means you can find iron deep within cavernous depths and high atop towering mountains. 

Mining At Y Level 15 to 232

The best Y level for mining iron ores in Minecraft is between Level 15 and 32. During my playthrough, this produced the most iron ore. This level range provides a balanced compromise between accessibility and iron ore availability. 

best level to find iron in minecraft
Best Y Level to Mine Iron

At these levels, you’re high enough to avoid dangerous caves but still low enough to find a consistent supply of iron. 

This recommended sweet spot offers a good balance between safety and iron mining. 

Iron Deficient Area (Y Level 73 to 79)

While iron is common, there’s a small gray area (Y Level 73 to 79) where no iron ores are generated and this is a level where you will find no Iron whatsoever in Minecraft 1.20

To maximize your efficiency, I recommend avoiding these levels at all costs when mining for iron. Steering out of this empty zone allows you to focus on other levels where more iron ores await you. 

How to Mine Iron in Minecraft

Mining iron in Minecraft is straightforward. Once you’ve pinpointed an excellent location for mining, all you need is a stone pickaxe or better. 

Minecraft Pickaxe
Minecraft Pickaxe

To make a pickaxe, you’ll need: 

  • Crafting Table
  • 2 Sticks
  • 3 Wooden Planks, Stone Blocks, Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, or Diamonds

Break an iron ore using your pickaxe and collect the iron. 

What Is Y Level in Minecraft? 

In Minecraft, “Y level” is the vertical position or elevation of a player or a block within the game’s world. It is a measuring system of how deep or high an object is in Minecraft. 

The Y coordinate is among the three-dimensional coordinates used to pin a location in the game, with the other two being the X (horizontal) and Z (horizontal) coordinates. 

  • You can check your Y Level through the debug screen. 
  • Press F3 on your keyboard to bring it up. 


Regardless of your current progress, you’ll always find a reason to use or mine iron. Knowing where and how to find iron efficiently can significantly impact your gameplay and allow you to conquer the Minecraft lands faster. 

With the insights I’ve provided in this guide, I hope you’ve learned where to find iron and which levels to focus on when mining. 

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