9 Best Magic Accessories in Terraria

Be your spell-slinging best with this build guide

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Droid Carreon
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There are a wide variety of spells that mages can cast in Terraria. In order to fight effectively, you would need the best magic accessories in Terraria. This allows you to bypass the biggest hurdles that any spell-slinging player would encounter.

There is an abundant variety when it comes to accessories in the game. That’s why we’ve listed our top 9 most effective accessories for the Mage class. So without further ado, let’s get right to it!

Channeling The Arcane Arts Through Accessories

Mages are the only class in the game that faces mana-related issues. Unlike the summoner who only casts minions once, mages need to fire repeatedly to fulfill their role. They are also very susceptible to damage due to their armor’s low defense. This means the only source of defense for this class would be through accessories.

These accessories aim to clean up all the shortcomings of the mage class, allowing you to push it to its highest potential.


Mana Flower

best magic accessory in terraria mana flower
  • Allows for automatic mana potion usage
  • Reduces mana costs by 8%
  • Highly susceptible to the bad effects of the Mana Sickness debuff

As we have mentioned, the highest priority for mages is the ability to keep hurling spells. While there are mana potions that you can manually use, it takes a bit of concentration to hit a hotkey in the middle of an intense battle.

The Mana Flower is the prime accessory for all magic users out there, allowing you to continuously cast while having mana potions in your inventory. That said, it’s not a perfect way to restore your mana. Using potions from this accessory applies a magic damage reduction debuff when used in rapid succession.


Celestial Magnet

terraria celestial magnet
  • Widens the pickup range of mana stars by 18.75 tiles

If you’re not fond of the Mana Flower for restoring your mana, your next option would be the Celestial Magnet. Terraria has a mechanic that allows mana stars to drop from enemies whenever you use mana to defeat them.

This magnet accessory increases your mana star pickup range from 2.625 tiles to 21.375 tiles. This allows you to pick up mana replenishment items even from further away easily. This is highly effective for fights that have plenty of enemies.

While we do say that the Celestial Magnet and Mana Flower are interchangeable, they can be used together.


Sorcerer Emblem

terraria sorcerer emblem
  • Increases magic damage by 15%

You’ll be greeted by your first offense-oriented accessory once you defeat the Wall of Flesh. This vile and gory boss drops class emblems which increase your damage by a specific amount. This is the first step you get towards increasing your raw damage output aside from armors.

The damage boost from the Sorcerer Emblem is something that will carry you toward the end of the game. This damage boost stacks with the other Emblem items, causing you to dish out decent DPS with a proper setup.

As a rule of thumb, make sure that you get at least three, not necessarily the same, emblems since you’ll be needing them for other items in this list.


Mana Cloak

Best Magic Accessory in Terraria mana cloak
  • Releases deadly stars when you get damaged
  • Each star does 75 pure damage that pierces infinitely. Also penetrates through 25 armor
  • Automatically uses mana potions

Hardmode unlocks harder enemies and better item drops throughout Terraria’s multiple biomes. Once you’ve started this phase, make sure that you hunt Mimics deep underground. These tricky enemies give you a Star Cloak which drops damaging stars when you get hit. 

The Star Cloak can be combined with the Mana Flower, creating the space-saving Mana Cloak. While it’s not an upgrade by any means, it adds an offensive aspect to a one-trick accessory. It adds an extra utility to an accessory you’ve been using since pre-hardmode.


Celestial Emblem

terraria celestial emblem
  • Attracts mana stars from a longer distance
  • Adds 15% magic damage

If you’ve listened to our advice and have extra emblem items from the Wall of Flesh, you’re in for a decent upgrade to your Celestial Magnet. You’ll want to craft Avenger emblems with your 2 extra emblems. Make sure that your Sorcerer Emblem is in a chest somewhere so you don’t accidentally lose it.

One of these Avenger emblems will then be combined with your Celestial Magnet granting it the same effects but with an additional damage boost. As mentioned previously, this damage boost stacks with the Sorcerer variant, allowing you to increase your DPS even more.

This is the only Avenger Emblem upgrade that has a full 15% damage boost instead of 12%.


Destroyer Emblem

terraria destroyer emblem
  • Increases all damage by 10%
  • Increases your critical chance by 8%

The previous items on this list are the best magic accessories in Terraria for mana upkeep. While the Destroyer Emblem is on this list, it’s usable for all the other damage types in the game. This is also an upgrade of the Avenger Emblem but has a lower damage boost than its prerequisite item.

The Destroyer Emblem requires you to have already defeated the Golem boss and have acquired the Eye of the Golem. When the Avenger Emblem and Eye have been combined, you get an accessory with both a damage boost and a critical chance increase.


Soaring Insignia

Best Magic Accessories in Terraria soaring insignia
  • Increases acceleration by 75%,
  • Grants infinite flight 
  • Increases jump speed by a 1.8 multiplier
  • Increases movement speed by 7.5%

Flight is an important aspect of survivability. Once the Empress of Light is defeated, you can have access to unlimited flight time which makes traversing the world easier. Having unlimited flight for a mage class user like yourself allows you to constantly keep moving through everything.

This is a great accessory to have for combat and exploration. That said, it is not completely necessary. While it may seem indispensable, you only ever get a certain number of accessory slots on your character. 

As of 1.4.4, you can switch loadouts with a press of a button, making the possibility of using this easier.


Charm of Myths

terraria charm of myths
  • Reduces the Potion Sickness cooldown by 15% (45 secs instead of 1min)
  • Adds a health per second regeneration

The Mage class is a very squishy class that requires accessories for better survivability. This item increases health regeneration for this lightly-armored class and allows you to continue fighting for way longer.

The Charm of Myths grants you a constant health regeneration while reducing your potion usage cooldown. Health potions usually require you to wait for a minute before you can use them again. Using the charm reduces the cooldown by a sizable amount, enabling you to keep your health up consistently.


Ankh Shield

terraria ankh shield
  • Grants immunity to multiple debuffs
  • Knockback immunity
  • 4 extra points of Defense
  • Immunity to fire blocks and lava damage (only for a set amount of time)

The Ankh Shield is the pinnacle of defensive items and is one of the best magic accessories in Terraria. This is a combination of various protective items that you get from all biomes in the game. While you can get all the required items to craft it in pre-hardmode, the item is locked until the defeat of the Wall of Flesh.

The Ankh Shield is indispensable for keeping you alive while having low defense as a mage. It helps you be immune to knockback which helps you escape stun locks more effectively. One other use of the shield is the immunity to several debuffs which can either stop you from attacking or causes your mobility to go haywire.


Mages in Terraria are a damage-dealing class and are considered glass cannons of the game. This is why having the correct accessories are important to keep yourself alive in the most dire situations. There are multiple ways to approach the class and even more ways to build it. Let us know in the comments below how you’d build your character with the best magic accessories in Terraria!

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