Best Magic Loadouts in Terraria 1.4.4

The best robes fit for a wizard

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best magic loadout in terraria

Terraria Mage Loadouts have changed the game since the most recent game version. It allows you to switch between a glass cannon set into a fortress equipment set with a press of a button. We’ve compiled a list of the best magic loadouts in Terraria that can help you at every stage of the game. 

The Mage class is both a support class and a DPS class if used correctly. Find out which items and combinations are the best of the best in beating the game.

Best Equipment Ranked by Progression

We’ve compiled the best armor sets and armor combinations that help you at all the following phases of the game:

These include accessory recommendations as it’s part of the loadout switching that Terraria has introduced.

Best Magic Loadout in Terraria for Pre-Hardmode

These armor sets are helpful until the Wall of Flesh.

Accessory recommendations:

  • Mana Regeneration Band: +20 base mana and increased mana regen
  • Magnet Flower: Reduces mana cost, increases mana star pickup range, and automatically uses mana potions for you
  • Celestial Cuffs: Increases mana star pickup and regenerates mana when hit. Increases base mana by 20

Check our list of pre-hardmode weapon recommendations!


Wizard Set

best magic loadout in terraria tim wizard set
  • 13 defense
  • Increases magic damage by 5%
  • Increases magic crit chance by 16%

The earliest form of mage armor in Terraria can be obtained with a bit of farming. This set includes the Wizard Hat dropped from Tim, a Diamond Robe, and Jungle / Ancient Cobalt leggings. This gives you an early boost to your magic damage which is rare to get before facing any boss.

You can alternatively use the Magic Hat sold by the Traveling Merchant to increase your base mana by 60 instead of the damage boost. That said, finding a good Traveling Merchant inventory roll is all RNG based, unlike the Wizard Hat which is a guaranteed monster drop. 

Weapon recommendations:


All-rounder Wizard Set

terraria mystic gear traveling merchant
  • 11 defense
  • 20% increased magic damage
  • 16% critical hit chance

The all-rounder wizard set is similar to our previous item, which is based on the Wizard Hat. The only difference is that this set uses the rare Mystic Robe from the Traveling Merchant and the Meteor Leggings post-Eater of Worlds / Brain of Cthulhu.

This set provides you with the best balance of damage to critical hit ratio from all pre-Hardmode armors and is the best magic loadout in Terraria you can use if you plan on cycling weapons throughout the boss fights. This set allows you to be more versatile with weapon choices while still maintaining a decent damage boost.

Weapon recommendations:


Meteor Armor Set

terraria meteor armor
  • 27% increased magic damage
  • 16 defense
  • Reduces the mana cost of the Space Gun and Gray Zapinator to zero

One of the best Terraria mage loadouts is the Meteor Armor set, which allows you to fire two distinct weapons infinitely. This allows you to live your “Infinite Ammo” fantasy very early in the game. This allows you to completely rework your accessory loadout that focuses on mana regeneration.

Since you won’t be spending any mana on your weapons, this set is best paired with defensive accessories like the Shield of Cthulhu, Worm Scarf, or Brain of Confusion and offense-oriented ones such as the Stinger Necklace, Bone Helm, and Bone Glove.

Weapon recommendations:

Terraria Mage Loadouts for Early Hardmode

This section is dedicated to armor sets that you can use from the start of Hardmode up until the Mechanical Bosses.

Accessory recommendations:

  • Sorcerer Emblem – +15% magic damage
  • Celestial Emblem – Increased damage and mana star pickup range
  • Mana Cloak – combines the Mana Flower and Star Cloak
  • All the pre-hardmode accessories listed above

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Titanium Armor Set

best magic loadout in terraria titanium armor
  • 23% increased magic damage
  • 13% critical hit chance
  • 30 defense
  • 7% increased summon damage
  • Damages enemies in close proximity

The Titanium Armor set is your immediate upgrade choice once you step into Hardmode. The set is fairly easy to obtain while offering a great boost in your overall stats at this point of progression. Make it a point to shatter altars with your Pwnhammer very early, as you’ll need the extra defense this set provides.

In addition to this, the armor set provides a unique set buff that grants you a Titanium Barrier that spawns shards that damage enemies in contact. This allows you to control the enemies that get too close since the shards do decent knockback and can do critical hits.

Weapon recommendations:


Forbidden Armor Set

terraria forbidden armor
  • 25% magic and summon damage
  • 26 defense
  • +2 minion slots
  • Damaging set bonus

The Forbidden Armor Set is technically an upgrade to the Titanium and Adamantite magic armor sets. This is a unique set that requires you to farm the Hardmode Desert biome during a Sandstorm event. This allows the Sand Elemental miniboss to appear, which drops the Forbidden Fragments required for this armor set.

As a bonus, you can farm a total of 5 Forbidden Fragments. Three of them are for the armor, while the last 2 are for the Spirit Flame weapon, which is excellent for the Plantera and Golem boss fights. If acquired early, the ancient storm cast by this armor is an excellent weapon against The Destroyer.

Weapon recommendations:

  • Spirit Flame
  • Clinger Staff
  • Nimbus Rod


Chlorophyte Armor Set

terraria chlorophyte armor
  • 21% increased magic damage
  • 15% increased critical hit chance
  • 38 defense
  • Summons a Leaf Crystal to help you

Once the Mechanical bosses have been defeated, chlorophyte ore will now spread in your Underground Jungle. This allows you to craft the Chlorophyte Armor set for mages which are going to be your best magic loadout in Terraria until Plantera is defeated. This set adds an outstanding balance of damage and defense for mages.

The Chlorophyte Armor set also summons a damaging Leaf Crystal that shoots a green projectile that automatically tracks enemies in proximity. This adds an extra layer of damage for your class, which is extremely useful since Plantera summons chaos during the boss fight.

Weapon recommendations:

  • Unholy Trident
  • Rainbow Rod
  • Venom Staff

Best Magic Loadout in Terraria Pre-Moon Lord

Here are the best items to use after Plantera and Golem are defeated. This includes everything up to the

Accessory recommendations:

  • Some accessories as early Hardmode

Weapon recommendations:

  • Wasp Gun with Hive Pack accessory
  • Bat Scepter
  • Magnet Sphere
  • Resonance Scepter
  • Nebula Weapons


Hallowed Armor Set

best magic loadout in terraria hallowed armor
  • 19% magic damage increase
  • 19% critical hit chance
  • 31 defense

The Hallowed armor set is a very early armor set that shines at almost all points of Hardmode. This is due to its unique set effect that allows you to completely dodge a single attack in fixed intervals. This set has similar stats to almost all magic sets with a lower damage boost as a price for the dodge ability.

While there are better damage-dealing loadouts, this set shines with its intense survivability. Pair this with the Master Ninja Gear and the Panic Necklace, and you’ll constantly be dodging hits left and right. Overall, this is an excellent defensive choice late-game.


Apprentice Beetle Spectre Set

terraria spectre beetle apprentice armor
  • 10% magic and summon damage increase
  • 30% critical hit chance
  • 60 defense

This armor set is a mashup of the Spectre Mask, Beetle Shell, and Apprentice’s Trousers. This set provides a high defense stat that keeps you safe while flying around and slinging spells. While it does not provide much in terms of damage, this is the best magic loadout in Terraria for absolute defense.

As an alternative, you can change the Beetle Scale to the Spooky Breastplate to deal consistent damage with minions with a lower defense tradeoff. This gives you more consistent DPS, which you’ll definitely need due to the lower damage output this set has.


Nebula Armor Set

terraria nebula armor
  • 26-71% additional melee damage
  • 16% critical hit chance
  • 0-45% summon damage
  • 0-9 health regeneration
  • 46 defense

Beating the Lunatic Cultist drops the Ancient Manipulator, which you can use to craft the Lunar Armor sets. This is why you should immediately go to the Nebula Pillar for your endgame armor set. This is the best magic loadout in Terraria for mages since it not only helps you, it helps your teammates as well.

Firing spells while wearing this armor fires out flying flames in three different colors that grant buffs on pickup. These buffs stack up to 3 times which can net you up to 71% increased magic damage, which is the highest damage boost for any class provided by armor sets and abilities.


Loadout switching is a great addition to as it allows you to immediately switch out your equipment at any time. This allows you to create a mix of different accessories with your armor to either deal damage or heal up. It enables you to create numerous combinations that can fit any situation. Let us know what mage loadout you think should be included in this list in the comments below.

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