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Terraria’s Melee class dishes out the most damage possible in the game. It’s fairly easy to get a decent amount of damage using the melee class, but most melee builds use the best melee accessories in Terraria to deal optimal damage.

Finding the correct mix of accessories to amp up your stats may be challenging. This crisis can be averted once you find that not all of the over 300 unique accessories give you combat abilities. That said, here are our top picks for the 9 best accessories you can use for your melee build.

Balancing Offense and Defense

We’ve gathered our 9 best accessories for our sword-swinging aficionados that give the best out of both offensive and defensive stats. Do note that while some of these items are upgrades of previous listings, the effects from unique accessories stack. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it.


Feral Claws

terraria melee accessory feral claws
  • Melee speed +12%
  • Enables melee auto-swing

The Feral Claws is the very first accessory that you get that boosts your offensive melee capabilities. This item increases your overall attack speed by a sizeable amount. As a bonus, it also allows your melee weapons to auto-swing when your Attack button is held down. This also affects summoner whips as they’re considered melee as well.

This accessory can be found commonly inside Ivy chests, Living Mahogany Tree chests, and Jungle Shrines. Alternatively, you can get these from inside Jungle and Bramble crates from fishing as well.


Warrior Emblem

terraria warrior emblem
  • Melee damage increased by 15%

The Warrior Emblem is one of the first class-specific accessories that you get in the game. This item is one of the emblem items dropped by the Wall of Flesh. Up until version 1.4.4, you may have to kill the Wall of Flesh multiple times to get this item. In the current version, this can now be cycled from any emblem using the Shimmer.

This emblem adds the highest damage bonus and is one of the best melee accessories in Terraria. This, like the other basic emblems, can craft into upgraded versions of accessories in this list.


Power Glove

terraria power glove
  • Melee attack speed increased by 12%
  • Increases melee knockback x2
  • Increases melee weapon size by 10%

The Power Glove is a Hardmode accessory that is made by combining our previous Feral Claws with the Titan Glove that drops from the Mimic. This combines the attack speed you gain from the Feral Claws and the knockback you get from the Titan Glove. 

An additional effect of the accessory is that it increases the size of all your melee weapons, including their projectiles, by 10 percent. The Power Glove is considered to be a nod to the Legend of Zelda games where an item of the same name appears.


Star Veil

terraria melee accessory star veil
  • Releases stars when you get hit
  • Each star does 75 non-class damage, 25 armor penetration, and pierces infinitely
  • Doubles your immunity frames from 0.67s to 1.33s

The Star Veil is a prominent defensive accessory that’s recommended if you’re always taking hits. This is a combination of two separate accessories you can obtain from the Mimic: the Star Cloak, and the Cross Necklace.

This combined accessory shoots down stars that deal a sizeable amount of damage whenever you get hit while also doubling your immunity frames. This increases your survivability as the melee class mostly fights near all the danger. The Star Veil allows you to jump in and out of battle safely while still dealing chunks of damage.


Ankh Shield

terraria ankh shield
  • Grants immunity to fire blocks and knockback
  • Protects from Bleeding, Broken Armor, Burning, Confused, Cursed, Darkness, Stoned, Poisoned, Silenced, Slow, Weak, and Chilled
  • Adds 4 defense

Fighting in the frontlines means you take the brunt of the hits from your enemies. You’ll soon realize that while the damage is not enough to kill you, the status effects surely will. This is why you’ll need the protection of the Ankh Shield.

The Ankh Shield functions similarly to the Ribbon accessory from the Final Fantasy series. It protects you from 12 different debuffs while giving you an additional 4 defense. Not only that, it also allows you to walk on fire tiles and removes all received knockback.

Although it sounds overpowered, the crafting progression for this item is one of the most complicated. It can even require you to use some of the best melee accessories in Terraria.


Frozen Shield

terraria frozen shield melee accessory
  • In multiplayer, the item allows you to absorb 25% of the damage received by nearby teammates so long as you have more than 25% health.
  • Adds 6 defense
  • Creates a protective shell that reduces damage received by 25% when your health is below 50%.

The Frozen Shield requires you to farm for one of the rarest items in Terraria, the Paladin’s Shield. Once you’ve acquired the Paladin’s Shield from the Dungeon, you can easily combine it with a Frozen Turtle Shell to make it even more potent.

The combined effects result in the Frozen Shield having increased defense and team damage absorption, while also increasing defense when below 50% health. This is an extremely powerful item for both single-player and multiplayer as it allows you to survive even the deadliest blows. 


Celestial Shell

terraria celestial shell

The Celestial Shell is rather tedious to craft but is not as complex as the Ankh Shield. The item requires you to have the Werewolf’s Moon Charm and the Merman’s Neptune Shell. 

Once these items are combined into the Moon Shell, you’ll then need the Moon Stone from Vampires and the Sun Stone from the Golem boss

This item has the most extensive amount of buffs provided, so we’ll just list them down below.

Item Stats (Always):

  • Melee attack speed increased by 10%
  • All damage increased by 10%
  • +2% increased critical chance
  • Regenerates health at +1 HP/s 
  • Adds 4 defense
  • Mining speed increased by 15%
  • +0.5 minion knockback
  • Underwater breathing
  • Unimpeded movement in liquids

Item Stats (Night & not underwater):

  • All the Always buffs plus
  • +2% increased critical chance for melee
  • Melee damage increased by 5.1%
  • Melee attack speed increased by 5.1%
  • +5% increased movement speed
  • Adds 3 defense
  • Slightly increased jump height and jump speed
  • Regenerates an extra +0.5 HP/s


Mechanical Glove / Fire Gauntlet

terraria mechanical glove
  • Melee damage and attack speed increased by 12%
  • Increases melee knockback x2
  • Increases melee weapon size by 10%
  • Adds a damage-over-time when upgraded to the Fire Gauntlet

The Mechanical Glove is a combination of the Avenger Emblem and the Power Glove. The Avenger emblem is crafted from the Warrior emblem and all the mechanical souls but is not typically considered an upgrade since it loses 3% damage from the base emblem.

Once combined, the Mechanical Glove has all the traits of the Power Glove with the additional damage of the Avenger emblem which stacks with the base warrior emblem. This means you can get a 27% increased damage by equipping both the Mechanical glove and Warrior emblem.

We added the Fire Gauntlet to the mix as you can choose to add a Magma Stone and it just adds the On Fire! Debuff along with all the base stats of the Mechanical Glove


Master Ninja Gear

terraria melee accessory master ninja gear
  • Allows you to dash on a short cooldown
  • Grants a 10% dodge
  • Allows you to climb walls

The Master Ninja Gear (MNG for short) is a utility-based item that does not directly add any major stats to your character. Instead, it provides you with extra mobility through its’ dashes while adding a layer of protection with its dodge ability.

While you may think that having damage reduction is the better choice, Master mode will make quick work of you. Dodges are only provided by the MNG, the Brain of Confusion, and the Hallowed Armor set. Using these, you can get up to 25% dodge and a perfect dodge on cooldown.

Staying alive is one of the greatest priorities of the Melee class, this is why this is one of the best melee accessories in Terraria.


The melee class is a versatile choice for beginners and veterans alike. While we have presented our top 9 accessory picks, you can only equip up to 7 at any given time. It’s up to you whether you’d want to be upfront as a DPS or a Tank. It all depends on your accessory build. We hope that our list of the best melee accessories in Terraria helps you in building your character your way! Cheers!

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