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Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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Minecraft is known for its compatibility with various mods. It’s among the few games with a large database of mods, similar to Grand Theft Auto V. Regardless of the version you’re playing, you won’t have a hard time finding compatible mods. 

Recently, Minecraft 1.20 was released and it brought in new features and improvements. 

Despite that, some players still want more from the vanilla experience. Luckily, the modding community usually stays updated and releases mods that are compatible with the latest version of Minecraft. 

Today, we’re going to check out the best Minecraft mods for version 1.20. 

Optifine is a popular mod among Minecraft players. It has been around for years and provides excellent customizations to your game. In general, Optifine improves Minecraft’s performance by optimizing graphics and increasing the frame rate. 

This mod also offers a wide array of visual enhancements, like high-resolution textures and shader packs

If you want Minecraft to look realistic or want to improve shadows, lighting, and hues, then you must try Optifine. 


Biomes O’ Plenty

best minecraft 1.20 mods

Minecraft 1.20 features the new cherry blossom biome that brings some fresh air to the usual biomes we’ve grown accustomed to. However, one new biome might not do it for seasoned players who are struggling to find reasons to play the game. 

With Biomes O’ Plenty, you can add over 50 new biomes to Minecraft, from Aurora Gardens to Lavender Forests. 

Each new biome in this mod offers new plants, animals, and resources. Having over 50 biomes in your world should give you loads of new things to do! 

Minecraft has gone through a lot of improvements when it comes to world generation. But you can still improve it with the Tectonic mod. This world generation pack aims to reinvent how terrains are shaped in your world. 

With this mod, you’ll get to see huge mountain ranges that stretch for thousands of blocks, deeper oceans that even extend into the deepslate layer, smooth desert dunes, oceanside cliffs, and underground rivers. 

If you enjoy exploring stunning terrains, this Tectonic modpack will give your world generation an extra bump. 

Love surprises? Lucky Blocks is one of the best Minecraft mods for 1.20 due to the fun and excitement it brings to the game. This mod adds random lucky blocks to your world that can either give valuable resources or trouble. 

Breaking lucky blocks can either give you useful objects, random effects, or mobs. 

Minecraft alone already poses a lot of uncertainty and this mod will provide more excitement, making you think twice of mining a block. 

Ever complained about Minecraft not having a mini-map in its HUD? Well, this mod can solve your problem. 

Journey Map is one of the most useful Minecraft mods that works with version 1.20. It provides an interactive real-time map that allows you to navigate the overworld with ease. You can also set custom waypoints in this mod, allowing you to cover more ground efficiently. 

This mod also has a browser integration feature allowing you to plan and strategize your adventure outside the game. 


Just Enough Items

Just Enough Items

New players can find this Minecraft 1.20 mod very helpful. With the Just Enough Items mod, you can now view in-game the recipes for creating different equipment, armor, and weapons. Players can also look for objects and add custom recipes. 

If you added custom items and blocks to your game, this should help you keep track of them and know which recipes use them. 

Adding this mod will surely lessen your visit to Minecraft wiki, allowing you to focus on builds and gathering resources. 


Mo’ Creatures

Mo Creatures

Here’s another 1.20 Minecraft mod that has been around since 2010. Mo’ Creatures is a modpack that adds over 40 new mobs to your Minecraft world, from friendly ents to hostile wyverns. 

What’s great about this mod is that it doesn’t only add creatures to your world but also allows you to tame some of them. You can even ride some if you can establish some form of bond with them. 

While Minecraft’s default physics is already amazing, this mod improves it up a notch. 

Physics Mod offers customizable variants that add ragdoll physics to mobs, water, and blocks that break or at least should break. This mod also changes the effect of gravity on the environment. 

If you are already using realistic shaders, this physics mod will make things in your world react like they would in real life. 

Wood is one of the most important starting resources in Minecraft. However, collecting them from trees isn’t that efficient. You are forced to break each block that makes up the tree which is  not how you would do it in real life.

With the Falling Tree mod, gathering wood from trees is a lot faster. You only need to break the central block that makes up the tree and the rest of the tree should fall and you can collect all blocks connected to it. 

It is a simple quality-of-life mod that also provides some realistic effects to your world. 

Minecraft already offers various settings that can either increase performance or improve visuals. However, if you are using an entry-level computer, it can be hard to achieve smooth frame rates if you are modding the game. 

Boosted FPS is a modpack that combines all performance-related mods into one to increase Minecraft’s FPS by a couple of hundred. 

Besides a new loading screen and main menu, Boosted FPS keeps everything in Minecraft vanilla. 


Minecraft’s modding community continues to improve our gaming experience by offering a diverse array of modifications that everyone can enjoy. 

Even with the release of 1.20, players still seek enhancements and we hope that our guide provided you with the best Minecraft mods for version 1.20. 

From performance improvements to visual enhancements and new biomes, the best Minecraft mods provide players with endless possibilities and opportunities to explore, build, and create.

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